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Attack on Titan 3 Has One Major Benefit Over the Past Two Games A sequel to the Attachồng on Titung đoạn Clip game series would have a massive leg up on its predecessors for one major, undeniable reason.

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Attaông xã on Titung 3 advantages
After years in the making, Attaông xã on Titan is finally coming khổng lồ an over. Those that enjoy the series likely vị so through one of three methods: the manga, the English subs, or the English dubs. While English dub watchers are still waiting for the first part of the Final Season lớn conclude, those that prefer subs have sầu already seen the ending of this part of the story. What"s more, fans that read the manga recently got to lớn read the last chapter, officially concluding the story of Attachồng on Titan. Moving forward, this will no doubt affect the development of the video games based on the series.

For those that don"t know, there are two main Attack on Titan games at the moment. The original Attaông chồng on Titan told the story of the show"s first season, including the struggle lớn retake Trost district & capture the Female Titan. As the manga & anime continued, a sequel was put out in the khung of Attachồng on Tichảy 2. The peculiar thing about this was that, while it did expvà the story inlớn the second season of the show, it also retread everything from season 1 with new features. After season 3"s release, Attack on Tirã 2 players could tăng cấp to The Final Battle, adding the events of that khổng lồ the game.

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Attaông xã on Tichảy 3 - The Final Season

Attaông xã on Titung Final Season
With Attachồng on Titan more popular than ever thanks khổng lồ it airing the final season, it makes a lot of sense to capitalize on that with a đoạn Clip game release. A potential Attaông xã on Titan 3 would have sầu a ton of benefits over the previous games in the series for a number of reasons, but there may be a few drawbacks as well. The most obvious of these benefits is that the entire story has already concluded, meaning the developers could make the game with complete knowledge of the beginning, middle, & over.

Aside from that, there"s also advantages that come from having pre-established mechanics for many things, more powerful consoles that are easier to develop on, và a newly reinvigorated fanbase that is looking for some way khổng lồ fill the hole left by the ending of Attaông xã on Titan. In terms of drawbacks, there is the notable difference that Attaông xã on Titung Season 4 focuses heavily on intrigue & politics and very little on fighting actual Titans. This shift may make creating a video game based on it more difficult.

Attachồng on Tichảy 3 Advantage - The Full Story

Attaông chồng on Tichảy Final Season Promo Image
One of the things that makes Attack on Titan so great is that it"s clear that the full story has been planned out since the beginning. The writer, Hajime Isayama, includes a ton of foreshadowing in the earlier seasons that fans will only recognize after they"ve watched the story unfold in its entirety. While many of these scenes were included in early releases of the Attack on Titan đoạn Clip game series, this was done unwittingly by the developers. What"s more, some of these important foreshadowing scenes were cut entirely because they didn"t seem relevant at the time.

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Having access to the full story will not only allow the developers to lớn paint a complete picture, but also help in creating original nội dung. Attaông xã on Tirã 2 sees players take control of their own custom character, và there are several scenes that delve sầu deeper into lớn specific character motivations và goals. Now that viewers know the full story & what each character"s driving force was, it will be much easier to lớn make believable, original side stories that fit inlớn the overarching plot. This includes commonly requested features such as romance và letting the custom character become a Tichảy Shifter.

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Attack on Titan 3 Drawback - No Titans

Attaông chồng On Titan Hange
One of the most surprising things khổng lồ happen in Attack on Titan occurs towards the over of the third season. For a story dominated by the looming threat of the titans, it was shocking when the people of the walls discovered a safe way khổng lồ dispose of them. Using Eren"s hardening ability & Hange"s "Executioner from Hell," all of the titans left on Paradis Islvà were wiped out in just nine months. As amazing as this is for the people in the universe of Attack on Titan, it left fans wondering where the show could go from there.

Naturally, it has now shifted its focus towards the war against Marley. When Titans come into play, they are usually in the khung of Titung Shifters or Pure Titans created by Zeke, but usually it"s more about person lớn person combat. While this is still very fun to watch, it may be odd to lớn include in an Attaông chồng on Titan game. Aside from Levi, most of the characters have shifted away from using swords & now use guns as part of their Anti-Personnel ODM gear. This would require new mechanics khổng lồ be developed turning the game into more of a third person shooter.

Attack on Titan 3 Advantage - Modern Technology

disc spinning sound improvement
The people of Paradis Isl& have sầu been rapidly advancing as they are introduced lớn the wonders of modern giải pháp công nghệ, but those in the real worlds also have some new toys khổng lồ play with. Next generation consoles could make a new Attaông chồng on Titan game that much more impressive. Even looking past the ability to create 4K graphics và smooth, 60 fps gameplay, new levels of immersion would be acquired through use of chất lượng features lượt thích those of the DualSense controller.

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For the first time ever, the complete story of Attack on Titan could be told in all of its glory in one package. Using Clip games as an interactive form of media, players could feel lượt thích they are a part of the epic story that"s unfolding before them, completely immersed in the amazing graphics & framerate. While there may be some innate drawbacks lớn the story of season 4, there are definitely ways that this could still be made interesting and fun to lớn play. With any luck fans will hear something about Attaông chồng on Titung 3 soon enough, but at the very least, there should be something when the anime concludes in the Winter of 2022.