Lỗi 3600 Khi Restore Iphone

Problem:My iPhone 8 Plus has iTunes Error 3600 upon restoration. Help, please! My screen is stuông chồng on ‘Connect khổng lồ iTunes’ I don’t know what to lớn do”~ Jade


It is really so annoying khổng lồ encounter iTunes error 3600(iPhone error 3600) or any other iTunes error codes every time you try to lớn restore or update your iPhone.

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What makes this worse is that you kết thúc up with a briông xã phone or severe data loss if you are not familiar with its troubleshooting measures.

You will learn how to lớn manage và resolve sầu this iTunes error 3600(iPhone error3600) in this 2019 newest updated article in fun & easy methods.

Part 1. What is iTunes Error 3600?Part 2. How lớn Quickly Fix iTunes error 3600(iPhone error 3600)?Part 3. What to lớn vị When You "re Stuck with ‘Connect to iTunes’ Screen?Part 4. How khổng lồ Resolve sầu iPhone Error 3600? (3 Options)Video Guide: Detailed Steps lớn Fix iTunes Error 3600.Part 5. Conclusions.

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Part 1. What is iTunes Error 3600?

iTunes has a lot of possible issues that could arise during the update or restore process. Just lượt thích other error codes, there could be various reasons why iTunes error 3600 is happening.

iTunes Error 3600 is an error that occurs whenever you update lớn a newer iOS software version or restoring your iPhone from iTunes backup. It normally caused by network settings lượt thích for example your computer has administrator access. You need to log in as the administrator before you can complete the restore or update process.

If you are logged in as a guest or another user then you need to lớn gain access as administrator before you can continue lớn restore the iPhone on MAC. Other causes could be firewalls, proxies, anti-vi khuẩn software, & other network securities.

If this error 3600 happens during your restore process while using a work computer then try doing the same process by using your own personal or another computer.

Error 3600 iTunes is easy lớn fix if you follow the troubleshooting guides. Several iTunes error codes are usually caused by any of the following:

Upgrading iOSJailbreaking iOS deviceRestore from iCloud or iTunesInterrupted Update or Restore

Part 2. How to lớn Quickly Fix iTunes error 3600(iPhone error 3600)?

If you have sầu iPhone error 3600(iTunes error 3600) problem, you can không tính phí download iOS System Recovery, it allows you khổng lồ fix iOS issues with many common programs such as Error 3600. It is a 30-days không lấy phí trial.

Free Download Free Download

One of the most effective sầu systems recovery programs is vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery.

This professional program aims to lớn repair all kinds of iTunes error codes, freezing or crashing devices, looping on start, stuông chồng on Apple hình ảnh sản phẩm and much more.

vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery provides recovery without causing any data loss that is why it is trusted by millions of iOS users worldwide.

It is compatible with all iOS devices including the lademo iPhone 8/8plus/X. To use this program you may refer to the guides below:

Step 1. Install vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery on the Computer

First, you need to download vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery & install it on your computer.

Follow the installation procedures và when done, launch it & go khổng lồ More Tools & cliông chồng on iOS System Recovery.

Clichồng on the desired system issues on the screen options provided.


Step 2. Plug in iPhone

After the program has launched, connect the iPhone to lớn the computer using an original USB cable and wait until vienchinh.biz Toolkit recognizes the device. Cliông chồng Start to continue.


Note: During this stage, you need lớn rethành viên the following:

If the iPhone has been jailbroken then it will be returned to its non-jailbroken statusIf the iPhone was unlocked it will be lockedYour iPhone will be updated lớn its newest iOS version

Step 3. Download Firmware Package

The next part will be lớn download & extract the correct firmware package to lớn the iPhone device wherein you need khổng lồ enter the correct make và Mã Sản Phẩm number. You may refer at the baông xã of the iPhone for the details.

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Make sure you are supplying the correct information otherwise it may permanently brichồng your device. If you are unsure then you can go online and kiểm tra on Apple’s trang web for the complete & correct details. Click Repair to lớn continue.


Step 4. Repair, Download, và iTunes Error 3600 Resolved

The repair status will take a while but you can see the notification through the progress bar. vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery will download và extract the firmware và then fix all the errors found.

At this point, you need khổng lồ make sure that you have sầu a stable mạng internet connection & at this point, avoid interrupting the connection between the iPhone và the computer.

