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In Lapse: A Forgotten Future, you play as the president of a nation struggling in a post-apocalyptic setting. Here you are tasked khổng lồ manage all of the nation’s categories: nature (marked by the plant), people (the human silhouette), military force (the gun) và money (the dollar sign). And we have sầu a complete Lapse guide to lớn take you through all the important steps and help you rule for years!

First và foremost, this game’s objective sầu is to keep you within normal limits. If either one of the meters is too low or too high, you will be dethroned (or killed, to say it bluntly).

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Secondly, the game itself could be either very easy or very hard; it all depends on your choices. Nonetheless, it IS doable either way. My goal here is to show you some Lapse: A Forgotten Future tips and tricks that I’ve sầu got up my sleeve khổng lồ help you rule for a long time and unloông chồng nội dung in the game.

Decisions, decisions

The game is a constant baông xã và forth, swipe left or swipe right, and in your struggle lớn keep everytoàn thân happy, you will khuyến mãi with plenty of characters; some human, some… less human. The decisions you make affect this whole post-apocalyptic world and its future (no, really!).

If you think that you only meet a character once & you don’t pay much attention to the decision you made, it could affect your whole future game. Kind of lượt thích a butterfly effect. So make sure you keep a cool head and an eye open for detail.

All of your choices – or at least many of them – can come baông chồng and haunt you. Know what choices you make & try to rethành viên those decisions to lớn continue on the same route in the future, should it be needed. That’s what good rulers should do!


Grab that cup of tea!

When your servant asks if you’re willing to lớn have sầu a cup of tea with her, she will usually ask to bring a friover too.

That friover is the Creator (the actual game creator) and he will give sầu you an oracle in exchange for watching an ad. If you don’t mind watching the ad, the oracle is very useful throughout the game – so make sure you accept it!

Lasting effects and little helpers

Those effects are located right below the meters indicating your stats. They usually save you from losing the game too quiông xã through an unexpected decline in either stat.

The oracle, in case you receive it, is also located here. You can find more about the oracle in the screenshot below.


Shop ’till you drop

The game features a store where you can purchase some boosts. If you’ve sầu had enough dealing with people’s requests & you want to lớn get through the game easier, you could kiểm tra out the cửa hàng where you can get the famous oracle lớn help you in your decisions, extra heart khổng lồ help you escape a premature death, or the four leaf clover for good luông chồng.



If you are an achievement junkie, this game offers you plenty to go for. The best part about it, if you keep playing it, you will notice something interesting.

Even if you failed in your reign and you start over, some characters might remember your past decisions. Hmmm… interesting, right?

Well, that’s not all. The game starts off in 2075. You play, your reign ends, you start over. This time it’s year 2077. So if your goal is to lớn reach the big surprise at the over, you should keep aiming to lớn unlock those achievements because it’s well worth it!

Additional tips & tricks for Lapse on mobile

– You should help Researcher Kumiyo. She will help you construct a time machine

– Activating the Oracle allows you to see how your choices affect the stats. You obtain the oracle randomly, by accepting someone’s offer to lớn give sầu you an item

– Help the priest. By allowing hyên lớn build more religious buildings, it will lower the chance of people rebelling against you.

– Always accept this: “Sometimes it is good khổng lồ clean even what is not directly under your eyes” – Alien. This will boost all four stats positively.

– When the Alien shows up with a random riddle, if that riddle affects all four stats, accept it. It usually is positive (swipe right).

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– If you learn about Governor Armstrong talking to the captive sầu Alien, pursue the Governor inlớn showing his real size.


– When you are offered to lớn allow the Emergency fund, say yes. It will keep you covered in case of bankruptcy.

– When the army General offers you khổng lồ build secret military bases, accept the offer. It will keep you safe if the army fails.

– When you start the game, you start in year 2075. Whenever you thảm bại or start over, the years add up.

– If you learn about a large oil field, always respond with “The country is rich!”. It will boost all four stats.

– If you learn about a man claiming to be the President, bring hyên lớn you, khổng lồ speak face to lớn face. It will unloông chồng an achievement.

– If you find your phone acting up, try to learn about it as much as possible :)


– If given the opportunity by the Director of Intelligence Moore, invest into “Foxhound”, an elite Task Force that secures the nation against inside threats.

– When Chef Mario wants to know if he stands a chance against the General, say yes, this will improve the “human” meter.

– If you are into mysteries and symbolism you will notice that many characters have sầu a thing for 2150. When you put all the pieces together you will discover something interesting.

– If one of your effects or buildings is not used for 2 – 4 years, it will disappear from the game và it will have to be earned once more.

– People tkết thúc khổng lồ try and give you advice; when possible, try to lớn listen khổng lồ them & unlock all sorts of characters & stories (I bet you didn’t believe Time was an actual character).

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– The game has 24 characters. The longer you play, the more of them you will discover (some unexpected ones, too). Our complete characters guide will help you keep traông xã of all of them!

These are our Lapse: A Forgotten Future tips and tricks, we hope you found them really useful. If you have sầu additional questions or advice to lớn offer, please vị so by commenting below.

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I am sorry but i am quite confuse which side to lớn swipe.It is written yes on the left but swipe it lớn the left,was that right?maybe you can help me with that

Help! *spoiler btw* During my gameplay, i died from a pandemic & lost the lover effect! i had it for 2 years và now its gone?? help

Hey,if you die & an efect/building is not used for 2-4 years,it will dissapear(i dont understand why but this is the game!)

***Spoil warning ***I finished game 2 times the loop end androbot lady endHOW TO REACH THIRD END ???

hey— I nearly always get the Lover Effect during my gameplays (not in every single year though, obviously), but I still don’t know what it does. what’s it for?