Explore a range of emulated Flash web games from the golden era of browser gaming. These Flash games are emulated using Ruffle.

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What Happened to lớn Flash Games?

On 31 December 20đôi mươi, Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player. As of the 12th January 2021, they blocked all nội dung from running in Flash Player. There are various reasons for the death of Flash. Security holes, slow speeds, & not being optimized for di động are just some reasons. There were also new technologies surpassing Flash before its demise, like HTML5.

As a result, Google decided it would eventually stop indexing Flash content. With the tide very much turned against them, Adobe decided it was time to put Flash khổng lồ rest.

How Can I Play Flash Games?

Thanks to emulation software lượt thích Ruffle, you can still enjoy many of your favorite Flash games on It’s a good job, too, as many Flash titles are considered irreplaceable gems. Ruffle is a program that works on our over, so you don't have to tải về anything to play the games.

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Some developers have sầu since updated their games using modern giải pháp công nghệ lượt thích HTML5 & WebGL, so you can browse our HTML5 games khổng lồ play those without emulation.

Classic Flash Games

Many Flash games were released way baông chồng in the early 2000s through creative communities like Newgrounds. Some of these games are still popular today. Cheông xã out these games if you’re looking for some fun & nostalgia:

As always, you can browse our full Flash games collection above sầu for more legendary titles.

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What are Flash Games?

Flash games were games that could be played using the now-defunct Flash Player technology. However, thanks to Ruffle, you can still play many Flash games in your website browser through emulation!
We collected 334 of the best không tính phí online flash games. These games include browser games for both your computer và mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android & iOS phones và tablets. They include new flash games such as Factory Balls 2 and top flash games such as Escaping the Prison, Stick War, and ESPN Arcade Baseball.