Uninstall and remove thinkpad power manager step by step

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Maximizing performance while maintaining power saving capability is one of the goals we want to achieve sầu on our máy vi tính computers or tablet devices such as ThinkPad. That is why Lenovo introduces the Lenovo Power nguồn Manager feature that will allow you to take control of your power settings. You can enjoy tools lượt thích the Battery Gauge Remix and Battery Charge Threshold.

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Unfortunately, there are issues involving the Lenovo nguồn Manager service after a Windows 10 operating system tăng cấp. According lớn some PC users, the Lenovo-developed tool does not work at all right after installing the most recent software update on Windows 10. Customers complain that they cannot access the power manager software anymore và that the driver is not working or functioning properly when they try to use the app.

If you encounter the same power management problem on a Lenovo máy vi tính, kiểm tra out the solutions below và follow them one at a time khổng lồ help you fix the issue.

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Resolve Lenovo Power Manager Not Working or Functioning Problem on Windows 10 PC


Many PC và tablet users prefer the Lenovo Power nguồn Manager tool because of its versatility and efficiency when used. To help you resolve the power management error in your Windows 10, continue reading below to find the perfect fix for you.

Method #1 – Edit the Power nguồn Manager Software Compatibility Mode

Go to lớn the Power nguồn Manager executable tệp tin.Right-Clichồng on it.Select Properties.Navigate to the Compatibility tab.Under the Compatibility Mode, look for Run this program in compatibility mode and kiểm tra the box.Choose Windows 7 or other older Windows versions.

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Method #2 – Install Lenovo Settings via Microsoft Store

Launch Microsoft Store.On the Search bar, enter Lenovo settings.Install it and restart your computer.

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Method #3 – Roll Bachồng Lenovo Device Driver Software Version

Click the Start button.Select Control Panel.Choose Device Manager.Look for System Devices và expvà the thực đơn.Select the Lenovo PM Device.Select Properties.Go khổng lồ the Driver tab.Click Roll Baông chồng Driver.Restart your computer.Do the same procedure with Lenovo Power nguồn Manager.Now, try to lớn update both drivers in the Device Manager.Restart your computer.

Method #4 – Install Available Windows Update

Launch the Settings menu.Select Update và Security.Look for Windows Update.Click Cheông xã for updates.

Did any of the solutions above sầu worked for you? Which one did help you fix the Lenovo Power nguồn Manager issue on PC? If nothing worked, what did you do lớn fix the error? You can giới thiệu them with us in the comment section below.

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