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Tom clancy's splinter cell blacklist

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another solid title in the Splinter Cell franchise. Recommkết thúc it khổng lồ any Splinter Cell fan!
I loved the last installment of the Splinter Cell series Conviction. I have sầu been waiting to lớn piông chồng up Blackmenu until the fall sales to see if I could get a good giảm giá khuyến mãi & I did. $25 here on vienchinh.biz, installed it through uPlay & then purchase the DLC for $11 separately giving me the full deluxe cộ edition for cheaper then any other site or digital service was offering it. So keep that in mind when purchasing this game.. You have sầu options.The game itself is good, I am not lớn far in yet so I cant say great jvienchinh.bizt yet. I bởi have sầu some early observations though...- Combat system feels a little less fluid then it did in Conviction. Something that you have sầu to lớn adapt to lớn.- Controls are not as smooth in my opinion or well layed out. A few tweaks and it would be perfect.- Graphics are great, but not major leaps và bounds beyond what was shown in Conviction. Other games out at the same time period mix the bar high like Crysis 3.- uPlay update patch system for this game is horribly slow, recommover you manually tải về the patches & install them your self. Will save sầu loads of time.- CON: Not the same actor for Sam Fisher"s voice. Not a star deduction for it, jvienchinh.bizt sucks that the character voice we have sầu grown lớn expect and associate with Sam isnt present this time around.I am hoping there is as much after story replay value in Blackdanh mục as there was in Conviction. I really enjoy the take down mission and màn chơi clearing testing your stealth và strategy.If you dont yet have sầu the game this is a decent piông xã up price for a game jvienchinh.bizt released in the last half of the year with all the bells & wistles.Overall another solid entry in the Splinter Cell series.-----------------------------------------------------UPDATE:After 40 hours of play or so I can say the value for the game is definitely there. I really lượt thích the aspect of being able to choose a play style every time out, how vày you want khổng lồ approach a mission. Loud guns blazing, or stealthy lượt thích a ghost in the night. Or combine them. The game has begun khổng lồ feel more fluid và the controls more responsive sầu as I have moved through it.Another great feature is the SXiaoMi MI interface, where after each mission you come bachồng to the HQ in the plane & choose your own path, do you follow the story lớn it"s kết thúc, or take side missions & tasks between each mission in the story line. I feel lượt thích I have sầu more control over my game experience lượt thích this.I am glad I bought that 2GB video clip card months baông xã, lớn run on maxed out settings & really experience all the beauty this game has khổng lồ offer you need a powerful PC.