Dead Target: Zombie Haông chồng & Tips for Cash, Gold, & Health

When World War III inevitably happened in 2040, warfare has advanced to a new level. The CS Corporation found a new secret defense weapon, named project Dead Target: made lớn transkhung prisoners inlớn fearsome zombies. The corporation decided to lớn use this secret weapon for their own needs, và has released countless of these bloodthirsty killing machines over the thành phố. Your team, Operation Apocalypse is the only ones left lớn clear the place of this threat, even though only two of you remain. Gear up và head inkhổng lồ Dead Target: Zombie lớn save the city!

Dead Target: Zombie is a shooter by VNG ios, the developer who has also released World Cup Run and Sky Target. A fairly new developer on the scene, but we shall see how big of a success they created!

Dead Target: Zombie has a rating of 4.4/5 stars on the Google Play Store, and at the same time it has perfect 5/5 stars on the Apple App Store. Zombie shooters are aao ước one of the most popular genres on mobile platforms, so we are eager to see how well Dead Target: Zombie fares with its over ten million downloads!

Dead Target: Zombie Haông xã for Cash, Gold, & Health

Do you want khổng lồ win at Dead Target: Zombie? Want to beat all of your friends? You’ll need a lot of cash, gold, và health. To get them for không lấy phí, download our Dead Target: Zombie haông chồng tool now, straight from our website. This will let you easily get gold, cash, & health.

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The Dead Target: Zombie haông xã tool is super simple to use! Have a look at the image below. All you need to bởi is enter the amount of health, gold, and cash you want. It couldn’t be any easier.


Download our Dead Target: Zombie haông chồng tool from our site. It will take 30 seconds to lớn tải về. After it finishes downloading, you’ll need lớn install it. This takes another 30 seconds. Make sure you click Android or iOS before starting the haông chồng. Enter the amount of gold, cash, & health you would like.

Then, click on the big, blue “start” button. This will begin hacking the After it’s finished — just another 30 seconds, we promise! — open the ứng dụng like you normally would. Your cash, gold, and health will be loaded.

About Dead Target: Zombie

If you wish to lớn play this, that means you probably know what to lớn expect in general. You expect zombies, guns, explosions & a lot of cash. You are in luông xã, as the has a great giảm giá of that, as well as some other small features.

At a first startup, Dead Target: Zombie will show its backgrounds story with the help of a high quality trailer, giving you insight inkhổng lồ the process of turning prisoners into lớn the monsters they become, và also your role in putting & over to lớn it. Once you got the story, you will immediately be matched into combat against a group of zombies, as you lost most of your team recently. You will meet the last remaining member other than you, called agent M, & she will escape along with you, then provide you with hints from then on.

Now, combat is obviously the main part of any zombie shooter, therefore it must play out in an enjoyable way, right? The basics of the combat are fairly simple: you stvà around in a predetermined place in each level, & zombies will advance towards you from one or more directions. You can then look around by moving your finger on the screen, while shooting your gun, reloading và changing guns is done by buttons on the right side of the screen. You can carry up to two guns to lớn each encounter, which you can swap between at any time during missions. There is also no limit on ammo purchase, which you can vì chưng in levels at any time.

That sounds fun, but there must be some kind of build up to lớn this, as constantly shooting zombies without a point is tiresome, isn’t it? Thankfully you have sầu a mission bản đồ, where all the current missions và objectives can be found. Each mission has a reward of cash and gold, as well as a story reasoning behind it, such as a perimeter is overrun, so you have to protect it until it’s repaired, or you have khổng lồ stop zombies from advancing lớn the next đô thị, which would be a tragedy.

Killing zombies in Dead Target: Zombie is not always so easy though, even with two guns, as there are special ones amuốn the armies of slow walkers. For example you will meet Venoms, who are huge tanky zombies và can spit venom at you from a distance, or you might also find yourself facing Zombie Dogs, who are surprisingly fast, although they also have sầu low health. Then there are the monster missions, which will include the toughest enemies you will ever face, the bionically enhanced monstrosity Bosses, who will won’t stop at anything lớn destroy you. They will even throw huge rocks at you, while you are trying to get past their armored toàn thân.

Thankfully there are ways khổng lồ destroy even the most powerful armor, as well as kill non-trùm zombies faster. Scoring headshots does more damage than simple shots, so a good aim is an extreme advantage. There are also explosive sầu barrels found at times, or containers with freezing fluid inside, that will freeze zombies cthảm bại to it. Dead zombies might also drop cash or gold on death at times, which you automatically collect and add lớn your total reward for each mission.

From the same bản đồ where you found the missions, you can also select the various points of interest of Dead Target: Zombie. These are the Weapon siêu thị, the Quest log, Casino, Store, Achievements and the Leaderboards.

Since obviously the Weapon siêu thị is the most important, we will talk about that first. The Weapon cửa hàng is where you can purchase new guns & nâng cấp existing ones, as well as buy ammunition for them. Everytime you rank up twice based on your battle feats, you will get the ability khổng lồ unlock a new gun from the long danh sách found in this cửa hàng & buy it with cash. Another option is to spend gold & buy any gun earlier, without the need to unlochồng it first. Once a gun is bought, you have sầu it forever, but you will have sầu khổng lồ keep buying ammo for it. The available guns include beauties such as the Benelli M3 shotgun, the .327 Magnum, the AK-47, an electric Tesla Gun, the auto-aiming AI A550 xạ thủ rifle, or the ultimate Sound Breaker.

The Quest log is the next location, và this is where your cấp độ up process is tracked. Leveling does not work in a traditional way in Dead Target: Zombie, but you instead rank up by completing quests, like “Kill 150 Machinist Zombies” or “Give out 50 Headshots”. Rank up gives rewards based on each rank, & also unlocks new weapons for purchase at every second rank.

