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Cyberliên kết PowerDirector Ultimate 14 FULL CRACKis the lademo edition of this popular, feature-packed Clip editor.

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The program includes everything you need khổng lồ create professional videos. There"s a 100 traông chồng timeline lớn organise your movie; more than 500 effects, transitions & objects khổng lồ apply; smart filters to lớn stabilise shaky camera work, remove noise and fix lighting issues; powerful audio tools, excellent 3D tư vấn, và a huge selection of export options: DVDs, Blu-rays, a host of Clip formats, direct uploading to lớn Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, or your own 20GB of CyberLink cloud storage (không tính tiền for one year).

You also get a PowerDirector di động ứng dụng for Windows & Android, great news if you don"t want to wait until you get home to start editing.
That would be impressive enough all on its own, but PowerDirector 14 takes the franchise even further with some interesting new và enhanced features.
The template-based Express Projects module makes it quichồng và easy for anyone lớn produce chất lượng videos.
New motion tracking support enables the accurate tracking of people và objects in video clip footage. Add a title, apply a special effect, maybe insert a PiP object and it"ll automatically follow the target.

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The Action Center is a single module where you can quickly stabilize shaky footage, correct fish-eye distortion, fix colour problems & apply slow motion, freeze và zoom effects.
There"s a surprise bonus extra in the screen recorder, a simple way to lớn record your desktop in up to lớn 30fps, with audio.
Whatever you"re doing, CyberLink"s enhanced SVRT 4, TrueVelocity 5 Rendering Engine và extended hardware encoding support ensures the best possible performance - even if you"re using new ability khổng lồ render 120/ 240 fps Clip.
PowerDirector 14 Deluxe is the baseline edition. It includes the core features we"ve sầu described here, but drops Motion Tracking, the Action Center, MultiCam and Transition designers, 120/ 240fps video production và CyberLink"s cloud storage, along with some templates và effects.
PowerDirector 14 Ultra is the next step up, providing all the key features we"ve described here, và just dropping some of the effects & template packs.
But if you can afford it, PowerDirector Ultimate Suite has everything in PowerDirector Ultimate, adds the applications AudioDirector 6 và ColorDirector 4, includes CyberLink"s Travel Paông xã 2 & NewBlue Video Essentials 5, & doubles your cloud storage to 40GB.