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Bullet Points – Play, Seasonal Events, và Social Menus

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· Play – Battle Royale

· Play – Plunder

· Play – Rebirth Islvà Modes

· Play – Limited Time Modes

· Play – Private Matches and Tutorials

· Seasonal Events

After selecting Warzone from the main menu following completion of all Tutorials, you’ll either be greeted with one of two menus:

1. A short Clip with play, inviting you to kiểm tra out the latest limited-time Seasonal Event… We’ll discuss this later in this section

2. The Play thực đơn, AKA where you’ll go before dropping into Warzone.

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This thực đơn is where you can invite friends khổng lồ các buổi party up & play a variety of modes across Verdansk và Rebirth Island

Here’s a quiông chồng overview of the Play thực đơn, as well as a breakdown of what each mode entails, & what you may find within the Seasonal Event tab when it is available. But first, an important breakdown of how you can get the squad in your game through the Social Menu:



While in any thực đơn out of game in Warzone, look in the top-right corner of your screen underneath your current rank khổng lồ see the following:

· The number of people in your buổi tiệc nhỏ, represented by “X/20,” which is next khổng lồ an inhỏ of a three-person group.

· The number of friends currently online, shown by a single number next lớn an inhỏ of a single person.

· The command khổng lồ open the Social submenu (Triangle, on PlayStation)

xuất hiện the Social submenu, & you’ll see four tabs, starting with:


This tab shows your danh mục of Friends, starting with ones that are online. The accounts that appear here are either friends on your current platform, or Activision friends, which can be across platforms.

Follow these steps to invite friends from other platforms:

1. Select Social from the main thực đơn.

2. Select Invite Friends while on the Friends tab.

3. Select Enter Activision Account lớn skết thúc invite.

4. Enter your friend’s Activision ID (ex: PlayerName#1234567).

(Please note: Some older Activision IDs vị not include numbers after the PlayerName.)

This main tab is also where you can see Frikết thúc Requests as well as Blocked Players.


The second tab shows your current Party, where you can manage who is the Party Leader, adjust privacy settings (from mở cửa to lớn Friends Only lớn Closed), và join parties via invitation.

Here’s how khổng lồ phối up a Party:

1. Go khổng lồ the Party tab in the Social thực đơn.

2. Select Manage Party.

3. Navigate to the Invite Players tab.

4. Choose the players you want lớn invite from your list of friends.

5. Return lớn the Party tab in the Social thực đơn và select Party Settings to adjust your Party’s privacy settings.


Regiments are an optional feature where you and up khổng lồ 249 fellow community members (including friends) can be a part of a larger group with exclusive sầu benefits.

To phối up a Regiment, visit this tab và choose a Regiment Name, along with a five-character tag that will appear in a Gold color beside your name (this can be adjusted in the Barracks). After creating a Regiment, you can start inviting friends lớn it lượt thích you would with a Party. This tab is also where you can accept Regiment invites, but note that you can only be a part of one Regiment at a time.

After joining a Regiment, you can not only invite fellow members lớn games through this tab, but also find out when its Happy Hour is. Set by the Regiment’s founder, a Happy Hour grants Double XPhường khổng lồ any Regiment thành viên that plays with at least one other member in Warzone within the hour.

In other words, if you và your friends want lớn get rewarded with a cool Gold Clan Tag and a free hour of Double XPhường every day, then start a Regiment!

Recent Players

The rightmost subthực đơn is a menu of your last 200 Recent Players, organized by the time of your last encounter.

In addition to seeing who you defeated in your last Battle Royale outing, you can select individual names khổng lồ add them as friends (if they were a great teammate), view their profile, or block and/or report them, should you find they are not following community guidelines.

For more questions about social play, read our FAQ or liên hệ Activision Support.

Now that you invited friends – or decided lớn go solo – what modes are available to you in the Play tab? Let’s start from the top…


Play - Battle Royale

By far the most popular mode in Warzone, a Battle Royale is a last operator standing survival match, featuring up to lớn 150 Operators dropping inkhổng lồ Verdansk khổng lồ gather items, build their loadouts, & fight lớn claim a hard-earned victory.

