SundayToz announces the Asia release of 'BT21 POP. STAR,' a mash-up puzzle game, with 'BT21' characters và diverse puzzles

Play Match-3 with đáng yêu puzzle blocks & build up strategies using various items

Collect & raise 'BT21' Characters and get special images available in 'BT21 POPhường TOWN'

Various in-game items are given out in launching events

SEOUL, South Korea, March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- điện thoại game developer SundayToz (CEO Jeong-Seop Kyên ổn, www.sundaytoz.com) today announced the Asia release of its latest di động puzzle game, 'BT21 POP STAR.'

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'BT21 POP STAR' is a mash-up puzzle game where players not only can beat intensive levels but also collect and raise 'BT21' characters: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, và VAN. Players can also use each character's special skills to complete levels & watch various reactions & dialogues based on the game story.

Also, the game gives players benefits by collecting puzzle pieces khổng lồ completing it and the fairy-tale-lượt thích story of the 'BT21' characters. The original art of 'BT21' that can be found only in 'BT21 POP.. STAR' will provide quality benefits in the collection. Players can enjoy additional contents, including 'CROWN STARS,' a real-time puzzle match with 10 players, and 'CLUB,' a social feature to communicate with friends và give sầu Lives bachồng & forth.

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"'BT21 POP STAR' holds the sensitivity of 'BT21' franchise for both story & puzzle. Having these two as the main contents, players will be able khổng lồ enjoy 'BT21 POP. STAR' with various contents," said Hyunwoo Lee, the lead producer of the game. "We will provide the best service that our players from Asia can enjoy in 'BT21 POP.. STAR'."

To promote 'BT21 POPhường STAR's release, various events will be held for enthusiasts. From March 16 lớn April 16, players can participate in the 'Release Event,' where users can collect points based on their remaining moves khổng lồ get various rewards. Also, there will be other events opening once every week, including 'Star Collecting Event' where players can collect stars & complete with other players & 'Balloon Up Event,' where players get boosters at the start of a màn chơi after a winning strike. Additionally, a 7days special 'Login Event' will be held from March 24 khổng lồ April 24, providing special login rewards.

Google Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sundaytoz.line.bt21