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Nova Launcher Prime
TeslaCoil Software
Paid/Patched/Prime Features Unlocked
October 21, 2021 (1 week ago)

Prime / Paid features unlocked – no additional key required;Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;Optimized và zipaligned graphics và cleaned resources for fast load;Default wallpapers removed;Disabled Rate and Social Menu;Google Play Store install package check disabled;Debug code removed;Remove sầu mặc định .source tags name of the corresponding java files;Ultra compress packaging for small size;Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;No active sầu trackers;Native bugsnag analytics removed completely;Languages: Full Multi Languages;CPUs: universal architecture;Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;Original package signature changed;Release by Balachảy.

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Nova Launcher Prime (MOD, Patched/Prime Unlocked) is a launcher application that can help you optimize the interface of your smartphone entirely easily.

If you own a smartphone with an Android operating system and want to refresh the mặc định interface of your phone with new launchers in your own style, Nova Launcher Prime is a great application that you should use to lớn pay attention lớn it. This application will amaze you with its beautiful launchers & following all current trends. Using this application, you will no longer feel that your phone is always defaulted by any interface, but it will make users more inspired to lớn use the phone và train for it.



Nova Launcher Prime is a name that is no longer too strange for Android believers today. This application is quite famous và popular up to lớn now. The application has a customization function and allows users khổng lồ set new interface styles for their phones. Not to lớn mention that the application always offers every interface style in line with world trends and is extremely beautiful, making users impressed. If you are bored by the default interface from the manufacturer of your phone, this application will have sầu the ability to refresh the entire interface of your phone. From there, make your phone no longer boring.


It can be said that, on the market today, there are many applications similar khổng lồ Nova Launcher Prime. However, this application is still considered one of the best interface customization applications and is trusted by many users. And as rare as any application can integrate the function of starting with gestures like it. Users only need khổng lồ use a few simple movements such as swiping up or double-tapping to be able to open and loông xã the screen very easily và quickly. However, to use this function, you need lớn go to lớn the settings and mix it up.



Besides the gesture launch feature, Nova Launcher Prime also allows users to lớn launch Google search quickly right in its browser. You need lớn touch or slide the screen from the edge khổng lồ the side, & this finder will automatically appear and serve your needs. Users using this function will be more convenient than ever, and only this application supports Android devices.

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Many giải pháp công nghệ followers have sầu commented that Nova Launcher Prime is too great for those who are using the Android operating system. And true to the rumors, the application allows users to manage their phones better, and it is considered an application that every điện thoại thông minh should own. It refreshes the interface of your phone and helps you manage all the data in your phone easier.


Currently, the application has allowed users lớn unloông chồng many quality features, such as the freedom khổng lồ customize every interface on the phone. This means that the user can create new tabs or folders in the application drawer. Moreover, you can also adjust the icons by custom setting, sliding up on shortcuts, or application folders.

It can be said that the user demvà is quite remarkable, and this leads lớn you using a lot of related applications on your phone & very messy between applications. Of course, the application was born to solve this problem và helps you organize the application extremely scientifically. In order for the drawers to lớn appear on the screen, you need to turn on the tab bar. If you want to change, press & hold the application for a few seconds, and the edit section will appear.



However, in a phone that you own, there will often be applications that you want lớn keep & vì not want lớn mô tả or let others see. This application will help you bởi that & hide all the applications you need khổng lồ hide. But the application does not support this function with some regular phones, so if you want to lớn use it, the user must root the device. To use this feature, simply choose to lớn hide apps in Nova settings and if you’re going to reuse hidden apps, just use the tìm kiếm bar khổng lồ find them.


So great, và you should use this application, right? Besides the features just mentioned above, it also gives you a pretty cool feature: the unread message counter. This app will never let you miss a single message. It will help you notify unread messages on Gmail, SMS, Hangouts, & more using TeslaUnread plugins. It can be said that even if you forget or have sầu not seen the news, it will still remind you regularly.

An application that is too convenient for Android believers, with this application, users will be able to refresh the entire interface on their phones và use its great features.

You are now ready khổng lồ tải về Nova Launcher Prime for miễn phí. Here are some notes: