Will there be a season 2 of no game no life? when will it release?

No trò chơi No Life is easily one of the best animes in recent memory and given the fact that it was successful both critically và financially, one would assume that the show would've sầu already produced a number of seasons since its animated debut. Produced by legendary Japanese animation studio Madhouse which also happens to be responsible for hit anime series like Hunter x Hunter, One-Punch Man, and Death Note, the series only lasted for one season.It's been cthua thảm to lớn seven years since the first season of No trò chơi No Life wrapped up and considering how popular và profitable it turned out to be, it still remains a huge mystery to a lot of anime fans why it wasnever picked up for a second season. Well, not yet, at least. The question is, what exactly happened behind-the-scenes that led khổng lồ No Game No Life Season 2 being dropped? Or were there any plans lớn bởi a second season in the first place?

What is No Game No Life About?


No trò chơi No Life follows the story of two hikikomori step-siblings Sora và Shiro who are known in the virtual gaming world as Blank, an undefeated duoof gamers. One day, they are challenged khổng lồ a gameof chess by Tet, a God from another realm. Sora và Shirowould over upvictorious in battle & are then offered to live sầu in a virtual world which pretty much revolvesaround games.Debuting in Japan on April 9, 2014, the series instantly became a hit amongst anime fans for its compelling plot andstunning neon visuals and unsurprisingly, it would also receive a strongfollowing globally và up to this day, fans are still lobbying for it lớn get the continuation it deserves.

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Will There Be a Second Season for No trò chơi No Life?


Multiple sources on Reddit clayên ổn that the reason behind No trò chơi No Life not being renewed for a second season has something to vì withthe manga's author Yuu Kamiyabeing accused of plagiarism. However, the allegations apparently have nothing to vị with the show's cancellation. Instead, Kamiya's health problemis being cited as a huge factor in Season 2 now moving forward.It's also worth noting that a prequel film for the animated series titledNo Game No Life: Zero was actually released three yearsafter Season 1 ended so the plagiarism issue being one ofthe main factors in the show'scancellationis a little too farfetched to lớn believe. Now, in case you were wondering if there's still a chance that a second season will be produced, only time will tell as Madhouse & Kamiya himself have sầu not given fans any promising new update.
Season 1 ofNo trò chơi No Life is available for streaming on Crunchyroll & Netflix.

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