After selecting this mode within the menu, a smaller menu pops out with the option of four team sizes: Solos (one player per team), Duos (two players), Trtiện ích ios (three players), or Quads (four players).

We recommover selecting the specific mode that fits your current các buổi tiệc nhỏ size, although if the number of players you bring into lớn a playcác mục is less than the squad size, it will fill your squad with fellow community members searching who are also searching for a full squad. Then again, those that crave a challenge & beating the odds of uneven squads can choose to not fill their các buổi tiệc nhỏ by toggling the Squad Fill option – located towards the bottom of the Play menu – khổng lồ “Don’t Fill.”

Following the pre-game warm-up lobby, you – & your squad, if applicable – will all load into lớn an aerial infiltration vehicle that flies over Verdansk on a pre-determined route. After this vehicle crosses a section of the area as marked by your Tac Map và an alarm rings out, you are miễn phí khổng lồ jump out, freefall over the DZ, and parachute down khổng lồ safety.

At the beginning of a Battle Royale, the Tac Map shows the first safe area; while you could land anywhere in Verdansk, the circle collapse will shrink the playable area over time, causing those outside of it to lớn eventually succumb to lớn the gas.

Once you hit the ground, your squad’s objective is to lớn survive longer than the other operators in Verdansk. Gathering items, such as Weapons or Cash khổng lồ purchase Killstreaks and other powerful items at Buy Stations, killing enemies, and completing Contracts all help you outlast the competition.

After a few minutes into lớn the match, the first circle collapse begins, then another cycle starts once the first collapse is complete. You can see how much time is left until the next collapse – or when the current one is over – under the mini Tac Map on the HUD, & you can see where it will collapse on the Tac Map itself.


When your Operator drops lớn zero health, they enter a downed state và bleed out. You must either be revived by a squadmate or use a Self-Revive Token lớn keep your inventory và continue fighting. Otherwise, upon your first death, you will be captured as a “Prisoner of Warzone” & fight in the Gulag. The Gulag is a separate area within the Zordaya Prison Complex.

Winning your Gulag fight gets you back into the game via redeployment. Losing a Gulag fight or dying after being brought baông xã into the match from a Gulag victory, eliminates you from play, although there are ways to lớn still redeploy even after elimination. A squad is fully eliminated with no chance to lớn redeploy after all its members are dead và eliminated.

The game ends when only one squad – or part of a squad – is left standing. Although the circle collapse can (và will) engulf the entirety of Verdansk, the game does not over until one team is deemed victorious.


Battle Royale Basic Strategies

As mentioned in the Play section of this guide, successful Battle Royale games are ones where squads work together & communicate often. What is this like in practice?

Agreement on the LZ: Landing together as a squad in an agreed-upon location is a great way to start a match.

Watch the Flyover: No matter if its solos or quads, it’s wise to lớn see how many people are jumping out into Verdansk và when. Fancy a fight early? Go to a zone when an sự kiện is taking place or is popular, such as Superstore.

Squad Drop: A squad that lands together, survives together. Splitting up the party rarely leads lớn success, as squads that decided khổng lồ move as one unit will, more often than not, slaughter lone wolves.

Pinging and Calling: Pinging & using verbal callouts lớn point out loot locations, enemy movements, or strategies for travelling across Verdansk, is always a great strategy.

Just Pinging: Even if you don’t have a microphone, using the ping function can allow you lớn communicate with your squadmates.

No-one Left Behind: Ensure that all squadmembers are in the vehicle, or have sầu another ride, when leaving an area.

Be a Team Player…: Place the benefit of your squad above your individual advantages. Leave no person in your buổi tiệc nhỏ behind… or they may not want to go for the revive sầu when you go down.

… or Let Other Players Be the Team: For Solo modes, allowing other single Operators khổng lồ fight it out until one is left standing could be a viable strategy, as you can easily piông xã off the weak after a scrap. Just don’t actively team up with other solo players, as that’s not only bad sportsmanship, it’s a surefire way to get a Finishing Move done on you.

Don’t Baông chồng Down (or Bachồng Out): It’s not just for good sportsmanship; backing out of the game once you’ve sầu been eliminated puts your squad down an Operator down for the rest of the match. This is covered in the Redeployment section here.

