Animating static images into lớn 3 chiều space can be achieved by separating the background, mid & foreground of an image, giving a sense of parallax effect. With VoluMax Pro, you can skip all the time consuming hard work of masking each individual layer with DEPTH MAPS.Select a picture & paint a black & White depth maps in After Effects or Photosiêu thị.
White for the foreground và black for the background.The depth maps contains the information related khổng lồ the distance of the surfaces of scene objects from the viewpoint.Once a depth maps is created, grab the controller và move sầu your photograph in real time in any direction.It’s that simple.

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“Fantastic plug-in – I used extensively on a recent project and people loved the results. Really does add a layer of complexity and depth to parallaxing animation. If you’re an amateur definitely follow the tutorials và guides. For the Pros it is absolutely brilliant, a fantastic way khổng lồ get great results quickly and a great starting point for more complicated scenes.” says Volumax user Byrnee.Still wondering what I am talking about?Take a look at this VoluMax Pro official thử nghiệm.There is a lot going on behind the scenes when you use VoluMax Pro.Additional features such as Lens Flares, Depth of Field, Fog, Light Leaks and more are implemented out of the box.Everything happens in the background & a clean user interface give you total control.Another great addition khổng lồ VoluMax Pro is the 3D Portrait Tool.This tool allows you to lớn use 3 chiều mesh directly in After Effects to animate portraits.
Want more?The Photosiêu thị Easy Paint Tool speeds up the process of depth maps painting with simple selections và brush strokes for high-quality results.

How To Use VoluMax Pro

Using VoluMax Pro is very simple.The first step is lớn use the easy paint tool to create a depth maps of your image.
mở cửa up the VoluMax Pro project và import your image along with its depth map.Drag và Drop the original image in ‘YOUR PICTURE’ composition và its depth bản đồ in ‘YOUR DISPLACEMENT MAP’ composition.Go into the ‘MAIN COMPhường. 4K’, grab & move sầu the controller in any direction lớn animate the image in 3 chiều space.
You can use Volumax controller effects control panel to lớn further optimize the 3 chiều motion và add effects lượt thích fisheye, zoom, durt, dust, fog, depth of field and lens flares.

Zone Protect 

Zone protect is another new feature introduced in VoluMax Pro.It helps in correcting unnatural deformations when moving the camera angle in extreme values.The zone protect composition included in the VoluMax project allows you to lớn create masks on the areas of your image where deformations occur.

Identify The Unnatural Deformation

The first step in eliminating any unnatural deformation is to lớn identity the areas in your image where deformation occurs.

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Use The Zone Protect Composition To Create A Mask

Once identified, use the zone protect composition lớn create a mask over the deformed area on the image.

Increase The Zone Protect Value To Lessen The Deformation

After creating the mask, increase the zone protect value found under the effects panel khổng lồ lessen & correct the visible deformation.

What Else Can You Do With VoluMax Pro?

Apart from animating 2 dimensional images in 3 chiều space, Volumax Pro also offers additional tools và assets to lớn skyrocket your projects and speed up After Effects workflow.

Text và Objects

You can place text and other objects in the foreground of your image lớn move sầu in 3D space.The ‘MAIN COMP 4K’ in the project tệp tin already contains a text layer and 5 pre-comps for the objects.


The project tệp tin contains some pre-rendered alpha channel (transparent) footage of atmospherics lượt thích rain, snow, flowers & few png images of clouds.

Màu sắc Correction

Below the VoluMax controller in the ‘Main Comp 4K’ is the Màu sắc Corrections.If you go into the effects panel, you can see all the possibilities khổng lồ color correct your picture.



Volumax Pro is compatible with Adobe After Effects version CS6 & above sầu.

VoluMax Pro Pricing

VoluMax Pro is available on Videohive library for $59 USD (Regular License) and $169 USD (Extended License). Visit Product Page


The developer of Volumax Pro reached out to lớn us & so we decided lớn test it.It is simply an amazing After Effects asphối that allows you to do so much you couldn’t or rather would have sầu a really hard time doing it by hand và without special plugins.It’s controls are super easy lớn understvà once you go through them, there is no laông xã of possibilities for what you want.
It even pushes the envelope further with it’s special 3 chiều portrait tool.Makes it so easy khổng lồ either produce a shot from start to lớn finish, or at least create a very good base for a more advanced painting of a depth bản đồ in a face.All sort of PostFx are present that enriches any shot as well.From some simple grading options, khổng lồ some cool dust/particle fx, flares, DOF, random light leaks, etc.But it’s still open enough if you decide that it’s not advanced enough, và you can even use your own techniques và external plugins with a little of imagination!The developer was extremely supportive in all our questions và suggestions that we also had!And on top of all this, we have lớn say that it is simply a bargain.What you get for what it costs is worth every single penny!In the cons side – there are none regarding what it is right now.we only had suggestions for the future.Such as making it possible to lớn add more Object layers & quickly turning ON/OFF all the added color fx và stuff..For more information on VoluMax Pro, visit here.