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Adorable trang chủ cheat list:wjCgA0 - hearts lovedvsA13 - new petsSGNuiE - new people (friends)bGKrcD - campaign mode0E8dSL - new buildingXdRLTm - multiplayerfanVFo - story mode (work, parents, travel)WEFYZR - cấp độ up9FtBZa - unlochồng all game functiona2XEXN - new mini gamesvYV7q7 - great khuyến mãi pachồng 2020vsS7q7 - Farm Crop Speed Up TimevYVjhg - Haông chồng Ingredients: potakhổng lồ, onion, shrimp, mushroom, milk, letháng, red pepper, avocabởi vì, wheat, tomakhổng lồ, fish, beef, chicken, rice, egg, blueberry, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, strawberry, raspberry.This is our new trang chủ from now on. We’ll have a wonderful life here! But it’s so messy right now. We have sầu to lớn clean it up. We could even make it better! Every time you open the game, there is a chance that you may meet a wonderful moment! Getting more cats & decorating your garden will bring you more of them! I think Snow is hungry now. We should feed pet with some food. After you filled the food, cat will eat it up when the time countdown is over & they will give sầu you love sầu depends on the food you filled.

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Prepare Benkhổng lồ box - tap the benkhổng lồ box to lớn select a main course, side dish, desert và box. Your partner will give sầu you love depending on how much they enjoy it. Great combos more love! Your partner went to work và will be baông chồng in a few hours. While you wait: collect all the love sầu, care for your cat(s), decorate your adorable trang chính. Try lớn stroke different part of the mèo. Some part are welcomed, but some are not. When you touch the welcomed part, you will get a red heart! You win this game when you get five of it first.

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Adorable Home cheats, hack codes

When you touch the unwelcome part, you will get a flash! You thua thảm game when you get three of it first. Unloông xã garden area - you can expvà your life khổng lồ garden & attract different dễ thương quests lớn visit. Cut nails - use your finger tip and try lớn swipe a straight line quickly to lớn cut nails. You will get a red heart when you cut off a nail successfully. You win the game when you cut off all the nails. You will get a flash when you touch cat’s hands or arms.
Take a shower - tilt the phone left & right lớn control the temperature of the thermometer to lớn keep the water temperature in the green range. Drag shower nozzle khổng lồ shower the mèo. You will get a heart if the temperature is in green range. You win this game when you get five of it first. If the temperature is in red or blue range, you will get a flash.

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how to lớn enter haông xã cheats engine Adorable Home (mã code, coupon).

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Code number Cheat Hachồng title 1 8lDCIk tăng cấp 2 p0Cv7g stat point 3 1IfVi8 coupon 4 oItdie promo code 5 4wAGld gift box 6 IjlkhU gold coins 7 1vDDTPhường month thẻ 8 NbhV9f premium pack 9 a0g8FY legendary gear 10 8A2cNw vip ticket 11 YtmwNQ gear pachồng

Adorable Home gift codes, haông chồng, note.

Tip, app android gameplay secrets:game Play steps, Key Features:1. This is a passive & relaxing experience. Come back and kiểm tra in on the game every couple hours to see something new, gather some love sầu, & continue furnishing your trang chủ.2. Cheats VT9eBnkj - food.3. Want khổng lồ have sầu more luck? Watch an AD or use pass for more love!4. Use that love to buy more furniture, decorations, and yes... more CATS for your house to lớn make it utterly adorable! The more cats you have sầu, the more adorable moments you"ll get. Capture them in snapshots with your retro camera and collect them all in your pholớn album.
Hachồng cheats tutorial Adorable trang chủ (wiki):.MgDT02 - supply boxLcbREZ - treasure chestNB6K5w - multiplayer1gzgN4 - vip statusEsZDEC - star tokensHack zadX5J - artifactsCheat 5Bscn6 - evadeEIVaIM - elite ticketJ6pmCc - exchange cheat codehow và where enter Gosh! It"s been a long time since i uploaded my lathử nghiệm text. But! Apparently there"s new upgrade about kitchen và farm, guys. Today i wanmãng cầu show you all about all the recipes from the newest version of Adorable home. It needs soo many hours khổng lồ collect all of the ingredients. We have lớn grow those crop & it feels like eternity until the harvest time. And the only way to make them grow faster is watching all of those ads diligently or use hachồng tools - cheat code. If you"re really fond of a game which has the healing vibes, slow paced game play, và you can leave it the way it is as much as you want.I thin that"s the "fun point" of playing this game, right? You can put these dishes inlớn the bento box và give them khổng lồ your partner, và then after they come back home page, you will get hearts from your partner as usual.Now we can visit another players" houses. Then, we can skết thúc gifts or something lượt thích our dishes or crops.Last Adorable trang chính hack tools Modified 15 October 2020New cheat codes from 28.10.2020:Kitchen cutting board:cutting board - JnTBruNaCdark cutting board pass - mLqtWawscWhite cutting board - KKuKKZ6tbblue - QKcJJLP5Fred - TACnaMJLqwalnut - 4QlyzYS2Lelm cutting board - Q4GfSHeV0leaf - cx2ncPDUymango - DFa1JgdWYletháng - EDSj8G5s2lime - Rv14uEtxYwatermelon - mE6aG9vn3Pan:red - kCqctbrVPyellow - oqEg6Noncblue - N6IrZAfDIkhaki iron pan code - 1MRAqKsZWblachồng iron pan - Pmf3JIbEsbrass pan - 3KFSH83xoGray iron pan cheat - pink Heart shaped pan Adorable trang chủ - green heart shaped - njXyZPvduBlue luxury - pz9NvhHCLRed luxury - srt1gYg92Trắng luxury pan - RzY5CuhbXAuthor: SolariosPublished contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, Thành Phố New York, NY 10003-1502, USAbout company, locationCategories: GAMES HACK CHEATS