Pantech Im

Pantech has returned from the proveribal OEM graveyard with a new mid-range offering that has some impressive sound functioning và a name that would make the Terminator himself proud.


Chances are if you’re new khổng lồ the điện thoại thông minh game, the name Pantech means very little. Even for those who have followed the industry for some time it might be hard to lớn place the producer’s products. This is, of course, because South Korea’s third largest OEM has been out of the spotlight for almost two years, partially owning lớn the fact that it was unable lớn find a buyer và therefore under court receivership. The company was eventually sold to lớn Solid Consortium in November of last year.

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Today in South Korea however, Pantech made its triumphant return, even if the specific smartphone is a bit sparse on specs. The IM-100 is a svelte 7.8m thiông chồng và weighs just 130 grams. It packs a metallic body, a FHD display, a Qualcomm Snadragon 430 SoC, 2GB of RAM, a 3,o00 mAh non-removable battery, và Qualcomm’s lademo audio silibé, the WCD9326.


The phone makes use of a jog dial on the right side to allow for altering the volume, and is defiantly different from the standard-affair volume keys or rockers on seemingly every other phone.

It also supports wireless charging, via a pod called “the Stone” (pictured above) which can also function as a 2.1 channel Bluetooth không dây speaker.

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The phone will be available later this month with all three of Korea’s major carriers expected to sell it. The initial production run will see as many as đôi mươi,o00 units produced, with a target of 300,000 in total. The IM-1oo is estimated khổng lồ cost 449,000 won, or roughly $389.

At a press conference held in Seoul earlier today, Pantech President Moon Ji-wook said that,

We have returned after the last two regretful year. We needed an overhaul & now we will focus on providing products that satisfy the customers, not ourselves.

Perhaps in a fitting display of hàng hóa naming at its finest, even the device’s model number is more than what it seems, as according to lớn The Korea Times,

The name IM-100 also suggests the English phrase “I’m baông xã,” since the number 100 in Korean is pronounced quite similar khổng lồ the English word “baông chồng.”

What bởi vì you think? Were you a Pantech tín đồ way bachồng when, or is this the first mention of the OEM’s name? At one point it made some unique pieces, though unfortunately keen competition from Samsung và LG – along with the rest of the di động industry – saw that ship sale. Perhaps now Pantech can return và be stronger than ever.