A normal lost phone

Being a LOST megatín đồ, one of the things I always wanted khổng lồ bởi was play LOST games - I've sầu had a copy of Via Domus for years and I've completed it several times, but I never really managed to lớn get through the whole di động game - partially because my phone just wasn't designed for it and now obviously, we got smartphones & stuff.

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But after a lot of fun times trying to lớn get an emulator khổng lồ play the decrepit old thing, I got it lớn work and here are my reactions as I play the game.

We start at "Chapter One". It's the plane crash and I gotta say, this game is buggy as all hell. I'm controlling Jack(whose appearance is based on White Rabbit - he only has the Trắng shirt) and he just runs whereever the hell he wants. After a lot of wrestling, I get Jaông chồng baông xã under control so I can start lifting shit off people & rescuing them. Of course, the game's so persnickety that you have sầu to press the 5 button not too fast, but not too slow either. Boone is around, but apparently Ian Somerhalder didn't give sầu permission khổng lồ use his face, so he's just a blank nobody toàn thân. Hurley's pixelated self has short hair, which is kindomain authority surreal.Anyways, right after the wing collapses, Sayid pops up like "yo we're building a camp, wanmãng cầu join us". The plane is still fucking smoking and corpses are lying around, but sure. We split up to go collect firewood & hunt for food.

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Now, listen khổng lồ this: HURLEY IS GOING HUNTING. I REPEAT, HURLEY IS GOING HUNTING. Walkabout, eat my heart out.Holy shit, so I found some water và then a boar comes right the fuck outta nowhere & Locke's lượt thích "oh hi Jack, bring the boar here so I can CRUSH IT WITH THIS GIANT BOULDER OFF A CLIFF RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU." Goddamn, hunting is fun with this maniac.

Baông xã at the beach now. In the span of lượt thích 1 day max, the survivors have built a nice resort. I hope sometoàn thân made me a tent. I'm gonna run around và chat with the survivors.Some asshole is lượt thích "yeah, you're the hero saving the day? Well leave me alone!" Fucking priông xã.There's like stone walls on the beach all of a sudden. So I guess we're a lot better defended than we were in the show. Sayid(who hilariously has a bright green Peter Pan wife beater) thinks there's other survivors out there, so I guess it's off to find the Tailies?

I'm in the jungle, & I just found out you can smush snakes under rocks. And a bird just snatched a dễ thương trắng bunny up. I wonder if it had a number on it lol. Anyways, instead of the Tailies, I found the cockpit & the pilot. And the Smoke Monster, who gave me a bit of a chase until Jachồng loudly declared "I think I'm safe now", và the Monster politely began to dissipate.

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Returning to the beach, there's this really cool minigame where we get khổng lồ scroll through the radio frequencies on the transceiver until we find the one with Rousseau's transmission(although I was always under the impression that it was going on ALL frequencies... hence the need to lớn switch it off).

And that's the end of Chapter One(roughly spanning Pilot, Part 1Pilot, Part 2). Did you enjoy it? Would you like lớn hear more of this zany gameplay?