Alternative : 国王游戏 ; 王様★★ゲーム ; King Game

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Ousama Game summary:

A direct sequel of Oujisama trò chơi.1) King trò chơi -The 2nd prince, Renge, of our favorite royal family is sent to lớn a neighboring country as collateral in a foreign relations giảm giá khuyến mãi. When things turn sour between their countries, he becomes a virtual hostage of a tyrant King, Ouga.2) King Game: 6th Prince vs 3rd Prince -Homura, 3rd prince, fell in love in his brother, 6th prince, Airi, when they were kids. Younger prince was very sickly at that time and his brother started lớn learn medicine (with poor results) in order lớn heal hyên ổn. Now they are grown up, they are lovers (by name only) and Airi is bigger and no longer sick or weak, but not in Homura eyes. 6th prince decided khổng lồ change that.3) Kaizoku Game: Pirate vs 5th Prince -5th prince, Yuuri tried escape from castle and ended on pirate ship that belonged to lớn Kuuron. From this point young prince starts living on ship và being the captain"s "woman".
Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 1340,458Jan-20-16
Chapter 1222,892Jan-20-16
Chapter 1120,668Jan-20-16
Chapter 1021,170Jan-20-16
Chapter 920,980Jan-20-16
Chapter 822,630Jan-20-16
Chapter 723,798Jan-20-16
Chapter 623,535Jan-20-16
Chapter 526,271Jan-20-16
Chapter 424,868Jan-20-16
Chapter 326,732Jan-20-16

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Chapter 231,224Jan-20-16
Chapter 150,308Jan-20-16

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