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If you get tired of zombie shooting and want to lớn relax, you can go lớn the Casino, where a slots can be played. The first column gives out cash rewards, the second gives gold, while the third awards boosts. You can spin all three columns for không tính tiền once every 10 or đôi mươi minutes, but you can also use 3 gold lớn spin one of them at any time. The Achievements feature also gives out similar rewards for completing any of them.

I mentioned boosts, but we haven’t talked about those yet in detail, while they are an important feature to easen the vienchinh.bizplay for players. Boosts can be activated before each level, and if you vị, then they are used up & active for that battle . Boosts are +50% Damage, +30% Fire Rate, Double Money & Double Critical. These can be won from the Casino, sometimes dropped by zombies or bought in the Store.

The Store of Dead Target: Zombie not only has boosts, but also cash and gold in-ứng dụng purchases. You can get 198,000 cash for $1.99, or even 2,700,000 cash for $19.99. Gold is sold in packs of 220 gold for $1.99, while if you want to lớn be fancy you can buy 20,000 gold for $99.99. You can also get some miễn phí gold by downloading sponsored apps.

Cheats và Tips for Dead Target: Zombie

Cheats for Dead Target: Zombie are thankfully everywhere, as the includes numerous ones, most of which can be an extreme tool to lớn destroy the hordes of undead threatening you! Read on as I tell you about these options and find the ones to your liking!


The two most useful cheats the has to lớn offer is the medkits and grenades feature. You can use medkits at any time during levels by a simple button, và they will restore you lớn full health, even while being attacked. A secondary button for grenades also exists, which will destroy all zombies on screen when thrown, which is a little unfair cheat, but that’s the point of it!

Another great thing is that whenever you die, you have sầu the option to use 10 gold khổng lồ revive và cause an explosion lớn kill all zombies nearby. This essentially makes you unkillable, for as long as you have the gold.

Now, gold is not that hard lớn get, as you can easily gather it from không tính phí Casino rolls, achievement rewards or the không lấy phí gold option by downloading sponsored apps. Don’t forget that missions also give you some gold & zombies can drop it at times as well. It’s pretty simple khổng lồ have sầu over 100 gold as a không tính phí player in a day. You can also easily get a bunch of cash in similar ways, as well as by claiming the daily login rewards.


As a last one, this is the craziest of the cheats listed in Dead Target: Zombie so far, but purchasing the AI A550 xạ thủ is a guaranteed win at any situation. It’s an auto aim weapon, which essentially makes your job insanely easy, as you only have sầu to lớn hit shoot, & the gun will autoayên the head of any enemy. This makes the very easy at all levels, so be careful though, if you want at least some challenge khổng lồ remain.

Dead Target: Zombie Review

Dead Target: Zombie is another of the zombie shooters where you are unable to lớn move sầu, but instead have sầu lớn rely on your reflexes & aiming skills. I have played a number of these before, & most of the time they were somewhat disappointing. Is this one different? Yes!


First, I must mention that this looks pretty good, with fairly nice textures and 3 chiều cấp độ kiến thiết. Zombies are also somewhat believable and use real physics. When shooting off their limbs, they will fly away, or their toàn thân will drop on death with ragdoll physics. This is not found in most of similar titles, so I really liked this fact.

Now, after the great story introduction đoạn Clip, I expected this khổng lồ be more story based, but it really wasn’t. The missions explain situations and give sầu you a reason khổng lồ go there, but really, it’s just fluff in the end, as the story doesn’t really change much.


That’s not the main focus though, but the combat và zombie destruction. I can safely say that this part is not only fun, but satisfying. Weapon models look great for the most part, and they also have sầu real impact và can take apart a zombie at any time, so gunplay is one of the most fun parts of the The overall difficulty is somewhat easy though, as far as I noticed. I kept upgrading my best guns until I got even better ones và most levels were impossible to lớn thua kém this way. Later on it might become harder though, as I definitely started feeling the pressure against bigger zombie waves.


The quests are also not unreasonable và can be completed without really going out of your way, and because of that I easily ranked up 7 or 8 times without much effort. The Casino also helped with my progress though, as it gives out không tính tiền rewards pretty often.

Overall, Dead Target: Zombie is an awesome shooter, with nice graphics, fair vienchinh.bizplay và a lot of không tính tiền currency to be earned in every direction. Definitely one of the best pickups, if you still enjoy destroying the undead!


Artwork: I give sầu the artwork of Dead Target: Zombie a 7/10. This is a good looker of a, that’s for sure. Levels and zombie designs are pretty satisfying, but after a while basic zombies become somewhat repeating though.

Music và SFX: The music and SFX of this title deserves an 8/10. The music of the is phenomenal, almost movie lượt thích in unique & actually sounds quality. The SFX regarding the guns is a hit or miss, as SMGs can sound weird, while shotguns are realistic for example. Most environmental và zombie sounds are good though.

Story & Originality: The story and originality of the gets a 6/10 from me. I really wanted to lớn give this more when I saw that awesome trailer they had, but sadly they didn’t really exp& on the story as far as I got into the Most missions were really just fluff khổng lồ kill zombies for the most part.

General vienchinh.bizplay: As for the general vienchinh.bizplay, Dead Target: Zombie gets an 8/10. Most vienchinh.bizplay features are fully fledged out & work as they should. Zombies move sầu realistically, like they have weight, while their attacks also have sầu to lớn physically tương tác with you to count as a hit. The gunplay is almost perfect and has great impact, which makes for a mix of joyful zombie killing.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness màn chơi of the, I give sầu it a 7/10. I can see players easily addicted to lớn the massacre of the undead in this The quests system, achievements, leaderboards & the wish for newer và stronger guns will bring a lot of players baông xã for more, that’s for sure!