10 Weirdest Board Games (That Are Actually Tons Of Fun To Play) There are tons of board games out there that shake up the traditional dice-throwing, card-dealing formula. Chechồng out the weirdest board games here.

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It’s hard lớn find board games that haven’t been played a million times before. Even a lot of new games are rehashed old games - think Catopoly (which is exactly what it sounds like) or Risk: Game Of Thrones (which is also exactly what it sounds like).

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But there are tons of board games that shake up the traditional dice-throwing, card-dealing formula. From marble games lớn app-based games lớn German memory games, check out these bizarre board games that’ll provide hours of entertainment.

Kerplunk board game
Kerplunk is a kids’ game with more losable pieces than a puzzle - và the marbles aren’t exactly igiảm giá game fodder for little ones. Still, it’s a lot of fun. The game is similar to Jenga - withdraw the straws without sending the marbles tumbling through the tube.

It’s more satisfying than Jenga, since one rogue move doesn’t skết thúc the whole game inkhổng lồ disarray. In Kerplunk, players carry on playing until every marble has made its way through the tube. It’s not the most cerebral game going, but it takes a lot of nerve lớn pull out that next straw.

9 Geistes Blitz

Gesites Blitz board game
Translated, Geistes Blitz means Ghost Lightning - and it takes lightning tốc độ to lớn win it. This great game requires speedy reactions and a very keen eye. The game seems simpler in theory than it is in practice: look at the card, and pick up the sản phẩm that doesn’t match either the color or the object that’s shown on the card.

The difficulty isn’t in beating the game - it’s in beating everyone else hovering hawkishly over the table, waiting for the next thẻ lớn be revealed. Simple, but tons of fun.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game
This app-based game is a fun party game for adults, since it relies on svào bluffing and a good memory. Players are designated roles, including the eponymous werewolf, villagers, & troublemakers.

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Each player reveals themselves in line with the rules of the game - và then discussions commence. The werewolf must attempt to lớn disguise itself from the other players until the round is over - if another player identifies the werewolf, the jig is up. No two rounds are the same in this quickfire game.

7 Chess

Chess dates bachồng to the 6th century - so maybe that’s why the rules are so bizarre. Who invented that crazy knight move? Still, there’s a reason the game has endured - it’s a brilliant thử nghiệm of súc tích & strategy.

It takes a long time lớn become a seriously good chess player - the likes of Magnus Carlsen and Beth Harmon are prodigies, so don’t be despondent if you don’t capture the king in your first, say, đôi mươi games. But with a little patience, it’s a lot of fun lớn learn.

Life On The Farm is kind of like a less corporate Monopoly. The game was created by an American family to celebrate life on the farm, & lớn teach people how to run a small farming business.

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Rather than putting others out of business like those money-counting, Mayfair-owning Monopolists, the alặng of Life On The Farm is khổng lồ either retire comfortably or own 60 cows. It might be the most wholesome game in existence.

5 Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia is the official term for a fear of the dark - which, naturally, means this game needs to lớn be played blindfolded. It’s a co-op game, so it’s great for anyone who’s more into lớn strategy & less inkhổng lồ competitive board games. To play the game, several players will have lớn escape the Hunter, who can take the khung of a Mage or an Axe cộ Murderer, depending on the version. If the Hunter catches up khổng lồ any of the other players, they win - and only the Hunter has the benefit of being able lớn see the board.

Since players have to lớn play by feel alone, the sense of apprehension & unease is much higher than in many other games. For a milder experience, play the Mage version. Choose the Axe cộ Murderer version for more unnerving gameplay.

Made by the creators of the popular thẻ game Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito is a new kind of card game - one where it"s mixed with dodgeball. This game comes with a deck of cards và two đáng yêu squishy burrilớn missiles, designed to be thrown at your opponents and used as dueling weapons.

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The alặng of the game is simple - win more points than the other players. But while picking up points is as easy as picking up cards, getting hit by flying burritos causes you to thua thảm points. If you get caught up in a burrito brawl or a burrikhổng lồ duel, be ready to dodge.

3 Shadows In The Forest

This spooky game has a pretty unique premise - it’s designed lớn be played in the dark. Light the board using the lantern, which can then only be moved by one player who’s on the hunt for Shadowlings. Dodge the lantern and hide out in the forest to lớn avoid detection.

The darkness definitely adds a creepy element lớn this game - it’s a fun choice for Halloween, or any dark winter night when it’s difficult to lớn see what’s lurking in the shadows.

The only things needed to play Monikers is paper, pens, and a lot of imagination. Each player writes down 8 things - it can be literally anything, from random objects lớn inside jokes. Be warned: the more obscure the reference, the trickier the game will be.

Split into two-player teams và four rounds, Monikers gets progressively harder as players go from describing what’s on the cards verbally, to lớn using only their heads và faces. Describing “The Lovin’ Spoonful” using only your facial expressions is tough, but it sure is fun.

1 Mr. Bacon"s Big Adventure

If a babé rasher was a playable character in the trò chơi Of Life, the resulting game would be Mr. Bacon"s Big Adventure. Journey with Mr. Bacon và his family through Mustard Marsh, Gristle Grotto, and a whole host of other meat-themed areas to lớn reach the Great Frying Pan. The player that jumps into the pan first wins.

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With a spinner, counters, và game cards, the setup is pretty standard - it"s the setting và characters that make this game more than a little offbeat. But it"s a really fun, fast, family game that"s great for playing over breakfast.