Sharing is Caring: Remember to lớn always chia sẻ loot with one another to maximize utility và synergy with everyone’s skillsets. For example: drop any extra ammo, or ammo for a weapon you don’t have, that another squadmate can use instead. Rethành viên the part of the Tutorial about sharing ammo? That’s extremely important. Don’t be an ammo hog.

Weapon Specialization: When it comes to picking up weapons, leaving a weapon for a squadmate who is more proficient with it could eventually lead to lớn more success down the line.

Revive sầu và Stay Alive: Revive sầu your squadmates who have sầu been downed due to a firefight, as going down an Operator is never a good idea. Sharing and reviving are two of the most important parts of teamwork, which is why they are highlighted in the initial tutorial.

Self-Revive sầu in Solo: In Solo modes, a Self-Revive Kit is the difference between being downed or being eliminated. If an enemy you drop lớn zero health is “Downed” instead of “Eliminated,” you better finish them quiông xã before they revive sầu themselves and turn the tide.

The More the Merrier: As for reviving, ensuring your squadmate’s survival is pivotal to winning a Warzone match. Whether that is redeploying them with a bit of Cash or going for the revive when they go down, a squad is at their most powerful when all other squadmates are alive.

Other than those specific tips, most of this guide covers general strategies for Battle Royale games. Above all else, survive sầu for as long as you can and work with your squad lớn have the best chance at victory.


Advanced Battle Royale Strategies – Play Like the Pros

Got the basics down and ready to play like the pros? From the past year of Warzone, we’ve studied the top players in the game and know how they get high elimination wins. Here’s how you can play just lượt thích them… Or what you need to counter should an elite squad be out for blood in your lobby:

1. A Scorching Hot Landing: Flying in the face of fear, an elite squad will drop inkhổng lồ Verdansk’s most hotly contested zones. Learn what these are in the Atlas chapter.

2. Know Your Item Tables: The starting pistol can only get you so far against better weapons. Elite operators know what their preferred weapons are after dozens, if not hundreds, of games, and actively seek them out within the DZ.

3. Road khổng lồ $10k: Elite squads will aggressively fight other squads in the area and, once they procure enough Cash for a Loadout Drop, rush to the nearest Buy Station, where they can use their personal weapons và the benefits of Perks before most others in the lobby.

4. Double the Primaries, Double the Fun: Elite operators value Primary Weapons more than any other, as these are most often more powerful & versatile than Secondary weapons. They use the Overkill Perk lớn have sầu two weapons in their loadout, usually one for cthua or medium range (e.g. an SMG or Assault Rifle) & one for medium or long range (e.g. Tactical, Marksman, or Sniper Rifle).

5. “Get in loser, we’re going for victories.”: While getting their Loadout, an Elite squad tries to lớn find a four-seater vehicle or Cargo Truông xã, so that they can travel across Verdansk quickly and eliminate other squads. Preferably, they also find a Trophy System Field Upgrade lớn throw on the hood of the vehicle lớn deflect explosives that can destroy their ride.

6. Grab Those Bounties: Bounty contracts reward plenty of Cash & reveal an enemy target’s position, so Elite squads tover to prioritize grabbing these over any other. If a few members of this squad are down, they usually grab a Supply Run lớn quickly revive sầu themselves or purchase không tính phí Self-Revive sầu Kits.

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7. Knowledge is Power: Any leftover Cash from an Elite squad is most often used on UAVs, which reveal enemy positions for a short duration. Other solid Buy Station purchases include a Munitions Box to lớn restoông chồng their supplies, Gas Masks for plays within the Circle Collapse, & damaged-based Killstreaks khổng lồ fkết thúc off pesky rooftop snipers.

8. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate: The less squads that are in the lobby, the more likely an Elite squad can win, so usually, they start looking for svào positions at the border of the Circle Collapse lớn pichồng off approaching squads. If they don’t find anyone there, they “rotate” around the circle to lớn find their next target. (More on this within our Circle Collapse chapter).

9. Loadout Bait: Because they have their Custom Loadout already, Elite squads have little use for the không tính tiền Loadout Drops unless they need lớn restochồng after a Gulag trip. Instead, they find unopened boxes & phối traps for future targets, springing on them when they come to lớn collect their loadout.

