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How to lớn change the wallpaper on your Nokia Lumia 730

In this excerpt, we will show you how you can easily change the wallpaper of your Nocơ Lumia 730. You can select a default wallpaper that you already have sầu on your Nocơ Lumia 730, but also one of your gallery photos. In addition, you can also tải về không tính tiền background images from the Internet.

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How exactly this works is shown below.

Modify background image

The background of your display can be changed in different ways:

Method 1 :

Go to your phone’s menu, then go to “Settings”.Cliông xã on “Wallpaper”.Then you will see several options between which you can choose: “Home screen”, “Loông xã screen” và “trang chủ & lochồng screen”.Click on the option you want khổng lồ select. A window will open and you can select a photo from your Gallery, a default image or an animated wallpaper.If you want to select one of your own photos, clichồng on “Gallery” and choose one.

Method 2 :

Press on the screen và hold for a few seconds.A window will open. Cliông xã on “Set wallpaper”.You can choose from the three options already mentioned.Select one & cliông xã on it. You can choose again between standard images, gallery và animated wallpapers.Method 3 :

Go to your smartphone menu, then go lớn “Gallery”.Afterwards, you can see all your photos on the camera. Click on one of the folders.Select a pholớn now, click again on the thực đơn, then on “Set as”.You will see some options. This time, you can also choose from “Liên hệ photo” và “WhatsApp protệp tin photo”.Choose one of the options. Depending on the kích cỡ of your photo, you may need to lớn crop the image khổng lồ set it as a wallpaper.How to automatically change your wallpaper

You can also use an application to lớn automatically change the wallpaper on your Notê Lumia 730.

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We recommkết thúc the free application Wallpaper Changer, which you can easily download on Google Play.

This application automatically changes your display background. You can decide yourself if this should happen after a certain time interval, with each clichồng or after each unlocking of the screen.

In addition, you can easily select & upload your own photos.

In conclusion, we would like khổng lồ remind you once again that it is possible that the different steps as well as the names of the choices may differ slightly from one Mã Sản Phẩm lớn another.