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In addition khổng lồ being a producer at Harebrained Schemes with experience developing multiple award-winning đoạn phim games, Dr. JC Lau is a speaker, mentor, và advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity, & representation in the games industry, having spoken at the Game Developers Conference, PAX Dev, PAX West, Emerald City Comibé, Feminist Camp, and GeekGirlCon. Her work has been featured on podcasts and in various academic và professional publications.

Dr. Lau holds a Ph.D. in political philosophy and was a college professor in moral, political, và legal philosophy prior to entering the games industry. She has worked at Xbox, and her game credits include the base game & expansions for Destiny 2 và Battletech. In 2017, she established the Bungie Diversity Committee, one of the first studio-based, employee-driven organizations of its kind. In 2019, Dr. Lau received the Alumni Achievement Award và Globally Engaged pillar award for her work in diversity & inclusion in games from Western Michigan University. She is also the recipient of the Amplifying New Voices scholarship in 2019 from the Academy of Interactive Arts và Sciences.


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