Game mordecai và rigby

Regular Show: Mordecai & Rigby in 8-bit Land is the very first video gamebased on the hit Cartoon Network TV Show. Mordecai & Rigby are trappedinside a video game & must travel through the pixilated l& of 8-Bit to findtheir way out. The hijinx-filled adventure is packed with platforming, spaceshooting, & top down shooter gameplay, và comes fully loaded with tonsof Regular Show characters & jokes.

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Play as Mordecai & Rigby và use their unique powers lớn battle epic show villains and escape 8-Bit land Original storyline and concept written by series creator J. G. Quintel Unique action adventure gameplay combines platforming, space shooter, và top down shooter gameplay Regular Show reimagined! Awesome retro style 8-bit graphics

Sound 4.0 Gameplay 4.0 Lasting Appeal 3.0 Graphics 3.0
i wanted this game really bad i love sầu the show but this game just sucks. the game cheats u & u die in one hit and is really annoying. please dont waste your money! i will be returning this game as quickly as possible! this game is nearly impossible và will make u break your 3ds & will want to put the box in the trash!.................MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RECEIPT!!!!!!
Sound 5.0 Gameplay 1.0 Lasting Appeal 1.0 Graphics 3.0
it sucked the gameplay bad the graphics just bad but everythings else ok but dont recommover to anyone but i like the show the show is funny you can recommkết thúc that lớn a friover.
Sound 5.0 Gameplay 4.0 Lasting Appeal 2.0 Graphics 2.0

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Not a great game for the Nintenvày 3ds.trò chơi play:Similar to lớn older Mario titles.ControlsRelatively easy controls.If you are looking for a good game for 3ds, this is not it. I am a bạn of the show so I bought it for that reason. The Games on 3ds tover khổng lồ be either really good (Poketháng, Mario Kart, or Animal Crossing)or absolute rubbish (this game, the lego games, and the adventure time game with the ridiculously long title)In my opinion, The digital copies of the older Nintenvì chưng games are a better investment if you want 8 bit games.E-cửa hàng has most of them.
Sound 4.0 game Play 4.0 Lasting Appeal 4.0 Graphics 4.0
well, what is more to be said? it"s a cartoon network game. you know they usually suông xã, & the shows they are based on beat them by a landslide. I love this show, but as far as this goes, it"s just BAD... so, as much as i hate lớn say it, i have seen better games than this. sorry cartoon network.
Sound 5.0 game Play 2.0 Lasting Appeal 2.0 Graphics 4.0
awesome tv show & awesome game if you"re a bạn of the tv show. has a lot of the regular show characters & jokes from the show included.
Sound 4.0 game Play 4.0 Lasting Appeal 4.0 Graphics 4.0
the game is lượt thích super Mario land for the Game boy with regular show characters.What i"m trying to say is that if you love regular show buy this game but if you just want it for the game play get super Mario land in the e siêu thị

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Sound 5.0 Gameplay 4.0 Lasting Appeal 4.0 Graphics 4.0