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World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, War Thunder, & more - these are the very best tank games and tank simulators on PC


What are the best PC tank games 2021? Rolling into battle in a vehicle that weighs the same as ten elephants và can raze entire buildings with a single shot simply never gets old, but it’s not always easy to find a game that delivers the perfect tanking experience. If you’re looking for the best không lấy phí tank games or the biggest triple-A armoured division sims, you’ve sầu come to the right place.

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Tanks are brilliant because they’re immense hunks of killer steel, destroying all in their path with ease. But the tank is also synonymous with tense firefights và immense claustrophobia. The agony of reloading, the snail pace, and the fact that you’re the enemy’s priority target make tank games as nerve-wracking as they are empowering.

There have been countless greats to pick from over the years; the genre has been knocking about since the Apple II days. From hyper-realistic, control-laden sims lớn arcadey, point-and-explode shoot-’em-ups (& maybe even a sneaky anime RPG or two) here are the best tank games on PC.



If it is a hardcore, lifetime-to-master tank game you are looking for, steer well clear of World of Tanks. This free-to-play titung offers fast và frantic gameplay with only a handful of realistic elements thrown in for good measure. This is one of the best tank games for casual gamers looking for an in-road khổng lồ more tanking action, và yet one with enough depth và progression lớn keep gamers invested well inkhổng lồ the later tiers of unlockable tanks.

Perhaps World of Tanks’ greatest strength is its roster of over 250 armoured vehicles, ranging from scout vehicles lớn battlefield behemoths. Better still, with the game featuring vehicles from France, Great Britain, nhật bản, Czechoslovacơ, Germany, Soviet Russia, the United States & Đài Loan Trung Quốc, there is heaps of variation in what you will be battling alongside and squaring up to lớn in World of Tanks.

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Step inkhổng lồ the boots of a master tanketeer (yes, we made up that word) & roll your mightily armoured way across iconic WWII battlefields in Enlisted. This free-to-play MMO from Gaijin Entertainment recreates several pivotal campaigns in atmospheric detail, and includes – you guessed it – a whole bunch of tanks for you lớn deploy và control throughout each fight.

The game’s dedication to historical accuracy means that each tank or armored vehicle available per chiến dịch directly corresponds to lớn the ones available during the real war, so there’s no danger of a K2 Blaông chồng Panther rolling up & anachronistically shattering your combat reverie. Plus, with each thành viên of your AI squad specialising in a certain tactic, it’s up to you whether you choose to lớn see out the whole battle from within the (relative) safety of your steel shell, or switch over to infantry or aircraft for a different perspective. Huzzah!

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War Thunder

A leviathan of free-to-play tank games, War Thunder favours hardcore tacticians, genius statisticians, và obsessive attention to lớn detail. Unlike rival World of Tanks, War Thunder cannot make any claims lớn being accessible. There are a ridiculous number of tanks and branches of research; you can easily pour hours of your time into the wrong tank. Additionally, War Thunder boasts a complex và sophisticated armour penetration mechanic, which forces careful consideration before firing a single shot.

While War Thunder’s arcade mode does a good job of introducing gamers khổng lồ some of the game’s core mechanics, you cannot consider yourself a War Thunder veteran until you have emerged victorious from a simulator battle. This stripped-back game mode restricts your view, turns off ayên ổn assists, and dramatically increases the time it takes to lớn perkhung any action. Every encounter is a nail-biting tactical nightmare.

If you’re just starting out then be sure khổng lồ kiểm tra out our War Thunder Ground Battles tips and our guide khổng lồ the best War Thunder tier 1 tanks. War Thunder also offers planes and ships lớn pilot, making it one of our best plane games, too.

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Valkyria Chronicles 4

Tanks denote a feeling of power. You burst through battlefields encased in metal, blowing various buildings lớn smithereens. Not every game lets you get away with that, though. Valkyria Chronicles 4, for one, leaves you feeling exposed if you charge in all willy-nilly – making for an alluring blkết thúc of power and strategy.

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Sega’s tactical RPG puts you in the trench coat of an army officer tasked with guiding his unit through the gryên ổn reality of war. As you engage foes in turn-based battle, one of the units you call upon is a tank. Play it smart, and you’ll blast ‘em lớn bits in a cunning flanking manoeuvre; put a step wrong, however, và you’ll find your tank shut down by a Lancer.

