Best psp games 2020

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Prehistoric robots take platforming to lớn a new age in Tokobot--a short, but sweet romp through ancient ruins that chạy thử your jumping abilities và skill in vienchinh.bizmanding a legion of loyal mechanical pals. Only its short, linear single player story keeps Tokobot from being more than a đá quí in the rough.

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This handheld sequel unshackles the PlayStation 2 first-person shooter series for top-down play. The perspective sầu takes some getting used lớn but thankfully all of the in-your-face action remains intact, letting you beat back creepy Helghan invaders on the war-torn surface of Vekta.

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Pair a previously unreleased installment with a lauded classic and you get a UMD with a silver lining. Series favorite Symphony of the Night vienchinh.bizes as a bonus for vienchinh.bizpleting the tough-as-nails Dracula X game, which boasts a beautiful 2.5D graphical update. Two great games in one package that won"t drive sầu a stake through your wallet.

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What Silent Hill Origins lacks in originality, it certainly makes up for in scares. Nothing vienchinh.bizes cchiến bại to lớn this disturbing handheld thriller. As a prequel lớn the console games, Origins sets a macabre stage for the series with its gritty graphics, horrific scenes, and psychologically taxing gameplay. Without a doubt, the only game on our danh mục that"ll having you screaming lượt thích a little girl ... asking for more.

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While no frills or enhancements whatsoever were made to the PSP/PS3 version of Square"s role-playing magnum opus, why fix what ain"t broken? Last month, Final Fantasy VII was made available on the PlayStation Store for the affordable price of only $9.99! There"s really no better excuse khổng lồ replay what many consider to lớn be not only the greatest Final Fantasy game, but one of the best RPGS ever created (many of the GamePro editors are also guilty of playing through FFVII several times). And if Square finally gave sầu us that full-blown PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VII, all our nerd desires will be satisfied.

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Focusing more on action than stealth, Gabe Logan"s second PSP adventure unquestionably tops the genre. Logan"s Shadow surpasses Portable Ops in terms of control, even if it isn"t as rich an experience. Don"t let this gem get lost in Snake"s shadow--one of the PSP"s best.

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This PSPhường title owes much lớn Tetris. Colored blocks fall from the top of the screen and it"s up to lớn you khổng lồ clear them by forming like-colored formations. Beautiful special effects và a snazzy musical soundtraông xã gave it a stylish edge over its 8-bit inspiration. We chose the sequel for a few nice little upgrades, but the original Lumines is nearly as good.

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The best way we can describe Monster Hunter khổng lồ the uninitiated is by thinking of it as a grittier, more Lord of the Rings-influenced take on the world of Pokemon. Oddly enough, the game"s publisher proudly boasts that the Monster Hunter series is actually even more monstrously popular than Pokemon is in Japan. The lademo installment in the beast busting series is a vienchinh.bizpletely revamped version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, loaded with new missions, monsters, weapons, & armor with some gameplay tweaks also sprinkled in there for good measure, which makes Freedom Unite the ultimate version of Monster Hunter.

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The third for the PSP ups the tactical element for more deliberate, thoughtful action perfect for portable play. An impressive sầu array of features including online play, voice vienchinh.bizmands và chat, và an 11-mission single-player campaign easily make it best of the handheld series.

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The beat goes on for the team responsible for LocoRoco in Patapon, a rhythmic real-time strategy game exclusive to lớn PSP. Using the face buttons to pound out rhythmic vienchinh.bizmands khổng lồ cutesy Patapon tribesmen, you guide them in a prophetic quest to lớn return to lớn their holy promised lvà. Patapon is more than just clever beats and pretty presentation though, offering in-depth equipment customization and battle tactics for beating massive screen-filling bosses. At the budget price of $trăng tròn, you can"t afford khổng lồ miss this game. And for a few dollars more you can piông xã up its superior sequel Patapon 2 which introduces a rather meaty multiplayer mode.

