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Fortnite: The Flash Deserves His OWN trò chơi, Not Just a Crossover Appearance The Flash is long overdue for his own video clip game. His upcoming appearance in Fortnite proves that more than ever.

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With so many characters in the Flash family and the DC Universe, cameos would be a welcome addition to lớn the game. Some heroes that could join could be Wally West, Bart Allen, or Justice League members like the Green Lantern or Superman. A fun side mission could be racing either Wally or Superman around the world.

Combat would admittedly be tricky but far from impossible. Players could have sầu various abilities at their disposal like throwing lightning, creating twisters, or putting out fires. Similar to Marvel"s Spider-Man, street-cấp độ villains would be easier to take down than other speedsters or gravity-based enemies, who might require more creative sầu thinking.

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There are countless amazing stories in the history of the Flash, but they are only as good as their villain -- & Reverse-Flash is one of the most challenging in his rogues gallery. A story where he torments Barry Allen could open up some amazing moments for a Clip game. Players would be able to engage in a battle through the speed force and feel all of the drama Barry has gone through at the hands of his arch-nemesis.

With an open-world maps that features at least two cities found in the comics, there would be countless side missions. Much like the Arkham games, this would be a perfect opportunity to have sầu levels dedicated to lớn Flash"s less threatening bad guys, like Captain Cold và the Top. The final sidequest could feature them teaming up to lớn size the Rogues & attempting lớn take Barry down as a group.

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Finally, a Flash game"s alternate costumes could cover his entire history from games, movies, TV và comics. With so much history khổng lồ uncover, the extras and items found in the game could lead to the much larger DC Universe & potentially even lead to lớn more games mix in it. The Flash has the potential lớn be DC"s next big đoạn phim game star, and next-ren is the time to lớn explore this idea.