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a game by Travellers Tales (UK) Ltd
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
User Rating: 5.1/10 - 14 votes
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There are LEGO games for most important franchises out there, so obviously there had to lớn be a LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. If the characters are colorful enough, you can expect to lớn get a LEGO game about it. TT Games brought together Marvel for this game, so it should be a pretty interesting title khổng lồ play. But are popular characters enough khổng lồ make another LEGO game good? Well, let"s talk about it here.

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About the game

LEGO Avengers brings together the most popular Marvel superheroes inlớn one game. Based on the events of the first two Avengers movies, this is a more action-based title than what we"re used to lớn seeing. Still, the game recreates the important scenes of the movies in a light and cheerful way.


You can think of it as even more of a kids" version of the movies. Keep in mind that even though there are over one hundred characters khổng lồ choose from, at the time of release there were some troubles with the licenses. This means that you shouldn"t expect lớn see the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or X-Men here.

More of the same?

There are way too many LEGO games right now, so it can be a little repetitive if you want to play them all. LEGO Avengers is indeed more of the same, kindomain authority. In the older games lượt thích the first LEGO Star Wars games, exploration was more streamlined. Now the world feels much more open, with alternate paths & more freedom to choose your adventure. But in general lines, it"s more of the same. If you"re a Marvel fan you should just go for the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game. It features a more varied cast of characters and an original story.


LEGO Avengers is a weird title. It features scenes from individual-character movies like both Captain America, Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3, ahy vọng others. It helps a little with the cài đặt for the main storyline of The Avengers, but it makes it more reduced. It"s not a substitute for the movie, but it"s ok for the younger kids.


Graphics & visuals: There"s little lớn no innovation in the visual aspect of this game. The open-world looks alright, even though it"s an odd mix between realistic locations và lego characters. It"s not entirely pleasing to the eye, but it doesn"t look terrible either.

Gameplay: It"s pretty much the same as all the other LEGO games before this. You destroy stuff, build more stuff with the lego pieces you destroy, and complete missions. The main heroes have very different abilities and it"s cool lớn use them for team specials. It"s always better lớn play this game in multiplayer mode, it makes it easier and way more fun than playing it alone. It"s pretty action-based & the scenes are pretty varied, with chasing scenes in vehicles khổng lồ big battles versus a lot of characters. Trying out the different characters is fun, và the game will constantly encourage you to lớn bởi vì it.

Sound: The soundtrack is alright. It uses many of the themes of the movies, và while they are not great that"s not really this game"s fault. It mixes the existing themes with original music for a more fitting soundtraông xã. And the pleasing LEGO sound effects are still there, so it does have sầu a nice sound department.