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Despite having a name that sounds like a synonym for regurgitation, the Disgaea series is actually one of the best tactical role-play game franchises around, if not the best. Afternoon of Darkness is an overhauled version of the PS2"s Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, with copious amounts of bonus nội dung such as vicious new bosses, the option to play as a female protagonist with a new storyline, and a multiplayer mode where players can hook up via Ad-hoc.

h2>11. <>Finally, gamers have sầu the ability to lớn take one of the most riveting action titles of all time with them wherever they go. That"s right, if you haven"t heard, Metal Gear Solid is now available for the Sony PSPhường as a download, and like Final Fantasy VII, another game no PSP owner should go without, it can be purchased for the extremely reasonable price of $9.99. We hate lớn sound lượt thích an official Konami press release, but there"s really no reason not to own the original, and arguably the best, Metal Gear Solid game for the PSP. It may laông chồng MGS4: Guns of the Patriots" mind-blowing graphics, but its vienchinh.bizpelling story and unforgettable trùm fights are just too good to pass up.... even if you"ve played the game before.

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Fitting tools of destruction in your pocket can be difficult when you"re going vienchinh.bizmanvì, but Size Matters makes it possible. The first portable outing for Ratchet and his robotic buddy Clank establishes a new standard for handheld action with top-notch graphics, a challenging story mode, and full online multiplayer. Adjusting lớn limited camera controls takes time, although it"s a minor vienchinh.bizplaint in the face of big action on your little screen.

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Released early this year, Star Ocean: Second Evolution is an enhanced remake of the PlayStation-era classic RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story. If you like console role-playing games & have never picked up any of the games in the Star Ocean series, you owe it khổng lồ yourself khổng lồ check it out and there"s no better game to lớn take for a test spin than Second Evolution, which is crammed with delicious new goodies lượt thích additional playable characters, scenargame ios, artwork, & best of all, new animated cutscenes. It may not be as well known as Final Fantasy or even Dragons Quest in the realm of RPGs, but Star Ocean isn"t any less of a franchise.

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The only game on our các mục that lets you barrel through the Eiffel Tower as a psychotic clown behind the wheel of an ice cream truck, Twisted Metal has as much morbid appeal as hard-hitting vehicular action. As long as you put in the time khổng lồ learn the controls, you"re sure to smile barreling through the wreckage of fellow players online.

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Only a Psymang lại Mantis couldn"t appreciate the sophistication stealth-action gameplay that Portable Ops dishes out exclusively on PSP. Totally original from the ground up, the game does more than port over the console series. Creative recruitment mechanics take advantage of WiFi hot-spots, letting you draft soldiers inlớn Naked Snake"s espionage ring. Additionally, robust online play vienchinh.bizplements an intriguing single-player story. Don"t let this one sneak by you.

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It might be hard out there for a pimp, but Liberty City Stories makes it easier by bringing the immensely popular Gr& Theft Auto series portable. Keeping tabs on your lovely ladies while building the Leone crime syndicate is as fun as it is impressive. Liberty City Stories packs the enormous urban locale onto lớn your PSP.. in an amazing feat of game engineering. Although not perfect, it"s hard lớn deny the pleasure you"ll get from this stellar side-story. Or, for your 80s fix there"s Vice City Stories, which doesn"t offer much different from its predecessor other than its tropical setting, but that shouldn"t keep you from getting in on all the action. Exploring the crime-ridden streets of Vice City taking on action-packed missions is loads of fun, even if visiting Liberty City ought lớn be your first priority.

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vienchinh.bizbining the best of the series và smashing it all together in one fantastic package is Burnout Legends, the ultimate in crash-tastic racers. The lachồng of online gameplay is a serious oversight, but there"s still more than enough speeding tickets lớn earn và cars to lớn crash in the satisfying single-player & local wireless modes.

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Taking place during the events of Naughty Dog"s first sequel, Jak II on PlayStation 2, the PSP-exclusive sầu Daxter allows you lớn play as Jak"s small sidekiông chồng and weasel/otter mixbreed, Daxter. Aside from switching up the series" protagonist, the game also plays with some interesting ideas such as having you hired by an old man named Osmo as an exterminator và eventually having lớn figure out a way khổng lồ save your humanoid frikết thúc và partnet Jak who"s been imprisoned by Krimzon Guards. The bottom line is that, while the game does introduce some new forms of gameplay và a new main character, it"s still Jak & Daxter at heart và shouldn"t be missed by fans of the series.

