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Classic sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you"d like khổng lồ relax or keep your mind active sầu – pass time in a pleasant way. Get a small stimulating break or clear your head playing Sudoku.com


Killer Sudoku is our fresh take on the classic Sudoku. We have sầu kept core mechanics for masters and also made it comprehensible for beginners. Those looking for new unique brain teasers can try this sudoku version, enhanced for a wider audience.

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Nonogram.com tiện ích is the classic picture cross puzzle implemented into a handy và sleek Mobile game. To solve sầu a Nonogram puzzle a player is khổng lồ reveal hidden images on the board based on the numbers lined up in both directions.


Nonogram.com Màu sắc is a fresh take on the classic nonogram puzzle. With its enhanced game mechanics, Nonogram.com Color expands the classic picture cross puzzle experience with its challenging multicolor style.

Match blocks khổng lồ complete lines và squares to get them removed. Keep the board clean, and beat your high score. Blockudoku is a simple yet challenging puzzle game you won’t be able lớn put aside.

Pixel Art is more than just a coloring. It’s an entertaining way khổng lồ relax & release your inner artist. Màu sắc by number tons of không tính tiền artworks. Try Pixel Art Camera khổng lồ create your own. Painting has never been easier.

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Welcome lớn the colorful world of jigsaw puzzles! Hours of entertainment, tons of fresh HD pictures for you và your family. Make every day relaxing & fun putting puzzle pieces together!

Art Puzzle is a super relaxing and aesthetically pleasing game. It"s a perfect fusion of two popular genres - coloring books và jigsaw puzzles. Create fun beautiful artwork as you challenge your mind and relax at the same time!

Dream comes true for the music lovers - Drum Pad Machine now lets everyone make sichồng beats on the go! Create complex, thrilling beats & tracks. All you need is just a little imagination!

Become a DJ with Groovepad! Make your own music and beats on the fly. Play tracks, mix sounds, & create incredible melodies. Master your music making skills step by step with Groovepad.

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Predictive sầu analytics, a data-driven approach, in-house systems & tools, machine learning, as well as in-depth sản phẩm, game development và marketing intelligence, creativity, và excellence in everything we bởi are fundamental parts of our efforts.

We deliver time-tested market leaders such as Sudoku.com, Nonogram.com, Blockudoku,Pixel Art, Drum Pad Machine as well as new chart-topping products lượt thích Killer Sudoku, Nonogram.com Color, and Art Puzzle.

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