Popular south korean drinking games

One aspect of South Korean culture becomes very apparent after a few days in the country: the drinking culture is pretty developed. Alcohol made in South Korea is cheaply available in most convenient stores, and drinking establishments are open late at night/until early morning. South Koreans use alcohol khổng lồ socialize & have sầu developed many drinking games to lớn vì chưng so. These games are especially popular among mỏi college students và in the army.

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All the South Korean drinking games below play clockwise or counter-clockwise; just agree with other players before starting.

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안녕클레오파트라 – Annyeong Cleopatra (Hello Cleopatra)

This simpler game consists of taking turns repeating the same tuy vậy with a higher pitch than the previous player. The tuy vậy is as follows:

(Korean)안녕, 클레오파트라세상에서 제일 가는포테이토 칩

(Pronunciation)Annyeong Ku-le-o-pa-teu-raSesang-eso Je-il Ga-neunPote-ito Chip

(Translation)Hello, CleopatraThe greathử nghiệm potato lớn chipIn the world.

KPOP. group Wanmãng cầu One demonstrate the game 안녕클레오파트라 (Hello Cleopatra) in the Clip below.

삼육구 게임 – Sam-nyuk-gu Game (3-6-9 Game)

In this game, players take turns counting numbers, starting with 1; the catch is every time a player lands on a number that contains a 3, 6, or 9, the player must clap và must not say the number. The number of claps is based on the number of 3, 6, 9; for example, for 29 or 30 the player has khổng lồ clap only once, but for 33 the player has khổng lồ clap twice! The first player who messes up loses.

While this game sounds simple, it can get confusing really fast:

some players clap on multiples of 3 instead of numbers containing 3, 6, 9,a lot of players forget that they cannot say anything between 29 and 39 (all these numbers contain a 3 or a 9!)similarly, some players thua trận trachồng of the current count between 29 và 39 và thus clap instead of saying 40.

A simple song is sung before the game:

(Korean)삼육구 삼육구삼육구 삼육구

(Pronunciation)Sam-nyuk-gu Sam-nyuk-guSam-nyuk-gu Sam-nyuk-gu

(Translation)Three Six Nine, Three Six NineThree Six Nine, Three Six Nine

Watch the video clip for an example of 삼육구게임 (3-6-9 Game) explained by KPOPhường. girl group APRIL.

딸기게임 – Ddalgi trò chơi (Strawberry Game)

After singing the intro song, everybody claps & move sầu their hands in a specific pattern; at the same time, each player successively has to lớn say 딸기 (ddalgi) a specific number of times based on the previous players" turns.

The pattern for clapping và moving hands that everytoàn thân has lớn follow at all times:

Clap both hands on the table.Clap hands together.Stiông xã your right thumb và bover your right arm khổng lồ the right of your head.Stiông xã your left thumb và bkết thúc your left arm to lớn the left of your head.

Everytoàn thân has lớn repeat a -> b -> c -> d -> a -> b -> c -> d etc. as long as nobody loses. Because the game is rather complex to lớn explain, an example is provided below.

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Example of a round of 딸기게임 (Ddalgi Game)

The example below is for three players, but this game can be played regardless of the number of players. Each round starts with a song:

Intro Song for 딸기게임 (Ddalgi Game)

(Korean)딸기가 좋아!딸기가 좋아!좋아!좋아, 좋아, 좋아!

(Pronunciation)Ddalgiga Joh-a!Ddalgiga Joh-a!Joh-a!Joh-a, Joh-a, Joh-a!

(Translation)I like strawberries!I like strawberries!Like!Like, Like, Like!

Everytoàn thân then starts clapping in the game"s pattern:

1a → b → c → d + screams "딸기"
2a → b → c + screams "딸기" → d + screams 딸기
3a → b + screams "딸기" → c + screams "딸기" → d + screams 딸기
1a + screams "딸기" → b + screams "딸기" → c + screams "딸기" → d + screams 딸기
2a → b + screams "딸기" → c + screams "딸기" → d + screams 딸기
3a → b → c + screams "딸기" → d + screams 딸기
1a → b → c → d + screams 딸기
2a → b → c + screams "딸기" → d + screams 딸기

Note: there is a variant of this game with 8 steps instead of 4. The video clip below shows both the standard 4-step version of the game và the 8-step version.

버니게임 – Bunny Game

This game needs at least five sầu players lớn be enjoyable. Like most games, each round starts with a song:

Intro song for 버니게임 (Bunny Game)

(Korean)하늘에서 내려온토끼가 하는 말움치치 움치치움치치 움치치

(Pronunciation)Haneul-eso neryeo-onTokki-ga ha-neun malUm-chi-đưa ra Um-chi-chiUm-chi-bỏ ra Um-chi-chi

(Translation)A rabbit came down from the skyAnd said these wordsOom-chee-chee Oom-chee-cheeOom-chee-chee Oom-chee-chee

After everytoàn thân sings the intro tuy vậy, the first player says "Bunny Bunny" while touching their thumbs with their other fingers in front of their mouth twice, and then says "Bunny Bunny" again while doing the same gesture & pointing to lớn another player.

The receiving player needs khổng lồ then say "Bunny Bunny" four times, the first two times doing the h& gesture twice while pointing toward their mouth, the last two times while pointing toward another player.

While the receiving player says "Bunny Bunny" the first two times, the two players sitting on both sides of the receiving players need to lớn move sầu their arms up and down while saying "당근 당근" (Dangeun Dangeun - Carrot Carrot).

The game continues until one player (either the receiving player or the players on both sides) messes up.

Watch the Clip below for an illustrated example of the game.

Song to Sing When a Player Loses

When a player loses, the other players usually sing a song before the losing player drinks a shot of soju.

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One of the most comtháng songs goes as follow:

(Korean)마셔라 마셔라마셔라 마셔라술이 들어간다쭉 쭉쭉쭉쭉쭉 쭉쭉쭉쭉언제까지 어깨춤을 추게할거야내어깨를 봐!탈골됐잖아!탈골! 탈골 탈골 탈골!

(Pronunciation)Mashyeora MashyeoraMashyeora MashyeoraSul-i deureogandajjuk jjukjjuk jjukjjukjjuk jjukjjuk jjukjjukEonje-ggaji eoggae-chum-eul chugehal-geoyaNae eogge-rul bwa!Tal-gol dwaet-janh-a!Tal-gol! Tal-gol Tal-gol Tal-gol!

(Translation)Drink drink, drink drink!The alcohol goes inJjuk jjukjjuk(Sound of alcohol going down)Until when are we going khổng lồ doThe dance of the shouldersLook at my shouldersThey"re dislocated!Dislocated! Dislocated dislocated dislocated!

You can listen to this tuy vậy in the video clip below, along with other songs commonly sung while drinking during games.

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