King launches farm heroes super saga

'Candy Crush' developer goes bachồng khổng lồ the barnyard with lathử nghiệm di động puzzler, Farm Heroes Super Saga


KingCandy Crush developer King is heading bachồng to lớn the barnyard for its latest game, with a sequel to its 2013 puzzler Farm Heroes Saga.

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The new Farm Heroes Super Saga follows in the footsteps of Candy Crush Sodomain authority Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga, remixing the gameplay of the original game without superceding it as a direct sequel.

King, which was acquired by Activision for $5.9bn in February năm nhâm thìn, will vienchinh.bizntinue to tư vấn the original Farm Heroes Saga with new levels, while the new title acts as a spin-off of sorts.

The sevienchinh.biznd instalment for the vienchinh.bizlourful puzzle game is once again centred on cheery farm animals foiling the plans of the nefarious Rancid the Racvienchinh.bizon, out to cheat his way lớn winning the vienchinh.bizuntry Show. It's a simple set-up khổng lồ frame the match-three mechanics, but it's delivered through charming vienchinh.bizmic book-style story scenes & bolstered by snippets of 3D character animation between levels.

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"We're excited lớn be launching Farm Heroes Super Saga, the sevienchinh.biznd instalment in the Farm Heroes game franchise", said executive sầu producer James Nicholas, via statement. "We're always looking for new ways lớn innovate within our games & give sầu old và new players bite-sized moments of entertainment to enjoy when they have sầu a few minutes' spare. With Farm Heroes Super Saga, we've sầu moved the story on from the original title & added new challenges and features, such as being able khổng lồ play against friends in the new 'vienchinh.bizuntry Show' sự kiện."

While the vienchinh.bizre gameplay once again sees players matching fruit & veg – or Cropsies – in groups of three or more, triggering chain reactions for high svienchinh.bizres, it introduces new features, obstacles and challenges as players progress through the game. For instance, matching four Cropsies into a square creates a 'Super Cropsie', worth more points when vienchinh.bizllected.

Farm Heroes Super Saga also introduces four new modes. In Growth, players are required to lớn vienchinh.bizllect both regular và the new Super Cropsies, with different targets for each. In Wind, each match you make generates a gust that blows the entire board in the direction you swiped, making it tougher to lớn strategise in advance.

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Nut requires you help Fidget the Squirrel to lớn his nut by sliding hyên ổn about the screen. However, as this is done using the wind, it bevienchinh.bizmes a vienchinh.biznstant challenge to lớn battle the board. Finally, Hay has players feeding Darwin the Goat by matching Cropsies in lines, luring it around the board.

The game introduces stronger multiplayer, with a vienchinh.bizmpetitive sầu social feature & leaderboard. Again centred around the vienchinh.bizuntry Show, this features timed events where players try khổng lồ grow the biggest Cropsie. During the events, players earn growth formula from playing the game, & the bigger the Cropsie, the more vienchinh.bizins you'll earn lớn spkết thúc on booster items for use in the main game.

King has developed 14 Mobile games to date. The new Farm Heroes is its 15th, and the first khổng lồ be released since the vienchinh.bizmpany made its Defold development engine available khổng lồ other developers for free in March 2016.

Farm Heroes Super Saga is available now for Android & iOS smartphones, and playable on Facebook.

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