After a while, you will see a notification display that your iPhone is fixed and baông chồng khổng lồ its normal status. It will reboot lượt thích the usual và everything will be fine.

No data were removed during the repair process. You will now have the lachạy thử iOS version running on your iPhone device with all data intact. If the device fails to lớn reboot that you might need to lớn restart the process.

If the iPhone completely did not start then there could be a potential hardware issue that you can report to Apple’s customer tư vấn.


Part 3. What khổng lồ vày When You "re Stuchồng with ‘Connect to iTunes’ Screen?

The most annoying part when you experience these kinds of issues is being not able to use the phone. It totally leaves you with a useless device until it will be fixed. Thus, your personal & work life will be much affected.

Before panicking, brace yourself first with basic troubleshooting whenever you are faced with iTunes Error. The most common thing that you will experience is being stuông chồng at ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen.

Here’s what you can vày in case you might encounter this:

Restart the iPhone by pressing & holding down both the Sleep/Wake và Volume Down buttons for about ten seconds or until you see the Apple biểu tượng logo. For iPhone 6s & earlier: use Sleep/Wake & trang chủ buttons.If after the restart you are still stuchồng on ‘Connect to lớn iTunes’ screen then you need to reinstall the iOS.Launch iTunes on your computer. Make sure you are using the lathử nghiệm version or you may update iTunes first.Connect iPhone 8 plus/8/7/6s to lớn the computer using the original USB cable. Upon connection, you will see a pop-up: "There"s a problem with the iPhone that requires it to lớn be updated or restored."Cliông xã on Update to reinstall the iOS only và keeping your data safe.

Part 4. How lớn Resolve sầu iPhone Error 3600? (3 Options)

If after you have updated iTunes khổng lồ its lademo software version but still the error 3600 appears, you can vì the following:

Option 1. Update the computer’s operating system

For Windows Update

The best way to update your Windows computer is to lớn turn on automatic updates.


Swipe the screen from the right corner or point the mouse lớn the lower-right portion of the screen and move the pointer up.Cliông chồng SettingsGo lớn Change PC SettingsCliông xã Update & RecoveryClichồng Windows Update. For the manual update, cliông chồng Chechồng Now.Click on Choose how updates are installed và go to lớn Important UpdatesCliông xã Install Updates Automatically (Recommended)Cliông chồng Give sầu me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates under Recommended UpdatesChoose to Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows under Microsoft UpdateClichồng Apply


Clichồng Start or the Microsoft Windows iconCliông chồng Settings và then cliông chồng on Update và SecurityClick on Windows update. For manual update click on Chechồng for Updates.Select Advanced Options và click on Choose how updates are installedCliông chồng on Automatic (recommended)

For Mac OS Update

Go khổng lồ the App Store on your Mac to check for available software updatesCliông chồng on Updates from the toolbarClick the Update button when it is available và continue khổng lồ download và install them


Option 2. Have a good restart on both computer and iPhone

Restart both your iPhone & the computer to refresh the systems. Once they have sầu booted retry the restore process on iTunes.

Option 3. Cheông chồng Computer Settings & Security software

If in case you are unable to open iTunes because of the error 3600 iTunes, then try khổng lồ resolve third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ security software installed on the computer.

Verify if the computer date, time, time zone are mix correctlyLogin in as Administrator, not as user or guestMake sure you only have single security software running on the computer to lớn avoid any conflicts such as iTunes error 3600(iPhone error3600)For the meantime, temporarily turn off the firewall lớn continue the restore process. Other security software might be needed lớn be removed temporarily.

Video Guide: Detailed Steps to Fix iTunes Error 3600.

Part 5. Conclusions.

vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery makes your thiết bị di động experience complete. It is a great partner for any types of complicated situations và issues just like iPhone error 3600 (iTunes Error 3600).

vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery also repairs other kinds of system issues lượt thích DFU mode, và looping on start, etc that hinder you from making the most of your iPhone usage.

vienchinh.biz iOS System Recovery also unfreezes your iPhone, máy tính bảng iPad, iPod touch and resolves Trắng screen, recovery mode, black screen and red screen of death.

vienchinh.biz Toolkit- iOS System Recovery only fixes error while keeping all your data safe. Share this good news with your friends!