This is how you play facebook messenger's secret basketball minigame

Facebook Messenger has a new hidden game, và it may be even more addicting than the basketball one.

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In honor of Copage authority América & triệu Euro năm nhâm thìn, Facebook has updated its Messenger app with a mini soccer game.

Like Messenger"s last hidden game, the new soccer game is simple: try khổng lồ keep the ball in the air as long as possible. When you miss, the score resets.

Facebook added its basketball game to lớn Messenger earlier this year khổng lồ mark March Madness. That game proved so popular -- it"s been played more than a billion times -- the Messenger team decided khổng lồ try the formula again with soccer, according khổng lồ Messenger head David Marcus. 


You can try the new game for yourself now -- just make sure you have sầu the lakiểm tra Messenger update first. As with the basketball game, you start by adding the soccer emoji to a message thread và tapping on the ball. You"ll also be able lớn see the scores of people you"re chatting with.

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So far, it"s proving more difficult than the basketball game (my high score is currently three) & we hear that it gets even more difficult after the first 10 points. 

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