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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1, 2020 / -- App Annie, the leading Mobile data và analytics company, today announced the availability of trò chơi IQ. This vertically tailored analytics product for Gaming provides insight into dimensions such as class, genre, subgenre và tags.

In the past, Mobile gaming has been obstructed from analysis at the category cấp độ and aggregating this data often involved time consuming manual processes:


Game IQ Taxonomy: Games can now be analyzed by broad category class (tuning), genre, subgenre, and tags (modifiers) such as IP, art style, settings, monetization mechanic, and more.

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Categories are not up-to-date & every company has its own view on taxonomy which makes it difficult to benchmark App stores don"t provide granular game categories & laông xã actionability Lack of in-game features data point khổng lồ analyze success metrics

trò chơi IQ changes everything. Our hàng hóa leverages data science khổng lồ create custom views & maintain a taxonomy to automate game categorization at scale.

Developed in collaboration with thought leaders, trò chơi IQ delivers a visual framework khổng lồ dissect tens of thousands of apps providing answers to lớn questions such as:

Game developers will benefit from prebuilt classification(s) guiding hàng hóa development, user acquisition, monetization, marketing & more.

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"Gaming is the North Star for di động. As we enter the next decade, the 2.0 opportunity for game publishers is to lớn anatomize the competition at a surgical màn chơi," says Theodore Krantz, Chief Executive sầu Officer of App Annie. "Leveraging the precision of trò chơi IQ, we will guide the industry with core, casual & casino genre insights."

"trò chơi IQ has been a fundamental piece of honing our investment and M&A strategy. The ability to aggregate a specific category and sub-genre allows our team khổng lồ quickly get a view of market form size, key players, downloads, và revenue information. As our evaluation intensifies, we can use the "shared users" section khổng lồ find out how a certain genre resonates with our existing player base. Game IQ is and was a big part of developing the long-term vision of our company." - Joseph Byrne, Director, Business Development and Strategy, SciPlay

"trò chơi IQ allows us to lớn go deeper inkhổng lồ different game genres, subgenres, and features khổng lồ understand how they are evolving and we can validate our strategic opportunities & investments." - Danny Moy, EVPhường Corporate Development, Playstudios

Already more than 28,000+ games are tagged and classified within trò chơi IQ.

To learn more about trò chơi IQ visit:

About App AnnieApp Annie is the industry"s most trusted di động data and analytics platkhung.