Europe’s pre-WWI political climate inspires the setting of Valkyria Chronicles 4. Visually, however, it looks closer to lớn ananime game, which gives it a visual charm in comparison to lớn other tank-based games.



Almost nine years after the release of Panzer Corps, the Panzer Corps 2 release date has finally arrived. Besides the huge visual tăng cấp, the WWII strategy game sequel also expands on the tank battle experience, with the inclusion of over 1000 quality units (up from Panzer Corps’ 800) and an expansive chiến dịch including 60 scenarquả táo.

The multiplayer offerings are also numerous, with several ways to lớn take the battle online against – or in cooperation with – your friends, và with extensive sầu modding support & a powerful Scenario Editor, you’ll be able lớn orchestrate the tank-on-tank showdowns of your dreams.


Armored Warfare

While the tags of ‘MMO’, ‘free-to-play’ và ‘tank’ apply to lớn Armored Warfare as well they vày to lớn World of Tanks, a number of key differences ensure both are worth the time of a tank games veteran. Transporting World of Tanks’ remarkably approachable gameplay khổng lồ the more modern era, Armoured Warfare provides tankers with more equipment, newer tanks, và a selection of versatile tank tech that adds a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá more variation to the core gameplay.

Additionally, Armored Warfare brings PVE to lớn the fold, allowing you to lớn team up with friends lớn take on AI enemies, progressing through the ranks of tanks without constantly losing out to lớn highly skilled foes in PVPhường.

As a live game,Armored Warfare new tanksarrive frequently with updates that enhance and exp& the game. You’ll never be short of a boomstiông xã on wheels. On top of being one of the best tank games you can get, it’s also one of thebest không lấy phí PC games.


Steel Armor: BLaser Of War

What’s more fun than blowing stuff up và driving through buildings? Carefully micromanaging its crew và innards to the point where you forget you’re actually in a tank and instead begin khổng lồ believe sầu you’re a machinist in a factory… obviously.

Steel Armor: Blaze of War offers up new pastures where tank games are concerned, looking to lớn the battlefields of the 1980s Iran-Iraq conflicts. Tank enthusiasts will adore the rampant attention to lớn detail – there are only two tanks in the game, but both are rendered khổng lồ staggering detail, inside và out. Despite being fiddly và at times inaccessible, Steel Armor’s dry ardour for military hardware makes it a must-play for tank game veterans & fans ofwar gameswho want a more modern setting.

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Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition

Bundling two classic Panzer titles inkhổng lồ one Steam release, Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition is hours upon hours upon hours of driving tanks around World War II battlefields & blowing stuff up – and that is exactly what we need sometimes. Incredibly user friendly, but full of engaging mechanics và unlockables, Panzer Elite Action is a tank game all about surviving famous historical campaigns to fight another day.

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Playing on either the Allied or Axis side in a variety of famous conflicts, Panzer Elite Action gives you control of four-to-five tanks & sets you on your merry way blowing stuff up and cowering behind hedgerows for some semblance of cover. While it lacks the realism of its originator, Panzer Elite, the need to lớn look after your crew and upgrade your equipment makes for a compelling experience from start lớn finish.


Arma 3

170 miles of pristine military sandbox await players heading intoArma 3– it’s a massive sầu open-world that lends your tanking an overwhelming sense of scale. Gone are the days of distressing close-quarters encounters in bombed-out cities, Arma 3 hands players a new source of anxiety in the form of having lớn constantly scan the horizons for new threats. Buildings & natural cover are scarce, meaning that survival, & indeed victory, rely upon being able to identify & destroy the enemy before they even know you are there.

While not strictly a tank game, Arma 3 possesses an incredible level of realism that brings the concept of modern tank warfare to life. Indeed, Arma 3’s realism means it has been mistaken for real war footage by news organisations. Playing as the armoured arm of a massive army is what Arma 3 does best: aiding ground assaults, hunting down enemy tanks & wreaking havoc on strongholds. Besides, when you hop out of the heavy armour you’ve still got one of thebest sniper gamesaround.


Steel Division 2

Another game for armchair generals, Steel Division 2 is a strategy game mix during the events in the Eastern Front during World War II. You take charge ofthe entire Soviet army fighting baông xã against the Nazi regime in real-time skirmishes across 25 maps and multiple game modes.

