We all know that most people prefer putting a WiFi password to lớn their wireless connection. This could be as simple as 12345 or as complex as a combination of multiple letters,numbers và characters. Well, here is the bad news, there is a tool by the name reaver that can be used to craông chồng your WAP/WAP2 WiFi password.

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About WEPhường, WAP & WAP2

To improve the functions of WEP. (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WiFi Protected Access or WPA was created in 2003. This temporary enhancement still has relatively poor security but is easier to configure. WPA uses Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) for more secure encryption than WEP. offered.

A year later, in 2004, WiFi Protected Access 2 became available. WPA2 has stronger security & is easier lớn configure than the prior options. The main difference with WPA2 is that it uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) instead of TKIP.



What You Need.

A WiFi adapter that supports monitor modeA computer with WiFiA nearby WPA-secured WiFi networkReaver installedPersistenceAssumption

I am assuming your router is configured not khổng lồ use Push Button Authentication.(PBC)

Let’s bởi vì this

First, if you are using a virtual machine, you have sầu khổng lồ enable your USB controller by going to lớn the settings, then cliông xã on USB và choose your USB device.

NB: Make sure that the wireless adapter that you are using supports monitor mode.

After that, run the following command:

iwconfigThis comm& shows you wireless interfaces only




sudo ifconfig wlan0 downThis disables WiFi


subởi vì airmon-ng check killThis commvà kills any process that could interfere with using my interface in monitor mode. It kills the network manager so that there is no internet.


Then run:

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitorThis comm& changes the mode from managed mode khổng lồ monitor mode.

Managed mode is the mặc định mode for all wireless devices.

The reason why we need lớn change the mode from managed khổng lồ monitor mode is because we not only want lớn capture the packets that have the mac address to lớn our device but all the packets, even those sent to the router & other devices. This is only possible when the WiFi adapter is in monitor mode.

Then run:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 upThis brings the wifi back up.

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Then run:

iwconfigThis is to lớn check if our mode changed from managed lớn monitor. If it did, it should be indicated in the terminal.

The figure below shows that the mode changed to lớn monitor.

Aireplay-ng - fakeauth 30 -a -h wlan0For mac ID open a new tab & type ifconfig. Copy the first 12 digits from unspec in wlan0.


mở cửa another new tab.

Make sure you have reaver installed. If you don’t, run the following command.

Suvày apt-get install aircrack-ng reaverThis is going lớn install reaver.

Reaver brute forces the pin & associates it with the target, once it has the pin, it uses it khổng lồ compute the actual WAP/WAP2 key.

Then run the following command:

Reaver - bssid - channel - interface wlan0 –vvv - no-associateHit enter on this tab and also hit enter on the other tab that I told you not lớn hit enter.

This should take a couple of minutes since it’s trying all the possible combinations & finally it will give you the WPS pin, the WAPhường password & the name of the Wi-Fi

DISCLAIMER. This article is for learning purposes, we are not responsible for any harm caused while referring khổng lồ it.

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