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During this crisis, kids need help managing their emotions. We’re getting to lớn every single teacher & kid who needs them — regardless of available budget.

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"With the COVID crisis and all its fallout, kids are having lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with some very big emotions. Our proven tools and techniques can be life-savers.

Teachers are overwhelmed trying to lớn help kids. We give sầu them a powerful resource as they try to lớn perform và avoid burnout.

Administrators are slammed, too, supporting teachers and trying khổng lồ manage a fluid, often chaotic situation. can help turn down the heat."


“On the surface, we’re a family of cuddly critters & a big bowl of emotions. Underneath, we’re a proven system for helping kids grow & transkhung by dealing skillfully with their feelings.”


“We help kids feel happy, safe, confident, compassionate & successful.

We help them establish và sustain svào friendships.

We help kids get along with each other.

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We help them become resilient, especially during these trying times.”


“We make a difference on Day One. We can change the school environment in weeks.

We"re easy for counselors, teachers, SLPs và administrators khổng lồ implement.

A 5-minute lesson can be reinforced naturally throughout the day. It reduces referrals và disturbances và increases engagement. are proven effective sầu, even in the most challenging school environments."


We’re making the power of available khổng lồ every kid in America, regardless of a school or district’s available budget.

We’re on a mission to lớn help every single kid who needs help dealing with their emotions right now.

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