When we say maps, we’re talking battlefields that are up khổng lồ 150×100 kilometres big, with over 600 unit types that you can use lớn achieve victory inthe solo or coop campaigns, and even in multiplayer matches that have sầu up to lớn ten players on each side.

Unlượt thích other RTS games, Steel Division 2 puts less of an emphasis on resource gathering, instead opting to lớn get you commanding tanks và blowing up enemies – the fun stuff. If you want khổng lồ see trăng tròn generals have sầu at it across a massive bản đồ, then this is the game for you.


Battlefield 4

Careful positioning is key lớn surviving in most tank games. Battlefield 4’s tanks hate careful positioning. Battlefield 4’s tanks lượt thích going really fast, blowing helicopters out of the sky và making little ground people run away and cower behind buildings. Battlefield 4’s tanks are ridiculous.

Rampaging around the maps causing untold damage và ruining the carefully laid plans of your fellow soldiers is the order of business in Battlefield 4. This is tank gameplay at its most empowering, allowing players khổng lồ become Death on tracks and leave any veneer of tactics or strategy behind them as they romp around the map exchanging shells for XP..

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If you prefer your tanks a little more old-school, you could hop over khổng lồ Battlefield 1, or for the WW2-flavoured Battlefield 5 vehicles. Panzers, Churchills, & Sturntigers await!


Heroes & Generals

Forget the strategy-based metagame that accompanies Heroes & Generals’ engrossing ground battles and you have sầu still got a hectic combined forces war game in which tanks play a vital role. Include the metagame and Heroes & Generals is the complete tanker’s package, offering everything from resource management to lớn explosive first-person combat.

There are few tank management features to lớn pay constant attention to lớn in Heroes & Generals, which means the focus is strictly on wreaking havoc. The combined forces element of Heroes & Generals lends your role as a tank commander some genuine potency on the battlefield, where your actions can make the difference for your fellow teammates, whether on the ground or in the air. If WW2 military hardware is your bag then Heroes & Generals is easily one of thebest không tính tiền Steam gamesyou can get.


Red Orchestra 2

Tanks are not the focus of this realism-heavy Eastern Front shooter, but the way they seamlessly fit into lớn its mud-and-guts gameplay make for some of the finest tanking moments around.

Red Orchestra 2 utilises a similar ballistics và armour penetration mechanic as War Thunder, ensuring that every encounter between two tanks is an adrenaline-fuelled duel where knowledge and precision triumph over brute force. The constant threat of instant, fiery death at the hands of enemy anti-tank troops is just part of what makes it one of the best multiplayer games on PC.


Company of Heroes 2

Transporting the brilliantly refined RTS gameplay of the first game lớn the Eastern Front, Company of Heroes 2 is a SEGA game all about tactical ingenuity and making the best use of your tanks. Cover, line-of-sight and suppression are the keys to success in Company of Heroes 2, meaning you will have sầu khổng lồ direct your resources using genuine battlefield tactics if you want to repel the Axis threat.

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Packing a devastating punch & able lớn turn the tide of any battle, the tanks of Company of Heroes 2 are a joy to skết thúc guns blazing towards enemy infantry units và watch as the casualties mount up. Like all good tank games, Company of Heroes 2 acknowledges the vulnerabilities of a tank, punishing players who skết thúc their armoured units into lớn the fray without due caution.


Panzer Corps

Panzer Corps is old school turn-based strategy gaming at its absolute finest. Putting you in the boots of a Wehrmacht general, it is your job to oversee & manage operations across 26 gruelling Axis campaigns.

Ignoring the fact that you are fighting for the bad guys, the focus of Panzer Corps is firmly on leading your units to lớn victory. There are over 800 unit types spread amuốn 20 unit classes, which results in an endless array of attacking options for both sides. If that is not convoluted enough, every unit has roughly 20 parameters by which its strengths & weaknesses are judged – it is all a battlefield-mathematician could possibly ask for, making it one of the best strategy games around.

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St& down, commander: your training is now over. You now know all the very best tank games you can play on PC, & are ready khổng lồ run your own campaign of destruction. If you’d like a little out-of-tank action, you may also be interested khổng lồ know we have training in the best WW2 games, too. But until next time, keep your eyes on the road and a shell in the barrel, and have fun tanking it up.