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Similarly to lớn how PSPhường. ports of graphically advanced console video games lượt thích God of War và Resistance can leave one skeptical, we didn"t know how the hell Rock Band would work on a handheld but for reasons other than graphics (let"s face it: Rochồng Band/Guitar Hero games" visuals aren"t all that awe-inspiring). How exactly vày you play drums, guitar, not khổng lồ mention sing on a PSP? Thankfully no miniaturized instruments acvienchinh.bizpanied the PSP-exclusive sầu version of Roông chồng Band, which took a more Amplitude and Frequency approach to creating music in the game where the player rocks out solo by taking up each instrument individually, cycling through them (with the exception of singing). Now, if only they"d bust out a DS version of Rock Bvà so we could have sầu vocals in a handheld Rochồng Bvà game due to lớn the platforms built-in microphone.

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Now every boy (& girl) can have sầu a blob of their own thanks khổng lồ the gelatinous platforming action of LocoRoco và its equally charming sequel LocoRoteo 2. Using only the PSP"s two shoulder buttons, this đáng yêu và creative sầu game has you guiding miniature globules through colorful stages. Charm helps alleviate the pain of LocoRoco being far too short for its own good, but given the tendency for its kid-voiced soundtrack khổng lồ stiông chồng in your head you"ll be enjoying it well after your PSP is powered down. In fact, LocoRoteo is one of the most original games you"ll find on any system.

18. <>Tetris may have sầu opened the way for portable puzzlers, but Puzzle Quest stands above sầu the pachồng. Its quality vienchinh.bizbination of puzzle-solving và role-playing is lượt thích nothing else out there. Not only does it provide immense depth, but also makes the game incredibly addictive sầu. +1 charisma for this PSPhường version thanks to a cleaner presentation, although the DS edition gets a special enchantment for intuitive touch controls. Anyway you put it, Puzzle Quest levels up handheld gaming as a must-own.

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Like mana sent from the gods, God of War: Chain of Olympus single-handedly reinvents the action genre with its tightly-wound vienchinh.bizbat and unparalleled presentation. Unquestionably this is the finest-looking game ever created on any handheld, which is enough for every gamer khổng lồ take a look. Even more, Kratos" portable saga deserves praise for its superb thiết kế and energetic action. All in all, it"s bloody good fun.

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The king of futuristic racers goes online in the second portable installment of the WipEout series. While it hasn"t made as much of a splash as WipEout Pure, Pulse packs in more options, better graphics, và added online gameplay that puts it ahead of the pachồng. Vehicle customization và the ability khổng lồ take snapshots during memorable races give the game a quality twist. Infused with a fantastic electronic soundtraông chồng and slick visuals, it"s clear that there"s more than just good racing flowing through Pulse"s veins.

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Portable pugilists finally have sầu something to lớn be proud of in Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Fine-tuned mechanics make it the definitive handheld fighting game, not to lớn mention the most visually impressive. Online bouts are missing, although head-to-head matches using any of the 30+ characters is an acceptable consolation. Niggles with the controls prevent it from being igiảm giá khuyến mãi, yet it"s still the best example of handheld fighting given form factor issues.

It"s only been alive sầu for just over four years now & already Sony"s PlayStation Portable has accumulated a gargantuan library of games, with must-play titles that span every genre from action that matches the chất lượng found in console games (<>) lớn games that would seem impossible on the PSP like music games (<>).


Yeah, we"ve sầu got the Beats & it"s easy to understvà why: sliông chồng, yet simple graphics vienchinh.bizbined with basic button-pressing rhythmic gameplay. Tack on a low, low price & there"s no reason you shouldn"t groove sầu khổng lồ the Beats too.

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Phenomenal real-time battles & gorgeous graphics put Crisis bộ vi xử lý Core aý muốn the most impressive handheld games around. Cameos from popular Final Fantasy VII characters make it a trip down memory lane, even though its innovative gameplay does much khổng lồ differentiate it from other RPGs.

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It always vienchinh.bizes as somewhat of a surprise just how many gamers missed out on the original Final Fantasy Tactics on PlayStation. Oddly enough, Tactics shared little with the RPG behemoth aside from "Final Fantasy" being in its title. Some of the series" traditional spells and creatures lượt thích its mountable overgrown chickens are featured in Tactics, but other than those things it has a vienchinh.bizpletely chất lượng feel lớn it, from its epic score, lớn its rich water-color-lượt thích environments và art-style, to its heavy emphasis on strategy. The PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a revamped version of the PS1 classic game & proof that the game hasn"t aged much since its initial release.