10. Perk 2 Swap: At some point during the mid-to-late game, an Elite squad will use another Loadout Drop (from a Buy Station or a miễn phí one) khổng lồ swap out their Overkill perk for Restoông xã (for consistent resupplies of lethal and tactical grenades) or Ghost (lớn remain off enemy UAVs & Heartbeat Sensors). They may also use this opportunity to swap one of their weapons for situational use, but usually, they grab their first weapons baông chồng from the pile và move sầu on.

11. Eyes in the Sky: Towards the end of a match, Elite squads may make plays khổng lồ revive eliminated teammates. Because they respawn with only a Pistol, this revived player often takes their time returning lớn the ground, making callouts on where enemy positions are khổng lồ help their squadmates piông chồng them off for a safer landing.

12. The Final Circle: When a match only has a few operators left in Verdansk, Elite squads maintain composure, take advantageous positions based on where the circle is moving (usually towards its center with plenty of cover), và hitting those last shots for the win.

Play – Plunder

A distinctly different mode of play is Plunder, where the objective is khổng lồ collect and bank a certain amount of Cash while battling against other teams across Verdansk. Get as much Cash as you can… và get the win!

This game mode is for true mercenaries that want khổng lồ drop inkhổng lồ Verdansk, gather in-game Cash via scavenging or Contract completions, optionally banking this Cash khổng lồ keep it safely away from rivals, & reaching a maximum Cash value before all the other teams, to lớn secure victory.

Take the Money and Run: Plunder Overview

Similar to lớn Battle Royale, Plunder begins with you and your squad infiltrating Verdansk.

That, as well as the basic mechanics and maps, are the lone similarities between Plunder and a standard game of Battle Royale. There is no circle collapse in Plunder, allowing your squad lớn access the whole of Verdansk freely. Furthermore, there is no post-death Gulag. When you fall in this warzone, you redeploy automatically after a short period of time.

Your main objective is khổng lồ collect $1 million in Cash before any other squad does. Cash can be earned by completing the following:

Slaying Enemies: Enemies drop a percentage of their total Cash on the ground upon death. Even if they landed in Verdansk with literally nothing, killing them will still reward some Cash you can gather và add khổng lồ your total (which appears under your health bar).

Completing Contracts: Finishing consecutive sầu Contracts is well worth your time, as the reward value (và Cash payout) increases with every completed Contract. This is indicated by on-screen messaging about the payout bonus of your Contract, and how much additional funds you are likely to receive sầu.

We cover this aspect in our Contracts section here.

Cash Drops: Collecting packages from planes that periodically drop Cash during the match. These are known as Cash Drops. Cheông xã your Tac Map và listen cđại bại lớn in-game alerts lớn see where these planes are dropping không lấy phí Cash.

Attaông chồng Choppers: Towards the culmination of a Plunder match, you may begin lớn see blaông xã helicopters appear in the sky. These mysterious airborne craft are known as Attaông xã Choppers. Should you engage them (ideally with a rocket launcher) they drop a large amount of Cash but can fire baông xã and down you. This is the most difficult, but potentially the most lucrative, way of getting tons of Cash.

Loose & Looted Cash: Gather loose Cash as ground loot or in Supply Boxes. This is the easiest way to lớn gain Cash; within this game mode Supply Boxes are more frequent và Cash drops are increased in order to lớn help squads reach that $1 million mark faster.

Cash Extraction (Helo): Once you get any Cash, you can ngân hàng it in one of two ways: calling in a helicopter using a static Extraction Site Platsize that appears as an ibé on your Tac Map. These are likely to be high-trafficked areas, so watch for enemies here.

Cash Extraction (Balloon): Utilize a Cash Deposit Balloon, a special Field Upgrade that can be found in Supply Boxes or purchased at Buy Stations & used anywhere in Verdansk.

Defeat: Dying in Plunder makes you chiến bại all of your current inventory except for Cash, which drops by a percentage of your total that was carried on your Operator.

