Rejoice! Codename Süßkartoffel is going to be our first self-published và third real-time tactics game. Also cool: It is a brand-new IP! This means it will be served with a fresh setting, completely new characters & an original story! If you you want khổng lồ know a bit more about our delicious sweet potato, which we’re currently cooking, check out our previous blog posts (here and here). Sign up for the newsletter (scroll up!) in order lớn receive sầu more updates & beta invitations as soon as we have more to lớn announce…


Desperados III, previously Codename Kartoffel, was a first in our portfolio: the project was a natural follow-up to lớn our previous game. It was still a real-time tactics game. After finishing Shadow Tactics, we felt lượt thích staying true to lớn a genre at least once, so we could put all those lessons learned lớn good use. With the burning ambition to improve sầu giải pháp công nghệ, gameplay and controls, adding even better features, also came the burden of striving lớn fulfill expectations. We wanted to deliver the best possible project. Listening to lớn all the positive sầu feedback, we think that we succeeded. Thank you! ❤


By năm trước we had released a mobile puzzle game about a hot air balloon, & a kid-friendly adventure featuring fantasy creatures fighting each other about color hues. So it came naturally to develop a core-targeted revival of the “stealth-oriented real-time tactics” genre next, or for short: Commandos with ninjas. Right? Shadow Tactics became our first big success, spawning a great community. Although we came dangerously cthua thảm khổng lồ bankruptcy, the investment paid off and continues khổng lồ be the foundation of our future as a game studio.

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Tinker was our first game to work on full-time, và it was a massive step-up from daWindci. It also marked our transition from Mobile to PC, Mac, Linux, và consoles. It started as a university project, without us ever having the intention to lớn release it, considering it way too hard lớn chew for such a small group of students. Yet, encouraging feedbachồng from various industry veterans led to lớn the decision khổng lồ keep the team together and start to lớn pay real salaries. If it hadn’t been for Koru, Tap and their very colorful friends, Shadow Tactics might never have sầu come inkhổng lồ existence.

daWindci was our very first proper release, meaning it had an official launch date on a large games platkhung. What started as a hard-to-control but quality take on shoot ’em ups for PC, quickly developed inkhổng lồ a perfect title for touchscreen devices. We started on iOS and later re-released a deluxe version, adding Android support và a more international look with a more vibrant color palette. The game’s quality, its chất lượng approach to lớn puzzle gameplay & its positive sầu reception made it a door opener to the games industry.

Mimingươi is an independent game studiobased in Munich, Germany.We’ve sầu started working together in 2008. Three pillars build the foundation of our studio:

We want all vienchinh.bizs khổng lồ be really happy.We pour all of our heart và soul into lớn what we vì.We value art, entertainment và chất lượng.

If you need all the data, kiểm tra out our:

The vienchinh.bizs are a friendly team, always looking for new talents. If we hire you, you will most likely work from our office in Munich, speaking German. If you join us, you should know that:

We worship great games– & know how they should feel lượt thích.

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We love working together–& enjoy spending time with the team.We discourage crunch– and convert overtime to lớn miễn phí time.We always strive sầu for quality–& want lớn beproud of our creations.

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We play on consoles và PC– và focus on these platforms.

Also, we are offering a lot of benefits, which you should know about when applying:

Open Positions

If you’re interested in joining the team, please sover us yourGerman application. We are currently looking for …