Black myth: wukong

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By Matthew Adler
Blaông chồng Myth: Wukong is an upcoming action-RPG focusing on traditional Chinese folklore that has gained traction since its surprise announcement last year.

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This is the first large-scale project from Chinese indie developer trò chơi Science và it looks incredibly ambitious. So much so that Game Science founder Feng Ji wants viewers to lớn “forget” the footage that was revealed as it was intended lớn attract developers to join his studio & feels it does not represent the team’s best work.

Cliông chồng through the gallery above or scroll down for all the info!

Who Is Developing Blachồng Myth: Wukong?

The studio behind Blachồng Myth is trò chơi Science, a Chinese indie studio based in Hangzhou và Shenzhen. It was founded in năm trước by former Tencent developers.

Previous titles include the Smartphone và PC free-to-play games 100 Heroes and Art of War: Red Tides. Before launching Game Science, many of the developers that were at Tencent’s Quantum studio were working on an MMORPG called Asura West (also based on Journey lớn the West) that allegedly underperformed for Tencent, although it’s unclear if this is why some of the team departed.

While Game Science is currently a very small team, it is using the early announcement lớn draw new talent khổng lồ the studio khổng lồ help finish Blaông xã Myth.

Blachồng Myth: Wukong’s Story

While we don’t have many specific details about Black Myth’s story at this time, we know it’s based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West, one of “the four masterpieces” of classical Chinese literature. A portion of this original story focuses on Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, who appears to lớn be the main character in Blaông xã Myth: Wukong.

In Journey to lớn the West, Wukong’s story follows hyên ổn from birth through his journey to lớn learn Taoism and become immortal, while mastering language và combat along the way. He also acquires the 72-methods of heavenly transformation, allowing hlặng to transkhung inkhổng lồ many different animals & objects at will.

Who Is The Main Character?

In Journey lớn the West, Sun Wukong is known for his incredible speed và strength as well as the ability lớn transkhung inlớn various animals and objects, all of which was displayed in the gameplay trailer for Blaông chồng Myth. He wields a magical blaông xã iron staff that can grow in size or shrink based on its owner’s commands.

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According to the book, Wukong possesses a number of abilities including:

Shapeshifting into lớn different people, animals, & objects

Cloning himself or various forms of himself

Cloud somersaulting

An incredible leaping ability allowing hlặng to lớn leap 108,000 li (or over 33,000 miles) at a time

Weather manipulation

Spells khổng lồ control gods và spirits

Various forms of armed và unarmed martial arts combat

A special breathing method that grants hyên immortality

Black Myth Gameplay

With two gameplay trailers released (including the recent Year of the Ox update) we have sầu a good look now at what lớn expect from Blaông xã Myth: Wukong. Blachồng Myth is a 3rd-person action/RPG, mixing environmental exploration with skill-based Souls-like gameplay. Wukong is armed with his svienchinh.bizature magic-imbued blaông chồng iron staff weapon, & at one point we catch a glimpse of it growing in length và sweeping an entire army off their feet in one fell swoop.

During the original trailer we got a glimpse of an ability that allows Wukong khổng lồ transsize into lớn a golden cicada to lớn traverse the world and evade enemy detection. Opponents appear to range from small groups anthropomorphic monkeys, tigers, and foxes khổng lồ massive sầu armies (a la Dynasty Warrior) which Wukong must defeat all by himself.

In the updated trailer, Wukong appears to lớn use new abilities including transforming into a skull-filled boulder that can deflect attacks, parrying large groups of enemies, freezing enemies in place before striking them, and transforming into three flying creatures that can rain down lightning from above.

Some of the standout fights in the trailers feature giant boss enemies including a giant wolf-like creature, a giant rolling spider made entirely of bones, a lightning-wielding sword fighter & mage, a large fire-breathing rat-lượt thích creature, a smaller, yet equally terrifying flesh-covered mouse, a giant humanoid ox, and many more.

When Is Blaông xã Myth: Wukong’s Release Date?

No release date has been announced at this time, but Game Science is aiming for a PC và console release. A FAQ on its website states that it “shouldn’t take 500 years,” so hopefully we see Blaông xã Myth: Wukong sooner rather than later.

For more like Blaông xã Myth: Wukong kiểm tra out our review for the Souls-inspired Mortal Shell including the first 16-minutes.

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