What are Boboiboy Games?

For the new series of Boboiboy Games, you need experience as a cheerful boy who is able lớn vì many things, but you will have to lớn stiông xã by it every mission that starts with his friends. Boboiboy is a child who lives in a small village with his grandfather Tok Acha is a chocolate salesman, & he helps his grandfather rule, but when he wants to go và play football withst& anything and must to lớn give sầu up in favor of football. Like any superhero he has 3 superpowers, namely manages khổng lồ control air, fire, và light it uses in purpose good, saving mankind. Depending on what power wants to lớn have Boboiboy will turn, it will change its appearance and clothes we have so embody toàn thân different things around it. We invite you to lớn play all these Boboiboy Online Games provided không tính phí to children & fans this season that you first saw on Youtube, then you are waiting for an opinion, one vote.Boboiboy is an 11-year-old boy, who is the protagonist of the series Boboiboy Movie 2 và manages khổng lồ attract an increasing number of fans worldwide. The Boboiboy is dressed in a dark suit, with an orange hat with white bullets on his head, & in the middle of it a lightning bolt and two trắng shark horns that suggest the power và tốc độ he shows. In the middle part wears an orange-red vest, và on the yellow edges with a zipper in the middle, & at the bottom a pair of brown training pants. You will always see hyên ổn standing with black sneakers in red. Our super anh hùng is passionate about football, and in the second part of the series he goes to school, & when he comes trang chủ he meets a long line of police cars that are on a mission.At first glance, Boboiboy doesn't know what the urgency is, but after a while, he observes that the police cars are with the turntable on & they are chasing a bank robber, which is why he turns into the super hero we all know và starts on a mission to lớn problem-solving. In his missions the child is quite balanced in the super powers that he has, managing to have a score of 3/5 for the attack, 4/5 for defense, 3/5 for his agility và 4/5 for unparalleled courage which he has.

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Probably the most extraordinary super power he has is Elemental Split because in a fight he manages khổng lồ multiply in several children which helps him finish the battle in the team. In BoBoiBoy Movie 2 after he managed khổng lồ regain super powers from Reta'ka, our main anh hùng managed khổng lồ gain a new super power called "Elemental Fusion" that helps hyên split his body toàn thân inlớn two equal parts, & in this way lớn attaông xã from two sides with double options.The entire action of the movie or cartoons is divided into three series. The first series begins in the summer vacation where BoBoiBoy goes to his hometown, where he was born with his grandfather on the real name Tok Abố in the Rintis islands where he manages to lớn get to lớn know the new team pretty quickly, with which he will fight in the next missions, namely Yaya, Gopal, & Ying as well as Adu Du. The last one on this danh sách turns out lớn be the negative person in the film who manages to lớn vì chưng his job better và better & that always puts us on guard.In the first season BoBoiBoy manages khổng lồ know his super powers, respectively those that give hyên the opportunity to lớn transform into other super heroes & at the same time the super power to lớn split into several characters, but not in the end. we will also meet Pope Zola who has just returned trang chính from the thành phố where he works & which creates problems for our friends.In the second season, which takes place exactly 6 months after the first BoBoiBoy is sent khổng lồ the thành phố lớn take care of his grandfather & khổng lồ start school at the same time. In the meantime we will meet Fang who is a very popular boy in school, being surrounded by friends & having a rather large group around him, only that, Fang is starting to be jealous of the popularity & attention that BoBoiBoy enjoys. which will quickly lead to a rather large conflict, a fight that no one will miss. During the attaông xã on planet Earth, a new alien named Ejo Jo lands on Earth, an alien who is on the side of evil forces, và BoBoiBoy will have sầu lớn find new solutions và people to expand his team khổng lồ withstvà attacks against aliens.In Season 3 và Galaxy respectively, BoBoiBoy has a lot of surprises in his fight with Ejo Jo, because just his opponent from the first season decides khổng lồ ally with hyên ổn, respectively Adu Du, along with whom he makes a wonderful team together và manages lớn repair Tests. BoBoiBoy Galaxy is the new adventure of our super nhân vật who starts off quite shy, over three years after their last adventure, while BoBoiBoy is in his hometown, Rintis Isl&, but feels abandoned và alone, contracting his life. super hero, but Cici Ko will liên hệ hlặng and propose khổng lồ protect nguồn Spheres in a mission called Tapops.Serial Directed by: Nizam RazakMusic by: Yuri WongCration Studio: Animonsta StudiosDistribuitor: Primeworks StudiosReleased Date: 3 March 2016Number of Series: 3Series: Malaysia và Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, 13 April 2016 (Indonesia), 1 March 2017 (South Korea) 27 May 2018 (India) 8 December 2018;Movie Duration: 100 minutesLanguage: MalayThe Movie can be watched here: APK for Android: App for Apple (Iphone/Tablet): https://apps.táo bị cắn dở.com/us/app/boboiboy-galaxy-run/id1271303461