Lego nexo knights: merlok 2

Do you like lego games? We hope that you vì because we are the first site from the internet that offers you the newst category of lego named Nexo Knights released in January 2016. The story of Lego Nexo Knights it"s about knights who fight with evil magic creatures to restore peace in the world. The whole adventure take place in a big kingdom named Knighton & it"s focusend on the battle between Nexo Knights & Jestro with Book of Monsters. Nexo it"s a big team of cavalers và knights who are leads by a magic creature named Merloông chồng 2.0.Here in new Lego Nexo Knights Games you will find the newst và the best games with all the characters from this category, good & bad. We have 2 major team, the Denzens of Knighton it"s one of the best army và they are the good ones, & the Lava Army who try to lớn broke the normal life of the citizen from Knighton, but you are here khổng lồ stop that and khổng lồ be the best knight!Let"s go forward with the characters from Lego Nexo Knights Games online năm nhâm thìn & present the main characters from the show because we want you lớn know all the characters from the games that you play on, so we will start with the good team named Nexo Knights!The first character it"s Clay, one of the most heroic hero ever with a great strenght and not so funny. He is all that you want from a knight, he is cool, good at fights with wepons and intelligent. Unfortunately his childhood was not the best because he was an orphan, but in this way he train every day lớn become what it"s today... the best knight ever!My favorte character from Lego Nexo Knights Games Online it"s Lance, a good fighter, funny, cool with a lot of strenght.

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He is from a wealthy family so we love to lớn be famous, from here he dislike working hard và taking orders.The most badass knight it"s far away AXL who it"s a giant man with big power axe & a lot of strenght. He is the funniest from the team and he lượt thích to eat; alot! He don"t talk so much and in a normal day we find him training, eating or playing computer games... just like you on!Aaron it is one of the guys who bởi vì not know when joking or serious when he talks. He fight on a cool hoverboard with a Blazer Bow. He likes lớn chill và play videogames with AXL.We have sầu a princess that is in the Nexo Knights too named Macy, the princess with a punch! She is dedicated for being a knight & she vị all the stuff like the other boys from the team. She is ver chivalry và tuff. So the Lego Nexo Knights Games category it"s for girls too.If you lượt thích the lego games you will love this games with knights and cavalery from future. Here you will find more characters like Merlok 2.0, Ava, Robin, Kin Halbert, Queen Halbert, Claybot, Lancebot, Chef Eclair, Royal Soldier and some bad characters like Jestro, Book of Monsters, Sparkks, Burnzie, Globlins, Scurriesrs, Beast Master, Lavaria, Flame, Flama, Whiparella, General Magmar và one of the most evil và dangerous, Moltor!We hope that you will like all the games from Lego Nexo Knights Games và we are welcoming you for more friv games!