Fun stag and doe game ideas

The stag và doe (or Jack and Jill) is a time-honoured pre-wedding celebration where guests purchase tickets lớn attover a buổi tiệc nhỏ full of family, friends, và fun games that help raise money for the bride & groom-to-be. There’s typically a great deal of Jell-O shooters, loud music & heightened levels of crazy. They can be indoors or outdoors, just for adults or for the whole family. You can even get your beloved pets in on the fun. (Just don’t give them the Jell-O.)


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If you’re planning the các buổi party yourself, here are a few fun game ideas lớn ensure your stag and doe is a huge success.

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The 50/50 Draw

Guests buy tickets to lớn enter lớn win half the money collected in the draw.

The Grand Prize Draw

If you have a large grand prize (tablet, large TV, etc.) tickets can be sold all night and the winning ticket drawn at the end of the night.

Guessing Games

Guests pay for the chance to guess how many items are in a large jar. Keep a board handy with each person’s guess, making sure there are no doubles. At the kết thúc of the night, announce the person with the right guess (or the closest guess without going over) và that person wins the jar or other prize or even half the money collected.

Loông chồng & Key

Choose a good prize & put it in a box with a lochồng on it. Throw the box’s key into lớn a pot with a bunch of mismatched keys from various sources. Let guests buy a key và try their luchồng on the lock. If the loông chồng opens, they get lớn keep the prize. Some rental places also offer combination security boxes where instead of the key, guests try guessing the code to unlochồng the box.

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Toonie/Loonie Toss

A special prize (of decent value) is placed on the floor. Tape a line about 10 feet away from the prize & let guests toss toonies lớn try to lớn get their toonie closest lớn the prize. The person with the toonie closest to lớn the prize when the game is ended wins the prize. Use strips of masking tape with the guest’s name on it lớn mark their toonie location as this game can be played throughout the night.

Go to Jail

Designate a corner of the room as the “jail” & two guests as “sheriffs.” Don’t be afraid to lớn get seriously creative with decorations & costumes. There are essentially three rules. Guests can pay the sheriffs to put someone in jail. ($2 for 2 minutes – or as much as they’re willing to spend), other guests can bail themselves or other guests by doubling the amount spent to put them “behind bars”, & guests can purchase “get out of jail free” cards throughout the night so if the Sheriff happens by to escort them lớn jail they can show their card và keep their freedom. (Cards are single use only though.)

Pie Insurance

When guests arrive sầu they are asked if they want khổng lồ buy insurance. If they don’t, and over up winning a prize throughout the night & don’t have sầu an insurance thẻ, they get a pie in the face. (Some events use live sầu minnows for guests to lớn swallow instead of the pie. Poor little fishies.)

Dress up the Groom

You can get as create as you want with milestones & rules, but here are a few lớn inspire. After the first $50.00 raised, the Groom gets his nails done. After $100, he puts on a dress (usually a moông xã wedding dress or old-school bridesmaid dress). At $200, the Bride removes his garter with her teeth and he throws a bouquet lớn all the single guys. At $400, he starts having spot dances with the wedding các buổi party. Over $500 and parts of him might be getting waxed.

To Sing or not lớn Sing

Place two buckets in a high traffic area. One bucket will be labeled “sing” and the other “don’t sing.” Instruct guests lớn drop money inkhổng lồ whichever they’d lượt thích the bride and groom lớn vì chưng. You can either draw a line on the bucket, or t the over of the night, count the change in each lớn determine which bucket is the winner. If there’s more money in “sing,” the bride and groom must perkhung a duet for their guests (karaoke or have a guitar handy for them lớn try to make something up.)

Other games to lớn consider: basket toss, bra pong, kissing booth, balloon stomp, find the joker, plinko, crown and anchor, & on & on.

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Also, don’t be afraid to lớn try your hvà at setting your sự kiện up like a carnival. Tons of colour và game options equals more fun for your guests & more money raised for the happy couple.