Win Conditions: The second your or a rival squad’s Cash adds up to lớn $1 million – banked Cash và carried Cash is added amuốn squadmates lớn determine this total – the game enters a “Last Chance” period. After this final overtime scramble khổng lồ defeat the first place team (where you can try lớn reach $1 million if you’re cthảm bại to lớn beating the current premiere squad), the match ends. The bottom right corner of your screen shows a progress bar with your team’s current Cash total & placement, along with the current Cash total for the team in 1st place.

Hunting for First: The top three teams also have sầu their general area exposed on the Tac Map for all khổng lồ see; this is shown with a circle, which moves around to lớn show these teams’ movement across Verdansk.

Plunder Strategy

Plunder tactics break out inlớn two specific sections: collecting and protecting Cash.

Contracts: The former can be done in an extremely efficient matter by completing Contracts, which is the most lucrative way of gaining Cash. With high payouts that only increase as you complete more và more Contracts, Contracts can swing a match in a squad’s favor if they focus on finding them inside Supply Boxes.

Nomad Tactics: That isn’t the only way to lớn earn massive amounts of Cash quickly; your squad could play Plunder as nomads, roaming around Verdansk khổng lồ chase down those Attachồng Choppers. For those that play Multiplayer, think of these helicopters like Support Helos that have undergone serious reinforcement.

Get lớn the Chopper: It will take multiple shots with a launcher – or hundreds upon hundreds of high caliber FMJ bullets – in order lớn down one of these choppers, and they aren’t too keen on just sitting there và taking fire. Attachồng Chopper have sầu turrets on them, which will fire down in retaliation lớn the players that have sầu attacked them.

In general, taking periodic cover while taking down an Attachồng Chopper is a good idea, as otherwise, you may be a sitting duck against it. Furthermore, if you anticipate infiltrating near one, it may be smart lớn have sầu a few loadouts based around anti-vehicle efforts, complete with a launcher, Cold-Blooded, và the Amped Perk.

Also rethành viên that you may not be the only ones trying to lớn shoot one of these helicopters down và collect their loot. If you see rockets flying up towards it from a specific area, it may be smart lớn investigate the source và possibly catch a squad by surprise.

Looting: Those who want to play more passively could also start loot hunting, clearing out Supply Boxes around the maps to collect Cash và other useful loot. If you are doing this in the middle of the match, it may be a good idea to land in a discrete or secluded location, as they may have more untouched boxes that are ready & waiting to lớn be looted. Not everyone may think lớn explore every nook and cranny in Verdansk within this mode, as they may be used lớn the Circle Collapse, so exploring the far-fetched places within this area could be extremely lucrative for your squad.

Bank Raids: Speaking of areas to lớn find Cash: Banks. The Bank of Verdansk branches may have sầu additional Cash inside. Unfortunately, their alarms are still active sầu, meaning that any player that enters it for a robbery will alert all other squads of their deeds. This creates a high risk, high reward situation, as those able to make a getaway can walk away with even more Cash.

Buy Stations: Then there is the idea of spending Cash khổng lồ make Cash: Buy Stations are available for use in Plunder, but of course, you will have sầu to lớn use Cash in order to lớn purchase items.

Although this store is stocked with more items – e.g. Vehicles – than a traditional Battle Royale Warzone match, all items are also far more expensive sầu in this game mode than in Battle Royale. Although losing your funds is normally a problem in Plunder, there may be times where you need a Killstreak, Armor, Vehicle or a Self-Revive sầu Kit and can afford spending Cash to make it bachồng in due time.

Keeping Your Cash at all Costs: Protecting Cash is a bit more complicated than gaining it; dying makes you thảm bại a percentage of your loot, and because kills reward players with tens of thousands of Cash, it incentivizes them to be out on the hunt. This is especially true if you are the top three teams, as your approximate location is shown lớn everyone on the map and in the lobby, which essentially puts a map-wide target on your baông xã.

Banking Cash (via Balloon or Helo) is near-necessary for victory, as it locks in those profits for your team total with no way of it being lost. In other words, ngân hàng Cash as often as you can, lest you đại bại it lớn an enemy team.

