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A gaming blog about nothing in particular -- disjointed -- although there will be much about abstract strategy, pyramid games, and Euro-abstracts.

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As if in a dream, one of my favorite games Blockers/Uptown is now in Beta development on BoardGameArea. Over the years I"ve played many games of this little-known gem but sadly as my kids have sầu gotten older they"ve grown to lớn lượt thích other games instead. However, I recently discovered (thanks to lớn a GM from another Blockers fan) that the game is available for online play.
I"ve always felt like Blockers would be a perfect game for asynchronous play because its mechanics are quite conducive lớn that Mã Sản Phẩm of play:- You"re dealing with a limited set of tiles, so the search tree is shallow- The whole board & capture state is available at a glance- Scoring is simpleNow that I can finally<1> play this beauty online I"ve sầu spun up a half-dozen games và check in on them a few times a day. My username on BGA is fogus -- feel free khổng lồ sover challenges my way!<1>: I know that brettspielwelt has had Blockers forever but I could never get the client khổng lồ work properly.
things have sầu been quiet here on the andalusian front lately so I thought I"d show parts of my games library -- specifically my abstracts section:
this picture could easily serve as a "if you lượt thích ______ then you might lượt thích ______".titles not shown:- niya- all of my nestorgames- no dice- palago, chaos tiles, tantrix, and other clicking-clacking games- various card abstracts like explosiv, galaxy, và ebbe & flut- my go, shogi, proteus, canoe, backgamtháng, & icehouse boards- & probably others squirreled away somewhere else unknown (e.g. trax)

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The Golden Geek Awards & as expected there"s little in the way of the kinds of games that we lượt thích to lớn play here at the Lead Geek Hall of Justice. Therefore, I present my highly-scientific, totally made-up, categories & choices below, for the best games played by myself & my .... well, myself. You see 2020 put the kibosh on all group play and so many of the candidates for this illustrious award never even once hit the table. That said, solo play was king in 20trăng tròn and so this year I"m going khổng lồ focus on the subset of awards that punch the PURELY-SOLO play ticket, or those that managed khổng lồ find play with me and my family.
Pencil art by Cindy ChinnHeavy trò chơi of the Year:
no award For the first time in the history of the Lead Geek there is no winner in the heavy game category. Sadly, every group that I gamed with dissolved in COVID times and so heavy games for this category were never played outside of solo/walkthrough contexts.That said, based on my own studies over the past year 18Chesapeake had a very good chance in this category but sadly the world may never know. So it goes.Always Alone Solitaire trò chơi of the Year: The Mission
The Mission: Early Christianity from the Crucifixion to lớn the Crusades is a quintessential solo game from my perspective sầu. That is, my main goals for soloing at all are lớn either learn something about the setting of the game or khổng lồ explore paths of a game that may not have occurred in the course of previous play. While the latter is certainly & important driving force for me, the former is of utmost importance for my solo gaming adventures. The Mission was a perfect game to lớn explore & enhance my own understanding of early Christianity and of course the rules provided a fantastic bibliography lớn go deeper. I suspect that a pile of books và this game should occupy me quite well for quite some time và so because of that The Mission deserves high praise indeed.Euroludomaniacal Game of the Year: The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Over the past few years I"ve grown weary of new games that sport the title "Euro" as they remind me very little of those once known as "German Games" và that are rarely found on store shelves save for the occassional perfunctory reprint. The Field of the Cloth of Gold is a "German Game" in the grvà tradition & a refreshing entry into lớn the larger "Euro" cannon. Placing my finger on just what a "German Game" is proves difficult but the words "elegant", "tense", và "simplicity" jump lớn mind & Field would look right at trang chính on the shelf next khổng lồ König von Siam, Santiago, Intrigue, và Quo Vadis?. Another triumph from Amabel Holland!Icehouse Game of the Year: Lockpick

In the first instance of a Lead Geek Icehouse Games award, Lockpick takes the cookie! Since the release of Pyramid Arcade I"ve seen a slight uptichồng in Looney Pyramid / Icehouse Pieces game kiến thiết & hope that a trkết thúc is underway. Regardless, Lockpiông chồng is a great example of a Pyramid Arcade centric design in that it uses dice, cards, và of course pyarmids in its gameplay. Further, the game is a nice phối of luông xã, tactical card laying, and snapshot-play (i.e. determining move sầu at a glance và move sầu on lớn something else for a bit). Even further still, the game uses a Mancala-like card-lay sowing mechanic that I personally love sầu making the formation of sets (which allow the removal of pyramids) tricky. Finally, as a solo affair the game is the clear choice for a pandemic year Lead Geek Award! Bravo!The Fighting Joe Wargame of the Year: The First Jihad

For me, wargames are often solo activities even if the rules Call for oppositional play. However, it"s apt that my favorite wargame of the year, The First Jihad: The Rise of Islam 632-750, just happened khổng lồ be a solo-only game. Once again, Ben Madison hit the learning/fun sweet spot for me with this game about the early growth of Islam. Certainly there are complaints around the historical accuracy of the events portrayed in the game. However, the game being a States of Seige game means that you"re already dealing in the realm of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. This realization helped me to come to terms with the fact that there may be some polemics and inaccuracies in the game và despite that I"ve sầu chosen to use the setting as a motivating force for my own readings và explorations to help identify the places where game diverges from history. What more could I ask for?Excellence in Multitruyền thông Game Love: Wheel Tapping
With the death of my local heavy/euro/train game groups I"ve sầu come lớn develop a steam egine sized hole in my heart. The great podcast Wheel Tapping has helped to fill said hole in my heart with a nice dose of train game discussion. Certainly nothing substitutes for a day-long 18XX session but Tony và Chris & their guests have sầu provided a balm in these trainless times. My favorite episode from WT"s 20đôi mươi offerings was the one about 1846 with designer Tom Lehmann.Designer of the Year: Ben Madison

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Finally, the 20trăng tròn Lead Geek Designer of the Year goes lớn none other than Ben Madison, designer of both The Mission AND The First Jihad. These two games have sầu occupied many hours of my pandemic life and for that I am ever-grateful for Mr. Madison và his two co-designers Stefan Nellen & Wes Erni. Between the reading in my personal book queue & the games themselves I should be quite occupied with the settings of his 20trăng tròn games for years to come.---That ends this year"s Lead Geek Awards. It was a highly unusual award year given that the ongoing pandemic has cut deeply inlớn the weeks và months that I would have devoted khổng lồ playing 20đôi mươi games with game groups. Therefore, this years group was narrower than previous years và had fewer categories. I hope that 2021 brings better luchồng in getting this year"s games lớn the table but I suspect I may be in the soup once again.One final note. I don"t want lớn disparage The Golden Geek awards because it"s a condemo of the most played & popular games. The GG award is an interesting way to take the pulse of BGG along some narrow vector but it"s in no way a tool for discovery. This is a primary goal in the Lead Geek awards so I hope you discovered an interesting game today.