Get your cameras ready for canon photomarathon malaysia 2015!


Big prizes up for grabs in annual Canon competition that aims khổng lồ foster local talent The annual Canon PhotoMarabé Cambodia – the Kingdom’s largest amateur photo competition – is a bit lượt thích a huge photographic treasure hunt.

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Hundreds of amateur snappers spover the day scouring Phnom Penh for images on three separate themes announced at different stages during the event, all in hope of winning photographic equipment, training và a chance lớn learn from experts in Japan.

Announcing a điện thoại tư vấn for entries yesterday, Liwen Tan, regional sale manager of authorised Canon agent I-Qliông chồng, said the ayên was lớn foster Cambodia’s fledgling photography scene.

“The passion of photography grows, and their skills grow in the competition as well,” she said, adding that I-Qliông xã was selling the “experience” of photography along with its cameras.

“I think photography is a beautiful hobby, to take và share beautiful pictures. As a company, we don’t just sell products – we want khổng lồ sell an experience as well,” said Tan.

The contest will start at 9am in the morning & comprise three hour-long segments in which snappers ply the thành phố looking for the best shots. Contestants will be judged on technique và relevance khổng lồ the themes.


The first place phokhổng lồ of last year’s ‘Hope’ theme. SAO SIHA

With the exception of smart phones, any camera is permissible, from budget compacts khổng lồ full-frame DSLRs. While contestants are free to exploit their camera’s settings khổng lồ obtain any effect they desire, editing is forbidden.

Tan added that digital photography in the Kingdom, which is largely the domain name of youth, has noticeably matured as young enthusiasts evolve from shooting on automatic to lớn setting up shots manually.

“When you look at photos posted online, you see the unique of photos are a lot better – they’re not just doing point và shoot,” said Tan, adding that the photos posted by amateurs on I-Qlick’s Facebook page were becoming increasingly sophisticated.

“It’s not just beautiful pictures of Cambodia, but you’re seeing moral messages & photojournalism.”

The contest’s ultimate goal, she said, was to identify raw talent that could be converted into lớn professional màn chơi skill.

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“Our dream for these kinds of competitions is khổng lồ identify good photographers, nurture them, and help them become international photographers some day.”

Last year’s grand prize winner, Vong Sopheak, said he never imagined he’d over up going to nhật bản khổng lồ learn the trade along with the best of the region’s budding talent.

“Normally, I just took photos everyday just for fun và never tried to make photographs to lớn compete with another photographer,” said the 22-year-old, adding his Japan experience took his skills lớn a new level.

“In Japan, it was my first time, so everything there was new to lớn me – truly, I was really excited lớn make photographs.”

Bin Sakvisal, whose pholớn of a father & son won third place in the “Love” category in 2013, was in his first year of a budding photography career at the time and ecstatic khổng lồ win his first pholớn award.

“I didn’t expect lớn win at all at that time, as there were so many professional và inspirational participants.

I just focused on my shooting techniques of photography & combined it with good meaning behind the photo to lớn make the images more lively and meaningful,” said the 26-year-old.

He said of the winning photo: “It was a nice family, living in a poor neighbourhood in Phnom Penh, and father was feeding his son & they both laughed happily. It really inspired me.”

The prize paid off, he added – he is now the manager of Smileshot Studio, which provides wedding photography services.

Noun Sonisa, who picked up a second-place prize in the “Student” category last year at age 15, was similarly startled to lớn pichồng up an award.

“To be frank, the possibility of me winning has never crossed my mind.

I was a total amateur, & the large amount of contestants also gave sầu me no hope,” said Sonisa, who won in the “Generation” category for a pholớn of family heirloom.


“I took the winning photograph at the house of my friend who was also a contestant.

With the ancient jewellery he has, the concept ran through my mind, and that was when I took the phokhổng lồ,” she said.

While Liwen said she was pleased at last year’s turnout và hopes for more this year, she said the passion & skills of the young photographers were of no surprise khổng lồ anyone paying attention lớn the scene.

“It’s just very encouraging seeing young people getting creative sầu, và creating photography lớn share,” she said.

“From just looking at pictures, Cambodia has the talent.”

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This year"s PhotoMaranhỏ nhắn will be held on October 4. For more details và lớn register go lớn