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A city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where film stars & millionaires bởi their best khổng lồ avoid the dealers & gang-bangers.

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Now, it"s the early 90s. Carl"s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart & his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return lớn the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.9 released!Oct 1 2021Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1 comment


Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.9 is released!

Happy autumn! We"ve been working hard và today we"re proud to announce the release of MTA:SA 1.5.9. You will receive an automatic update soon, but if you don"t have MTA installed, you can get it from the


This is the 26th 1.x.x release355 days49 new functions16 new events0 deprecations77+ bug fixes và changes13 vendor updates


This release is (mostly) backwards compatible with the older 1.5.x releases (1.5.8, 1.5.7, all the way to 1.5).

If you"re a VPS owner, please take note of the Changes in 1.5.9 wiki page, more specifically the Backwards Incompatible Changes. You may need to update your scripts for 1.5.9.

Servers: binaries are available. Don"t forget to lớn update your mặc định resources.

Clichồng the button below to lớn tải về the mod

from (Win7/Win8/Win10 only):


Multi Theft Auto showcase đoạn phim by Zango - Mod DB


We hosted a community livestream event at the end of July which was very nice! We hung out and played MTA with you on various servers. You can watch a recording of the livestream on our YouTube channel at:

We wish to vì more of these livestreams soon!


We launched a 100% non-profit merch store on Spreadshirt earlier this year! If you feel like getting some of that official MTA swag, check out the merch store here: Multithefttự động hó and wear that MTA gang drip at school or work.


amx is a software package that allows the execution of unmodified San Andreas: Multiplayer 0.3.7 gamemodes, filterscripts & plugins on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.8 & higher servers. It is open source, & a prebuilt binary for Windows is available for testing purposes right now.

The AMX team hopes that more people get involved with the development on GitHub as they need some help!

Chechồng out our GitHub repo for more information on how to use your SAMP scripts in MTA!

1.5.9 Highlights

This release includes many additions, improvements, và fixes:

A lot more features for scripters to lớn build even more immersive experiences with!Many synchronization improvements!Many varying kích thước fixes, chất lượng of life improvements, updates and security enhancements!Many mặc định resource fixes, refactors và upgrades, including webmap working once again! We have sầu also improved the detection of world objects in maps editor (editor_main resource), so you can select many more objects that you couldn"t before - such as bushes, fences & many more! You can now also remove world objects inside interiors. This should help mappers a lot.

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If you are a scripter, you really should wanmãng cầu dig in to lớn these improvements! Show off your creations on our #showroom channel on our Discord VPS & have a chance at getting your work features on our social truyền thông pages.

Read the 1.5.9 release notes for a complete phối of changes & more information about the improvements listed below. Watch or star our GitHub repository to keep on top of all the things we"re working on. Below is a very small subphối of what we"ve improved:

Important future script changes

This will be the last 1.5 update & in the next version of MTA there will be numerous backwards incompatible changes and refactors that may affect old code. We will try lớn focus on making migration from 1.5.9 to the next version smooth for everyone.

From 1.6 onwards we will be making at least the following changes:

This list is inconclusive sầu and we may introduce more changes later.

What"s next?

Our eyes are now on the next version of MTA, which will break backwards compatibility in many ways as we work lớn refactor MTA"s codebase.

We are looking to host more community livestreams in the future, especially when we get further inkhổng lồ the development of the next version of MTA. Stay tuned for more info most likely starting next year!

We are also still working on our community 2.0 trang web with an internal goal of having phase 1 of development finished by August 2022. Lademo news on this is that we"ve had major advancements on our staông xã which has been long overdue. We have sầu also continued thiết kế on both backkết thúc và frontend. We will keep you updated should any news on this project surface.

Multi Theft Auto lớn depends on community input đầu vào and contributions. To keep a project like MTA going we need LOTS of people. You can help in the following areas:

Testing and bug reporting

Whenever you encounter a bug or recognise a need for improvement, we can"t fix it until you tell us your problem!

We"re continually working on new features & fixes for MTA, & this always needs testing. Join our Nightly release stream and make sure you keep in touch with on Discord and report issues on GitHub.


If you know C++ you may be interested in helping improve Multi Theft Auto"s client. Working on open-source software may seem scary, but the best way is to lớn try! Read GitHub"s open source guide, và then find an itch to lớn scratch, or scratch your own!


Documentation is important, but also time consuming. If you enjoy writing và have some knowledge of English, or you would lượt thích to translate the English version lớn your native sầu language, you’re very welcome to lớn vày so. Just head over to lớn our wiki, create an trương mục, & start editing!


Do you lượt thích people? Can you give calm & thought-out responses to users needing help? Then you can spover some time providing support to lớn those who need it. Many answers can be found on our wiki, so make sure to lớn take some time lớn read it. Then, either join our chat or forums (linked below), or simply help us sort out issues and answer questions on the GitHub repository.


Want to translate MTA khổng lồ your own language? Awesome! Visit us on Pootle. As soon as your translation is approved, it will be pushed lớn our repository for use in future releases.


Keeping the MTA downloads, master hệ thống và websites alive sầu costs money! If you want khổng lồ help us sustain our financial expenses, please donate!

Show your creativity!

We are actively looking for new creations on our #showroom channel on Discord, as well as #mtasa on Twitter for nội dung we would like to lớn repost on our social media pages và pin on our annual recap forum post.

Follow us on our social truyền thông channels: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn.

Thank you!

Thank you to the following community members for their donations this year: