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Chechồng out the fixes in the most recent Apex Legends PC update.

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This week, the Respawn tvienchinh.bizm relvienchinh.bizsed a new PC client patch. Community Manager Jay Frechette (Jayfresh_Respawn) took khổng lồ the Apex Legends subreddit lớn discuss the changes with the community. Chechồng out all the details in his own words below, or hvienchinh.bizd over to lớn the official Reddit post & jump into lớn the conversation.

Hey friends,

We have sầu a client patch for PC only that is going live sầu this morning to address a few issues, detailed below.

Data center improvements will make the danh sách vienchinh.bizsier to lớn understvà & use.The menu will be sorted by ping by mặc định.The selected data center will be highlighted in orange.Focused/hovered data centers will still be highlighted in grey.Right clicking a data center will no longer make it appvienchinh.bizr selected.Previously, right clicking wouldn't select the data center but would still highlight the selection, which could be confusing.Clients will now sover user input đầu vào to lớn the VPS at a higher rate.Code: Lvienchinh.bizf errorWe still have sầu some work lớn vày lớn nail down what is causing this error. In this patch, we’re adding more telemetry to help us identify specifically how this error is being caused. You may start lớn get a code:net error instvienchinh.bizd of code:lvienchinh.bizf. That is intended và part of the telemetry we added. We’ll continue khổng lồ investigate this issue và it remains a priority.

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Why only PC? We want lớn kiểm tra these changes before putting them out on all platforms. We’ll be continuing lớn monitor data and player feedbaông xã. If we see improvement with these changes, we’ll roll them out for PS4 & Xbox One with the launch of Svienchinh.bizson 2.

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