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There is more to winning wars than just fighting! Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this fun idle / clicker game mash-up, khổng lồ build, train and upgrade your army. introduces interesting new mechanics to the idle & clicker game genre as it interconnects idling & clicking parts of the game in many interesting, never seen before ways.

Your career begins in Boot Camp where your managerial và strategic decisions will be tested, as you unloông xã và nâng cấp lớn train incrementally stronger units. This part of the game is based on idle gameplay & idle progression, meaning that progress will be made even while you"re away!

Deploy your trained units to WarZone – the active sầu part of the game where you will cliông xã your way lớn glory. In War Zone you cliông chồng to lớn destroy units & progress through endless battles, face tough bosses and be challenged against other players in PvP battles.

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As you progress you will unloông chồng various mini-games and a vast array of upgrades, that will make clicking more powerful, as well as boost the support power of units you deployed by idling through Boot Camp.

Can you unlochồng the fearsome autoclicker & have guns blazing down at your enemies while you go grab a coffee?

Yes – even in WarZone there are some idle game elements that will help you with your clicking efforts!

The fun doesn"t end here – To get to the top you will have sầu to collaborate with your countrymen in Country Invasions, as by clicking together you will be able khổng lồ reap massive sầu war spoils.

Shortly put, there is always a ton lớn bởi for both clicking & game idle enthusiasts!

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Inter-connected idle và active clicking worlds Hire strict trainers to lớn keep your production running even while away! Get dirty army contractors by deploying & boost your gains enormously Privatize your army to super-form size your idle Boot Camp production (second prestige) Collaborate with countrymen, fight for your country and clalặng massive war spoils! Tons of fun mini-games, tasks and mission lớn complete every day

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Vast array of upgrades in both worlds. Choose wisely! Clichồng your way khổng lồ glory through endless battles Timed trùm fights – cliông chồng through them and/or get tư vấn to lớn help you out. Still can"t beat them? Consider sacrificing a part of your army to destroy it in a final attempt. Beat other players in PvPhường simulations Compete against other players for the top of leader-boards. Weekly competitions can grant you massive boosts khổng lồ both your idle production và clicking power