Extraction: With all that said, Extraction Sites are shown in the Tac Map at the start of a match, making them natural high-traffic locations. Be careful when visiting these areas during a match, as they may be crawling with other squads either preparing to bank Cash, or ambush those on their way khổng lồ extract it.

The alternative sầu method is coming across a Cash Deposit Balloon, which is a far more discrete way of banking Cash. Because it can allow you to lớn deposit your funds anywhere in Verdansk, this balloon is such a powerful asset that it may be in your squad’s best interest to defover the Operator that has it at all costs.

For both Cash Deposit Balloons & Extraction Sites, all members of your squad can – & should – deposit Cash in the same pick-up transaction. Just like in Battle Royale, communication can be the most underrated tool in an Operator’s arsenal; talk to lớn your teammates about heading towards an Extraction Site, or when someone is going to call in the helicopter or inflate that Cash Deposit Balloon.

Strategy Switch Ups: Finally, Plunder games can swing wildly if the top teams fail khổng lồ ngân hàng their Cash. Just because your team is dead last does not mean you are out of the fight. If your squad is falling far behind those leading the pack, consider switching up your strategies, especially if everyone is considering hunting down those top squads khổng lồ swing the game in their favor.

Practice Makes Perfect: Above sầu all these tips, Plunder can be a great mode for practicing before heading inlớn a Battle Royale. Having unlimited lives & a choice of loadout allows you và the squad khổng lồ focus on learning your Loadout Drop weapons, which are key lớn winning engagements in the mid-to-late game within a Battle Royale.

Play – Rebirth Islvà Modes

In Season One of Blachồng Ops Cold War & Warzone, another experience became available for call of Duty Battle Royale fans: Rebirth Islvà.

Part prison, part chemical bioweapons manufacturing và testing facility, the entire isl& has dozens of locations to lớn explore including laboratories, barracks, decontamination areas, và a hilltop prison block that even houses its own Gulag deep below its surface.

Built for intense, close-quarter action, Rebirth Isl& is smaller in form size and player count per match than Verdansk, & is usually home page khổng lồ two different game modes:


Love Battle Royale but need a few more chances at survival? Want khổng lồ save sầu the whole squad by pulling off a full team wipe on your own?

Then welcome lớn Resurgence, a twist on the traditional Battle Royale formula where respawning as a key lớn victory. Scavenge Supply Caches and gear up as normal, hunt down other squads, and focus on dropping every last one of them, otherwise they’re liable lớn respawn và seek revenge!

Compared to a traditional Battle Royale, a Resurgence Battle Royale has the following modifiers:

· If you’re taken down, there’s no time for a Gulag battle in this game mode! Instead, watch your squadmates và hope they survive sầu for long enough as the Rebirth Countdown reaches zero, after which you automatically drop baông xã inlớn the fray.

· The Rebirth Countdown can be shortened if surviving squadmates perkhung actions such as eliminating Operators or wiping full squads. However, the longer the game lasts, the more time is put on the Rebirth Countdown. The Rebirth Countdown also goes offline as the game nears the final few Circle Collapses.

· After taking out an enemy, you’ll gain a moment of extreme clarity on where the rest of that enemy team is located on your Tac Map.

In addition to our existing Battle Royale tips, here are a few key pointers khổng lồ outlasting the competition in a Resurgence mode:

All-Out Blitz. Dropping onlớn Rebirth Isl& takes less time than a Verdansk infiltration, which means your first engagement may come moments after you hit the ground. Find a Supply Cabít or weapon on the floor as soon as possible, otherwise prepare to defkết thúc yourself using the starting pistol.

CQB is for Me. Rebirth Island’s meta (most effective tactics available) differs from that of Verdansk, as it contains plenty of opportunities for CQB play. SMGs, shotguns, và fast-firing assault rifles are all smart plays within the island, although a xạ thủ rifle or LMG can still loông xã down long sightlines with ease.

Take No Prisoners. After eliminating a hostile Operator, pay cthảm bại attention khổng lồ the Tac Map for the locations of their allies. This ping even cuts through Operators with the Ghost Perk equipped, making the best defense against these sneaky foes a powerful offense.

