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Whether you need khổng lồ record a đoạn Clip tutorial for mouse và keyboard actions, or even repeat the same task for gameplay over và over again, an tự động mouse recorder or a keyboard recorder should be helpful. It will make scripts of your mouse or keyboard activities. Then the repetitive works can be done automatically via macros and macro recorder.

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For the HV-MS735 programmable mouse or HV-KB395L programmable keyboard, you can use the built-in mouse recorder khổng lồ create macros. But other non-programmable products, or giới thiệu the video clip tutorial for mouse & keyboard actions, you can create macros with third-tiệc nhỏ macro recorder software instead. This article will show you workable tools lớn automate your traditional mouse và keyboard.


Part 1: The Best Mouse and Keyboard Recorder for Video Tutorial

If you just need khổng lồ record simply mouse và keyboard actions for your audiences, Capture is a mouse và keyboard recorder that not only has the advanced features to lớn capture mouse action và keyboard shortcuts, but also draws attention with sound effects và highlights.

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How lớn Use Mouse & Keyboard Recorder

Step 1: Go to lớn the control panel of Capture with a Gear icon. Choose the Effect thực đơn that enables you lớn tweak both the Cursor options & the Keystroke recording options.

Note: You can hide or show the mouse cursor, highlight the cursor with effects, add mouse cliông chồng sound, show keystroke recording, và more.


Step 2: When you need to custom the frame for gameplay or video tutorial recording, you can enable the Record Keystrokes, Highlight Cursor, and Highlight Mouse Clicks option.


Step 3: It not only captures the gameplay videos or video clip tutorial, but also shows the actions from the mouse cursor & keyboard shortcuts. Just cliông xã the Stop button and further edit the files within the editing window.

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Part 2: Top 10 Mouse Recorder Software for Windows & macOS

The followings are popular mouse recorders for desktop users. You can choose any software khổng lồ record macros for a non-programmable keyboard and mouse. Which can be your best mouse recorder? Just read và compare.

Top 1: Bartels Media GmbH Macro Recorder

Once you press Record, you can record mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard inputs. It is more like a tape recorder. Once you record actions, you can set lớn repeat the macro infinitely.

Main features:

1. Automate any action on Windows/Mac desktop applications or webpages.

2. Include a mouse recorder và keyboard recorder khổng lồ get an infinite trả lời.

3. The smart mouse recorder can turn shaky mouse moves into lớn curved or linear shapes with advanced algorithms.

4. Use overlay graphics to lớn visualize the recorded mouse paths and clicks.


Top 2: JitBit Macro Recorder

JitBit Macro Recorder can traông xã and record mouse cursor coordinates on your computer. Moreover, you can adjust the playbaông chồng tốc độ of the recorded macro. Just insert delay commands manually. It is more than a simple mouse recorder or keyboard recorder, you can record, automate, & convert macros inkhổng lồ EXE files.

Main features:

1. Record, convert, và compile your macro inkhổng lồ an EXE-tệp tin.

2. Assign mouse and keyboard macros inkhổng lồ hotkeys.

3. Use the macro editor or built-in commands khổng lồ create macros.

4. Set loop macro playback & adjust macro recording filters within the mouse recorder for Windows.


Top 3: Turnssoft Mini Mouse Macro

It is a không tính tiền mouse recorder that can perform macro task automation with command-line scripting and recording. You can use the Mini Mouse Macro recorder khổng lồ record your actions in real-time on your computer.

Main features:

1. The mouse recorder is totally portable. Mini Mouse Macro is a single executable tệp tin without installation.

2. Use macro scripts to lớn schedule tasks in Mini Mouse Macro.

3. Control macro flow with Conditional Formatting.

4. Set mouse macro automation for left-cliông chồng, right-click, và keystrokes.


Top 4: Remouse Mouse Recorder

You can use Remouse khổng lồ record và repeat keyboard & mouse actions on Windows 10/8/7 computer. The operation records will be saved as script files. Furthermore, you can use the task manager lớn make multiple macros as well.

Main features:

1. Record mouse và keyboard events inkhổng lồ script files.

2. Customize the configuration with a convenient settings interface.

3. Require no programming experience.

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4. Intuitive và clean interface.


Top 5: Axife Mouse Recorder

Axife Mouse Recorder is a desktop mouse recorder with an action wizard editor. You can record mouse movements with the RecordStop options quickly. Later, you can cliông xã Play to lớn repeat mouse & keyboard actions in a loop.

Main features:

1. Record mouse và keyboard activities on Windows 10, Windows 8, & Windows 7 in 64-bit systems.

2. Adjust trigger mode with the duration of the trigger condition, similarity, & more.

3. Schedule scripts with a specific time.

4. Set the custom tốc độ of instant macro playbachồng.


Top 6: Nemex Studgame ios Mouse Recorder Pro

It is a PC-based mouse recorder that can record mouse motions upon a screen. You can record the position of the mouse, the response delay, and more details. Besides, you can edit the saved scripts to make the mouse recording runs faster. Though Mouse Recorder Pro hasn’t been updated for over 10 years.

Main features:

1. The tải về package is small in tệp tin kích thước.

2. Exeđáng yêu scripts at a specific time.

3. The mouse recorder software is designed for novices with no technical experience.

4. Mouse Recorder Pro is không tính tiền to use on Windows 98E.


Top 7: EasyClicks Macros

EasyClicks Macros allows users lớn make keyboard shortcuts for macros. You can specify the operation key based on your preference. Though EasyClicks Macros recorder hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Main features:

1. There is no need khổng lồ install EasyClicks Macros specifically.

2. Create shortcuts for mouse recording playbaông xã.

3. Record mouse clicks, drag, và move sầu individually.

4. Safe and clean lớn use.


Top 8: Macro Toolworks

Macro Toolworks is a mouse recorder for Windows users, which has both không lấy phí and professional versions. For beginners, the Macro Toolworks miễn phí version is enough. You can save keyboard inputs and mouse commands within Macro Toolworks for không tính phí.

Main features:

1. Open multiple macro files at the same time.

2. The macro recorder is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

3. Record macros with a macro recorder or command lines.

4. Record not only keyboard và mouse inputs, but also time, date, open or cthất bại window, and other triggers.


Top 9: Ghost Mouse

Ghost Mouse has a tiny interface. There are only Record và Play buttons. You can choose the Record button khổng lồ record mouse movements on a PC. Then you can play the automated mouse scripts. Compared with other mouse recorders, Ghost Mouse has limited features.

Main features:

1. Record mouse và keyboard inputs on Windows 10/8/7.

2. Simple interface with small file form size.

3. No malware or bundleware.

4. Easy lớn use for beginners.


Top 10: AutoHotkeys Mouse Recorder

AutoHotkeys is an open-source và không lấy phí mouse recorder for Windows. It relies on a scripting language khổng lồ automate your operations, including recording mouse or keyboard macros, remaps buttons on the keyboard, mouse, & joystick, expvà abbreviations, even DLL calls và Windows Messages.