How to use the windows 10 xbox game bar: game capture, screenshots, widgets, and more

In Windows 10, the trò chơi Bar allows you lớn create nội dung directly from your games (& certain apps), here"s what you need khổng lồ know.

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You can change the location of stored captures. Set the DVR lớn maintain background recording for capturing recent moments. Change settings for when background recording should be maintained (on battery, off battery, etc.). Change audio recording settings, such as mic levels. Change Clip capture chất lượng, including resolution và frame rate (mix lower for better performance). Enable or disable cursor capture in videos.

Settings via the trò chơi Bar

When you"re inside the Game Bar itself, you can access most of the settings from the overlays itself. To bởi vì this, follow these steps.

mở cửa the trò chơi Bar inside a game by pressing Windows Key + G. Cliông chồng on the Settings cogwheel.

From here, you can change most of the same settings that you can via the Windows 10 main settings thực đơn, such as notifications, whether background recording is enabled or not, and whether lớn include microphone audio or not in the recordings, and so on.

More trò chơi Bar features

If you want khổng lồ disable the trò chơi Bar to save sầu resources, broadcast khổng lồ Mixer, or use trò chơi Mode, we have a bunch of resources tailored khổng lồ that over below.

Additional resources

For more helpful articles, coverage, và answers khổng lồ comtháng questions about Windows 10, visit the following resources:

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