Eset online scanner is now available through facebook


hi, guys, I have been facing difficulty khổng lồ log in my facebook trương mục. Facebook suggested me khổng lồ tải về scanner và i did it và i run it but doesnt work and facebook both of them. Now i cant log in lớn my trương mục its been 1,5 days already. When i log in it shows only one option which is download i cant see my facebook protệp tin i cant see anything just emix download on my facebook. when i tải về again, it wont run so i dont know how i can remove sầu this và log in to lớn my account. if there is sometoàn thân who knows please help me?, thank you guys

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Hello! We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues related lớn Facebook Malware Checkpoint. A Facebook algorithm has identified your computer as possibly being infected by malicious software. To use your Facebook trương mục, you will need to login & use our free Online Scanner to lớn kiểm tra your system for possible threats. Just run Online Scanner after it downloads; once the scan has begun, you don’t need lớn wait until it finishes. You can find an easy step-by-step guide here: hxxp://tư vấ 


If that link does not work for you, here is a links to our post on this: hxxp://www.ephố

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I"m having the same problem with my FB tài khoản. In order khổng lồ access my page, FB is telling me I must tải về due khổng lồ "maleware"" they claim has been "detected".I"ve had my computer completely and thoroughly scanned with nothing bad showing up anywhere.At this time, I AM able khổng lồ get onlớn my FB page. I simply "Google" the browser "". This brings up Duchồng Duck Go"s tìm kiếm bar. In that bar I type "facebook". THIS brings me lớn a danh mục of FB sites I can cliông xã on. I choose "Facebook Log In" và am immediately on my page with no problems. Probably a temporary "fix" but I"ll take what I can get while trying to lớn learn more about this phối up.

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