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What are the best ninja games on PC? Sneaking through the shadows, lithely climbing & dashing your way to an unsuspecting target; clashing swords with a rival in a climactic battle; methodically planning your next move lớn catch the enemy unaware. There are a lot of reasons why ninja games are so appealing. As gamers, we revel in fantasies of power và experiences out of our reach, & ninja games are pretty high on the danh mục of “I wish I could vì that”.

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Luckily,some of the best PC gameslet you play ninja. In fact, it’s a pretty crowded genre, and hacking through the chaff with a katamãng cầu will only get you so far.

In order khổng lồ make the search a bit easier, we’ve sầu gone ahead and curated this các mục of eight of the best Nin-Ja games, plus two upcoming titles, that will sate your inner ninja. Plenty of classics are present, like 3 chiều stealth sims, but we have sầu also included some off-the-wall games khổng lồ illustrate just how varied the ninja scene is. Go on, take a look below. We’ll see you on the other side of the shadows.

Best ninja games on PC

Here are the best ninja games on PC:

WarframeMark of the Ninja: RemasteredShadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunThe MessengerAragamiMetal Gear Rising: RevengeanceN++Shadow Warrior 2StriderSekiro: Shadows Die TwiceKatamãng cầu ZeroNinja BladeGhostrunner



It’s not too tricky to lớn make Warframe sound effortlessly cool. The sci-fi looter shooter features ninjas in space and combat that prides itself on hyper-mobile movements, like knee slides và bullet jumps. It took a few years for Warframe khổng lồ really find its feet, but now its aý muốn the best không tính tiền PC games around.

Warframe isn’t your conventional ninja game either, as it embraces the combat aspects of the genre lớn celebrate the faster và more action-packed aspects of being a ninja. That said, the art of stealth isn’t lost here, và you’re không lấy phí khổng lồ creep past danger, stealthily slay hapless grunts, and line up shots with a silent bow. Warframe now boasts a dedicated group of fans and oodles of missions và nội dung khổng lồ sink your katamãng cầu into lớn.

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Mark of the Ninja: Remastered

The best stealth games make creeping around a tricky & tantalising prospect. Despite the challenge of factoring in 2 chiều gameplay, Mark of the Nin-Ja manages to lớn pull it off sublimely. Hiding from enemies in the shadows or behind objects in the environment is thrilling thanks to some clever visibility mechanics. Keeping silent is just as important as staying hidden, as enemies will inspect the source of disturbances và heavy footsteps. A satisfying stealth kill system is just the icing on the cake in this indie darling of the ninja games genre.

Mark of the Nin-Ja first released in 2012 to nearly-universal critical acclaim, but developer Klei has recently put out a remastered edition for all major platforms that boasts upgraded art, & all the items from the game’s Special Edition DLC. So now is a great time to lớn kiểm tra out why Mark of the Nin-Ja is regarded as one of the best ninja games on the PC.


Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun takes the formula from the classic Commandos series và transports it lớn Edo-period nhật bản. You control a handful of warriors caught up in a war, each with their own abilities and strengths khổng lồ master. For example, Hayakhổng lồ can kill enemies with his reusable shuriken, và Aiko can use her sneezing powder lớn reduce enemies’ field of vision. Clever use of powers and abilities is the key lớn success here & can be the difference between strolling through a busy area or getting torn to shreds.

Shadow Tactics’ màn chơi design encourages creativity & replay, as there are often multiple ways khổng lồ tackle objectives. Each character facilitates a different approach and often rewards experimentation as you attempt to lớn perfect runs và tiông xã of bonus objectives. If you’re fixing for some real-time tactics action with a ninja lick of paint, Blades of the Shogun is aý muốn the best strategy gameson PC.


The Messenger

As far as Nin-Ja Gaiden homages go, The Messenger is one of the best. You control the titular Messenger on his quest khổng lồ deliver an ancient scroll to lớn the peak of a distant mountain in an effort to lớn save sầu the world from destruction. The sidescrolling gameplay is reminiscent of the NES classics, but includes a host of modern elements such as skill upgrades & versatile traversal options.

The Messenger is regarded as one of the best new side-scrolling action games in years thanks lớn its tight controls and satisfyingly liberating loudstepping mechanic that grants the player an extra jump if they attachồng an enemy in the air. Coupled with nostalgic retro graphics and one of the best soundtracks in recent memory, The Messenger is a must for fans of ninja games.



Aragangươi is a stealth syên ổn inspired by classic ninja series Tenchu. It tasks players with quietly navigating a handful of open-ended levels. Taking out enemies using a wide variety of moves và weapons without being detected is the name of the game here. You can silently hurl kunai, mix magical traps, and teleport around the environment using supernatural powers. Using this toolkit lớn its fullest potential makes for an extremely satisfying stealth experience.

Better still, Aragangươi is one of very few ninja games you can play with a friend (or stranger) thanks to its multiplayer co-op modes. Timing stealthy double assassinations lớn perfection is a lot of fun, but as with all of the best co-op games, the laughs really start when one of you messes up and you’re left trying khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a situation gone awry.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The Metal Gear series is full lớn the bryên ổn with high sci-fi concepts and a confounding plot that defies explanation. Luckily for us, it also includes awesome cyber ninjas. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance follows everybody’s favourite cyborg ninja Raiden on his quest for… revenge, um, or vengeance? Whatever Revengeance is, just know that it involves a great giảm giá of sweet sword moves & spinny attacks.