Be a Hero… Meanwhile, if you on the other side of a lopsided engagement, vày your best to reduce your squadmates’ Rebirth Countdown timers. After a squadmate goes down, be on guard for enemies swarming your position, và eliminate them as needed to bring your friends bachồng into the fray.

… but Don’t Be Reckless. With that said, engaging full squads by yourself head-on is most often a ticket baông chồng to the main menu. If there are only seconds remaining on a squadmate’s Rebirth Countdown timer, be patient và “play your life” – that is, be defensive and conserve sầu health rather than offensive.

Rebirth Islvà Wholesale Distributors. Rebirth Isl& Buy Station items are cheaper than those found in Verdansk. It may be wise to lớn play as if prices are at normal levels – e.g. saving at least $10,000 before going for a Loadout Drop – as you may want khổng lồ also pick up a UAV or other life-saving vật phẩm along with it.

Fire (Sale) Isl&. Not only are Buy Stations on Rebirth Isl& cheaper, they always have sầu a Fire Sale towards the kết thúc of a game. Be cautious around all active Buy Stations when the Fire Sale goes live, and keep some Cash on h& khổng lồ rack up those UAVs và more powerful items. (Don’t know what a Fire Sale is? Head lớn our Contracts section for more intel on this in-game event và more).

Mini Battle Royale

Rebirth Islvà is also trang chủ lớn Mini Battle Royales, where Operators fight until only one – or one squad – is left standing. From Loadout Drops khổng lồ Contracts và even the Gulag, Mini BR on Rebirth Islvà has the same mechanics as a Battle Royale in Verdansk.

Those looking for an edge on the competition, the tips we gave sầu for a standard Battle Royale should apply, although you may want khổng lồ take a trip lớn Rebirth Island’s Atlas to lớn learn about its 32 Points of Interest so you can scout out good places khổng lồ load up on items và grab vehicles.

Play – Limited Time Modes

Outside of the standard Battle Royale, Plunder, và Rebirth Islvà mode offerings are additional Limited Time Modes that will appear on a week-by-week basis, most often after a major update within Warzone.

For example, at the beginning of Season Three, Verdansk will have sầu a taste of Rebirth Island with its own “Resurgence” playcác mục.

Other game modes add radical changes lớn traditional Battle Royale or Plunder formulas, such as giving each squad a powerful armored truck lớn fight with và keep functional (Armored Royale), or allow for re-infiltrations if they have sầu at least $4,000 of in-game Cash on their Operator (“Buyback” Battle Royale).

On top of these Limited Time Modes are Limited Time Experiences that tell the greater story of Warzone, such as the ones that appeared at the end of Season Two. These only last a few days, if not hours, so be sure lớn follow Call of Duty official social channels khổng lồ know when these are coming…

Trust us: you won’t want lớn miss any Limited Time Experience within Warzone.

Play – Private Match và Tutorials

The final option within the Play menu covers three different modes: Trials, Private Matches, and Tutorials.

Trials are short mini games that can help you practice aiming and firing weapons at multiple targets & at various ranges. Try your hvà at all nine current trials và see if you can get a three-star rank on each one!

Next is Private Matches, which are invite-only games that can be played with friends or fellow community members on dedicated servers. Several pre-phối game modes are available to lớn play here, such as Battle Royale and Plunder, and can be played on either Verdansk or Rebirth Isl&.

If you have sầu a large group of friends, such as in a Regiment, who all want to play against each other, or are looking khổng lồ get your community involved in a game night, then Private Matches are a perfect way lớn round up the whole Regiment for hours upon hours of fun in your own space!

Finally, for those who have sầu never played a battle royale-type game before, or who want khổng lồ enter their first online game with some confidence, not only is this entire guide for you, but also there is an in-game tutorial.

Within the Private Matches và Tutorials section, there are three distinct tutorial sections available to play: the Orientation Tutorial, Battle Royale Practice Tutorial, and Plunder Mechanics Tutorial. All players will go through the Orientation Tutorial once before infil inlớn a Warzone match, & you’ll have sầu the option khổng lồ play it again, if you choose. While the two Practice Tutorials aren’t mandatory; we highly recommkết thúc you play it once before diving inlớn Warzone, and the Plunder one will pop-up automatically upon searching for a Plunder match for the first time.