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Developed by stylish combat know-it-alls Platinum Games, Revengeance boasts the studio’s signature fast, combo-heavy fighting mechanics. There’s also a neat triông xã where you can use Raiden’s sword in a ‘không tính phí slicing’ mode, too, where you can slow time và slash enemies into tiny pieces, chopping off a limb & then finely slicing it into human sashingươi. The over-the-top action is a huge change of pace from the stealth-focused Metal Gear Solid series, but there’s no denying the glee that accompanies a bonkers ninja duel on top of a speeding train.



Admittedly, the theme of N++ is fairly abstract, but you play as a ninja và it carries the ‘ninja’ tag on Steam so we’re going lớn include it on this menu. This addictive sầu momentum-based platformer with its minimacác mục art style và techno/trance soundtrack, but it’s the responsive controls that will really hook you. Combine all of this và the result is a strangely soothing and almost meditative experience, which boasts an influence on recent platformers that cannot be understated

The màn chơi kiến thiết of N++ is also top-notch. The game slowly ramps up the difficulty over time until you’re wall jumping and nhảy đầm khổng lồ avoid traps with ease. For any devious dungeon masters out there, N++ also includes a level editor so you can create near-impossible gauntlets. It might not boast the Ebởi vì aesthetic of other ninja games on this danh sách, but N++ is one of the best indie games of all time.


Shadow Warrior 2

First-person ninja games are few và far between, but as long as we have sầu the Shadow Warrior games all will be well. If you can ignore the constant wisecracking from protagonist Lo Wang then there’s a lot khổng lồ be enjoyed about Shadow Warrior 2’s gameplay, which mixes swordplay, solid shooting mechanics, RPG systems, & abilities. It’s a low bar, sure, but Shadow Warrior 2 might just be the most entertaining FPS ninja game ever made.

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Each level in Shadow Warrior 2 is fairly open-ended, và some fun traversal mechanics, lượt thích double-jumping và wall-climbing, make exploration a smooth & fluid experience. Shadow Warrior 2 also explores a huge number of settings, from futuristic cityscapes khổng lồ quiet shrines in rural nhật bản, so expect to lớn be slicing demons in one level and robots in the next. If your friends are fans of ninja games then they can join you in Shadow Warrior 2’s co-op mode.



Despite only having a small handful of titles under his belt, Strider’s reputation as a Clip game ninja is prolific. The most recent release, simply titled Strider, takes its inspiration from the Metroidvania genre. You jump, haông chồng, & slash your way around a large interconnected world that slowly opens up as you unloông xã new abilities. Plenty of flashy particle effects accompany the fast combat, và the variety of enemy types requires quick thinking in every fight. For many, Strider is the current blueprint for how khổng lồ vì chưng a 2 chiều ninja action game.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice may be From Software’s follow-up to Dark Souls III, but it marks a significant departure from the series’ gameplay. Sekiro utilizes stealth elements & grappling hook-based environment traversal, và does away with a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of Dark Souls’ emphasis on character builds. Despite some tweaks to lớn the series formula, however, the deliberate pacing of combat from previous FromSoftware games still features heavily inlớn the experience – making this a fresh yet familiar experience.


Katana Zero

Katana Zero is a side-scrolling action game with an emphasis on punishing combat. You can dash, deflect enemy attacks, & even manipulate time to overcome your foes & in much lượt thích Hotline Miamày, you’re only ever a single strike away from being killed. This ninja game also boasts a thumping electronic soundtrack, so if you’re a bạn of games like Ruiner you’ll love this Devolver Digital-backed gem.


Ninja Blade

Largely derided at launch for its brief runtime và reliance on QTEs, the years have been surprisingly kind to the gloriously silly Ninja Blade. It sees you – a ninja – racing around Tokyo in an attempt to put an end to the parasitic ‘alpha-worms’ before it’s too late.

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It’s a wild ride from start lớn finish with some of the most ludicrous fight sequences in videogame history, & if the QTEs or iffy sword fighting get on your nerves, simply lower the difficulty and treat it as the popcorn spectacle it so wants khổng lồ be.



Ghostrunner casts you as a wall-running, katana-swinging cyberpunk ninja in an admittedly by-the-numbers dystopia. Despite the familiar setting, its supremely sliông xã parkour mechanics, copious amounts of gore, và thumping techno score will easily win you over & have sầu you feeling lượt thích a badass in no time.

It’s by no means an easy game, with its varied roster of enemies & creative bosses capable of offing you in a single hit, but you’ll be thrust back inlớn the action so quickly after death that you’ll happily return time và again until you nail it. There’s also plenty of scope here for unbelievable speedruns. Find out more in our full Ghostrunner Review.

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When you find yourself awash in ninja-based fantasies, there is no shortage of wish fulfilment material on the PC. Jump, slash, sneak, và even shoot your way lớn an honorable victory with one of these fantastic ninja games on PC. If you’re looking to expvà into a different combat speciality look no further than our danh mục of the best action-adventure games.